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iJoy Tornado RDTA

The iJoy Tornado is an RDTA styled 24mm rebuildable tank that positions itself in the market as the most high performance tank available to date including two rebuildable deck options that are capable of extreme high power, right up to 300W according to the manufacturer!

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You want clouds? You need an iJoy Tornado. This thing just produces ridiculous clouds, with huge density, the more open you have the airflow and the more wattage you are firing through it, the more ridiculous your clouds get. It does get awfully hot at high wattage however, both the tank and the vape itself, I took my own build right up to the 200W maximum on my Efusion DNA200 and although the clouds were pretty huge, I couldn’t vape on it long enough to draw in plenty of vapour at this sort of wattage. Dialling it down to a more ‘respectable’ 140W meant I could take longer inhales, and thus produce crazier clouds. And crazy these clouds are, we are talking complete room fillers here...

Moving onto flavour, and I didn’t expect an awful lot from this high wattage cloud machine. How wrong I was, as long as I kept the wattage in the 55-90W region, the flavour was surprisingly very good, and not too hot as to be uncomfortable. I was pleasantly surprised by this, however as I expected when taking this tank up to more extreme levels of wattage flavour became very hot, muted and almost negligible. As long as the wattage is kept at a more respectable level, this will reward you with some excellent flavour results alongside it’s incredible clouds.

Given the size of the wicking channels on the T4 build deck, I expected the iJoy Tornado to be a wicking machine, and I wasn’t disappointed. It kept up when chain vaping even max VG liquids, with no dry hits, which is the last thing you want when the wattage reads three figures on your mod. It’s very thirsty however, which you would expect from a tank that wicks as well as this does, and one that is capable of handling immense wattage.  


iJoy are really starting to position themselves as a major player in the extreme wattage RDTA end of the market, with the iJoy Limitless RDTA being a quality release and the iJoy Tornado is another cracker from the iJoy stable. What you have here is a tank capable of withstanding some pretty incredible wattage, that provides clouds on a level many other rebuildable tanks can’t compete with, with a deck that is easy to build on and offers loads of different options, and the surprising thing for me was that the flavour was really good as well, provided you don’t take the wattage up too high!

The iJoy Tornado is a stormer of a tank and if you do vape at high wattages and love your clouds, this tank needs to be a part of your collection as there isn’t much else out there quite like it at the moment. It has to be amongst the very best out there for extreme wattage performance, and it truly delivers quite spectacular clouds accordingly as well. 

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Dan was an early adopter of vaping as a way to quit smoking and has seen and done pretty much all there is to see and do in the vaping world!  From Ego batteries to mechs and from rebuildables to pods there isn't much that Dan hasn't tried.

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