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iJoy Tornado Nano

Following hot on the heels of the iJoy Tornado, a 300W capable RTA, iJoy have released the little brother to the Tornado, the iJoy Tornado Nano. This tank features an interchangeable coil system that offers the option to use prebuilt coils, in the form of the iJoy Chip Coil, or an RBA deck with a massive 18.6mm two post RTA deck included with the iJoy Tornado Nano offering plenty of space to build on and a realistic RTA experience.

The iJoy Chip Coil is a unique pre built coil head that has a small disc shaped conductor at the base of the deck that increases electricity transfer, and maximises conductivity. As well as the iJoy Chip Coil and RTA deck, the iJoy Tornado Nano also has a 24.2mm diameter, 4ml capacity, PEEK insulators, direct to contact 24K gold plated 510 connector, wide airflow surface area that cools the entire subdeck to keep the iJoy Tornado Nano cool during use, top filling and a stainless steel and glass construction.

I was impressed with how the iJoy Tornado performed so I was excited to get my hands on the iJoy Tornado Nano, let’s have a look at how it performs...


  • 24.2mm width
  • 4ml capacity
  • 0.3ohm prebuilt iJoy Chip Coil, rewickable to increase longevity 
  • 18.6mm two post RTA deck
  • PEEK Insulators
  • 24K direct to contact gold plated 510 connector
  • Top filling
  • Dual adjustable airflow
  • Wide surface area of airflow area cools the entire subdeck and deck of the RBA coil
  • Stainless steel and Glass construction
  • Delrin drip tip

What’s in the Box?

Inside the iJoy Tornado Nano box you get the iJoy Tornado Nano tank itself, with the 0.3ohm pre built iJoy Chip Coil installed. The two post RTA deck is included as a spare, but you can easily swap this in if you would prefer to get started off with the RTA deck. A spare colour changing tank section is included, alongside a spares kit that includes spare o-rings, grub screws, a hex key and two ITS pre built coils for your RBA deck.

Looks and Build Quality

A robustly built tank, the iJoy Tornado Nano is constructed from 304 grade stainless steel with a glass tank section. A cool feature with the iJoy Tornado Nano is that you can swap out the glass tank section for a colour changing tank section that is included in the box, which changes colour from black to transparent depending on heat and sunlight conditions, and iJoy have stated different coloured versions of this tank section will be available shortly. It makes no improvement to the overall performance of the tank but it’s a cool and unique feature that I haven’t seen on any other tank, and it’s good to see iJoy looking to offer something a little different.

Also included is a delrin drip tip, that helps to reduce heat transference to your lips, and this is fixed into the top cap, however you can use your own drip tip if you wish by fitting this into the fixed drip tip. The top cap unscrews which opens up access to the top filling ports, these two fill ports are absolutely cavernous and allow you to quickly fill the 4ml capacity of the iJoy Tornado Nano. 

One thing I did note about my iJoy Tornado Nano is that the tank section was very stiff and hard to get off when I first attempted to unscrew it. It did require a great deal of force to unscrew the tank section from the base to get access to the coil, however it loosened up slightly over time and became easier to remove.


Like the iJoy Tornado, there is a lot of airflow on offer with the iJoy Tornado Nano. You have two massive cyclops airflow slots at either side of the base of the tank that measure in at a whopping 15mm x 1.5mm each side. The airflow control ring is very smooth indeed, it allows you to finely adjust the airflow on either side of the tank smoothly, and a great feature of the airflow control is that you can lock in your airflow setting and prevent the airflow control ring from moving by pushing the airflow control ring down.

iJoy Tornado Nano RTA deck

Included with the Ijoy Tornado Nano retail package is a fully fledged RTA coil, that mirrors the two post RTA decks found on many popular rebuildable atomisers, large post holes are present at 2mm diameter and side and top tightened grub screws. It is designed primarily for dual coil builds, however quad coil builds are also possible. At each side of the deck is a 6mm x 3mm large airflow hole, with a wicking cut out either side of this. You also have two pre built ITS coils included which are simple to install and get running.

I much preferred the way the RTA deck works with the iJoy Tornado Nano over the iJoy Tornado, for the main reason that the deck is fixed into the base making it easy to work with rather than the deck present with the iJoy Tornado that was not fixed and required you to hold it in your hand when building. Given the amount of space on offer along with the large wicking channels the RTA deck is very easy to work with on the iJoy Tornado Nano.


First off, I began using the iJoy Tornado Nano with the pre installed 0.3ohm iJoy Chip Coil, this is the pre built coil head which has a dual horizontal coil set up wicked with organic cotton, with a recommended wattage range of 40-80W, and these coils are also rewickable which vastly increases the longevity of the coil head. There is a small disc shaped conductor at the base of the coil head which increases electricity transfer and maximises conductivity, hence the Chip Coil name. 

At 40W, the lowest recommended wattage setting, you still get a really nice vape with very good flavour and plentiful vapour production, albeit the vape is much cooler than it is at 50W and above. My favoured setting for the majority of my juices was 55-60W, which gave the right balance of flavour and vapour, and a tasty warm vape. Taking the iJoy Chip Coil over 60W and up towards the maximum recommended 80W heats the vape up considerably however flavour still remains very good and the vapour production is massive, the iJoy Chip Coils are certainly capable of room filling clouds! The iJoy Chip Coil wicks up to max VG juice easily, I encountered no wicking issues at all.

With the RTA coil head I installed the pre built ITS twisted coils, which were also included with the iJoy Tornado, this dual coil set up came out at a little over 0.3ohm. I wicked these coils with Kendo Vape Cotton Gold Edition, my preferred wicking material, filled my tank with South Coast Vapes Nipplejuice and set my wattage to 45W. Like with the iJoy Chip Coil I encountered a great vape full of flavour and vapour, that was ever so slightly warmer than the vape on the Chip Coil at the same setting. My sweet spot with the rebuildable head was also 55-60W, and again no issues were encountered with wicking max VG juices. The only difference in wicking I noticed was that the RTA coil got through juice much faster than the Chip Coil did, however this is likely down to the massive wicking channels present on the RTA coil and the fact that I used a pretty healthy amount of wick in the channels too.   

To be fair, the iJoy Chip Coils performed pretty much on par with the iJoy Tornado Nano RTA coil head, with next to no difference in the performance. They have got to be one of the better pre built coil heads I have encountered, offering performance that is on par with what you would expect to come from a rebuildable! 


Rather than just offering a scaled down version of the iJoy Tornado, iJoy have pretty much designed a new tank from the ground up with the iJoy Tornado Nano, that bears little in resemblance to the original iJoy Tornado barring the name. For starters, rather than being designed to run at obscene wattage, the iJoy Tornado Nano is a more ‘mellowed’ tank, that I feel offers a lot more in the flavour department than it’s bigger brother.

It still has the ability to mix it with the best when it comes to clouds, with a large amount of airflow making for an airy and impressively cloudy vape. I also like the fact that the chip coils can be rewicked easily to improve their longevity, the RBA deck is very easy to build on and offers a true RBA experience, and the design and build quality is very good indeed. To be honest, between the iJoy Tornado and the Nano version, I’ve found that I much preferred using the Tornado Nano, with it offering a great, well rounded experience.

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 Dan Willis
Article by Dan Willis
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