ANDS Wins Coveted Award

Posted 19th October 2023 by Dave Cross
ANDS, a trademark owner and distributor of alternative nicotine delivery systems, has earned a highly sought-after Golden Leaf Award for its new 99% plus recyclable and recoverable SLIX disposable vape. The annual Golden Leaf awards recognise ‘outstanding contributions’ from companies associated with the global tobacco and nicotine sectors and this year saw a record number of entrant vying to become one of just six winners.

The Golden Leaf Award judges gave ‘special consideration’ to companies who displayed a ‘commitment to innovation and/or sustainability’ – two areas where ANDS says it has poured significant investment.

Responding to the win, ANDS Co-Founder and President Fadi Maayta said it is a ‘great honour’ to earn such an esteemed award and to be recognised as a brand which has put ‘product development and the environment at the top of its agenda’.

Maayta said: “We are, and have always strived to be, market disruptors. Providing adults with a potentially less harmful avenue away from deadly combustible tobacco is, of course, firmly at the core of what we do – but this is not the only issue we are working hard to address.

“The single-use vape sector has been under increased scrutiny for its impact on the planet. The newly released SLIX is our initial answer to this pressing industry challenge.


“Product innovation – along with greater consumer education on recycling and more widely available, fit-for-purpose collection schemes – is key to reducing the environmental footprint of the disposable market.

As part of the announcement of this year’s Golden Lead Award winners, it was said that a ban on the single-use category would see smokers ‘lose out on what many believe to be a convenient, accessible and compelling alternative to conventional cigarettes’ and that the new SLIX device has hit the market at the right time.”

A study – commissioned by ANDS and conducted by Waste Experts – revealed the SLIX disposable creates 70% less waste by weight, takes 57% less time to dismantle and is 25% lighter and significantly less complex when compared to the market-leading brand.

The report, which was recently unveiled in the Houses of Parliament, also confirmed the SLIX device is 99.29% recyclable and recoverable.


Maayta continued: “We continue to invest in product innovation and are working tirelessly to counter the environmental impact of single-use vapes, including by correcting misperceptions that disposables cannot be recycled.”

 Dave Cross
Article by Dave Cross
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