Vaping News

McKee and Capewell’s BMJ article is attacked.
24.09.2015 by Dave Cross
The PHE release a joint statement to criticism of their "95%" report
23.09.2015 by Dave Cross
Laws for vaping and smoking come into effect on October 1st.
23.09.2015 by Dave Cross
Anti-ecig JAMA Paediatrics study destroyed in Nursing Times feature
23.09.2015 by Dave Cross
TW call to vapers to support the petition handover on Tuesday 29th.
21.09.2015 by Dave Cross
Alabama man airlifted to hospital following dramatic exploding mod incident.
18.09.2015 by Dave Cross
The Totally Wicked Tobacco Products Directive court case looms large.
15.09.2015 by Dave Cross
The response to the PHE “95%” report was mixed in the Land of the Free
11.09.2015 by Dave Cross
Research from the Academic Paediatric Association highlights knowledge gaps in American parents who are vapers.
10.09.2015 by Dave Cross
Linda Bauld holds forth on the links between young people and vaping.
09.09.2015 by Dave Cross