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Launching in February 2019, Reserved CBD has sprung onto the CBD market with a great product line that hums of quality and has a good grasp of what cannabidiol consumers want from their vaping experience. Their products feature an eye-catching, professional looking design, and their bottles that leave room to shake as required.

CBD CBG Yorkshire DalesBased in Skipton, the gateway to the great Yorkshire Dales, Reserved CBD have already been racking up five-star reviews across the internet, with many customers citing their excellent customer service and speedy delivery, and with most orders being dispatched within a day.

The product is designed to be used as an additive to your existing e-liquid (don’t vape it on its own!) and is available to purchase in 200mg, 300mg, 500mg and 1000mg strengths, priced at £24.99, £29.99, £39.99 and £65.99 accordingly. Free shipping is provided on orders over £50.

Why use CBD?

CBD is becoming extremely well-known for its benefits and a number of studies have been carried out to assess its viability in treating a host of diseases and ailments including anxiety, diabetes, Alzheimers, cancer, psychosis, inflammation, and even acne!

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Last year, the FDA approved CBD in the treatment of severe forms of epilepsy, showing the increasing interest in the efficacy of cannabinoids in medicine.

What’s in it?

As well as CBD, this specially-made blend from Reserved CBD includes the lesser known CBG cannabinol which Reserved CBD claim gives greater effect to the user than CBD alone, even being instantly noticeable when vaped.

Their CBD:CBG blend also has the advantage of being virtually tasteless and can be easily added to your favourite e-liquid to give you the CBD effect without the earthy taste that can sometimes permeate other brands. This lack of taste is from the liquid being free of the usual carrier oils found in most brands, which Reserved claim are fine for ingestion but not great when vaped.

Clean roomAll of Reserved CBD’s products are made in a UPLA-filtered clean room and strict procedures are followed - including the use of protective clothing and a daily wipe-down routine - to ensure your vape is as clean as possible.

How to use it

The best way to use it is simply to add a single pipette to a standard 3ml tank when filling with liquid. In general, try to stick to a 1 part CBD to 3 parts e-liquid ratio and you’ll be enjoying it at the optimal levels: an entire 10ml bottle would blend perfectly with 30ml of your favourite e-liquid. For testing purposes, I did test different concentrations and while higher concentration levels do impart a very slight CBD taste, it was barely noticeable compared to a lot of other brands (although if I was vaping it at that level, I would simply go for the stronger 1000mg liquid as opposed to the 500mg I was using for the review). As with any CBD product, vaping too much can have a slight sedative effect.

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For reference, I tested this product mixed with Buttercream Dream from The Cakery in a Dovpo squonker running a 0.36 ohm fused clapton coil at 35 Watts.

ConclusionsReserved CBD 500mg

I occasionally suffer from bouts of insomnia and was excited to see if this product helped me get a better night’s kip. After using this product for a week, I can honestly say that I have slept like a log (not a baby: experience has taught me that they tend to wake up screaming a lot!). Even my FitBit has proudly announced that the quality of my sleep has been much improved, with far less fidgeting and fussing and a healthier amount of time spent in deep sleep and REM. I was pleased to note how much positive effect the 500mg strength had on my sleepless nights and am surprised at how good a remedy it has been!

The lack of flavour in this product makes it a big hit for me. I often find cannabidiol products to be a bit cloying in taste: it almost feels as if the oils coat your taste buds with a sweet, earthy bleurgh, which for me entirely spoils the experience of vaping CBD (fighting the desire to scrub my tongue with wire wool is never relaxing!). But this product didn’t leave me with that at all. And I love the fact that I can mix it with whatever juice I like - I’m not limited to a narrow selection of flavours as with most CBD ranges, but can use it as taste and necessity take my fancy.

This is almost certainly now going to be a regular purchase for me. As well as allowing me to catch some decent Zs, I’m feeling pretty fired up and my energy levels are awesome. In fact, I might even go for a jog! Catch you later!

Reserved CBD is available from and with the discount code POTV10, you can enjoy a calming 10% off their entire range!

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