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VLTZ Flex Pro Range

Want to move away from disposable vapes but don't know where to start? The VLTZ Flex Pro range may be just what you are looking for

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So, you’ve been using disposable vapes for a while and are loving leading a smokefree life, but you want to move to a better way with more choice and less waste. The trouble is vaping can be confusing, you’ve seen different e-liquids types, batteries, coils, ohms, wicks, resistance, it’s a whole new world!. We get it, we all started somewhere, but it would have been so much easier if there was an easy and clear progression path you can follow. Well, the great team at TECC must have thought the same as they have brought out a new range that has been specifically designed to ease you along the way, the VLTZ Flex Pro system.

There are two main kits that make up the VLTZ Flex Pro range, the Bar and the Box, and they can either be used on their own, or you can use them as stepping stones as you get your head around non disposable vaping. As well as the main hardware, there is also an extensive range of prefilled pods which are filled with 2ml of 1.6mg nic salts in a large range of flavours. The final step in range is a refillable pod so when you ready to experiment more with the exciting world of e-liquid, you can ease yourself in gently within the Flex Pro ecosystem.

We are going to look at everything the VLTZ Flex Pro range has to offer, so get yourself comfy, make yourself a nice cuppa, and let’s dive in.

VLTZ Flex Pro Bar

The Flex Pro Bar is going to be the most familiar if you are moving over from disposables. It is a very easy to use, simply plug in a pod and puff. 

It comes in a very disposable styled packaging, a simple box with the device inside wrapped in a rip to open package. All you need to do once opened is to stick in a pod and vape, there are no settings at all, no screen, no complicated jargon, you just vape it as you would with any regular disposable. 

It is an auto draw only device, which means you don’t need to press any fire buttons, you simply inhale, and the kit does everything else for you. It is a fairly tight draw which will feel very natural to any ex-smoker.

There are three small LED lights on the front that come to life when you inhale. These also let you know how much battery you have remaining; three lights mean 70%-100%, two lights is 30%-69%, and one light means you have 30% or less and should start to think about charging before the battery goes flat. You can do this by plugging in any USB-C style cable into the port on the side. You should get around a pod and a half from a full charge.

Design wise, the VLTZ Flex Pro Bar is a bit of a looker. It has a metal body which feels smooth and comfortable, and the finish is really decent, especially when you think about how wallet friendly this kit is. There are four colour options to choose from, and I was sent the blue galaxy variant, a very fetching mix of purple graduating into a vibrant turquoise. It really does look the part, and feels like a more premium kit than the price would lead you to believe. 


  • Size: 86mm x 24mm x 14mm
  • Weight: 37g
  • Battery size: 900mAh
  • Maximum Charging Current: 1.0A

VLTZ Flex Pro Box

Moving up the range, we have the Flex Pro Box, still very easy to use but with a few extras to ease you into your new pod life. 

It is a totally different shape as the battery part is side by side with the section the pod sits in, so it feels quite compact. The box is obviously a different size, but inside you’ll find another tear to open packet so once again, it eases you it gently. It is slightly heavier than the bar, but thanks to the shape, it actually feels lighter so if you wanted to use the lanyard attachment, you will hardly notice it is there.

Once again, it is auto draw only, but this time there is any airflow slider so if you have it wide open, you will get an airier vape, and closed down will provide more resistance when you inhale. The difference between the two ends is fairly small but it is still nice that you can slightly customise your vape

This time, instead of three plain lights to let you know your battery status, you have a single coloured LED embedded in the body which works on the standard pod system method so green means 60%-100%, blue is 20%-59%, and red is 20% or less. The charging port is on the base.

The look is also very different, it’s not just the shape but the materials used. This time we have a transparent plastic body so you can see the inner workings and the built in battery. Personally, I love transparent mods, and combined with purple, it was love at first sight. The tampered shape makes it very comfortable to hold too, you hand will naturally contour to its curves.


  • Size: 55mm x 46mm x 20mm
  • Weight: 42g
  • Battery Capacity: 1000mAh
  • Maximum Charging Current 1.0A

Getting Vape Ready

So, we have looked at the basics of both kits, but now things can merge as we move on to the pods as both kits use the same ones. This means they both fit the same way. Each pod comes with a plug in the top and a cap on the bottom, both of which need to be removed and responsibly disposed of. Then you simply drop them in to the slot. You will know when they are correctly in place as the respective lights will come on for a few seconds. 

Each pod contains 2ml of 1.6mg nic salts, which is the same type that is used in disposables which will make the transition easier. They are very slightly weaker as disposables tend to come in 1.8mg or 2.0mg depending on the brand. In reality, you won’t notice this though, if anything it helps to bring out a bit more flavour.

The pods are sold separately, but you will get one prefilled pod when you buy your first bundle kit, unless you go for the refillable version, in which case you will get a free bottle of VLTZ e-liquid instead. We will get into the refillable pod later though, so for now we are focusing on the prefilled options.  

There are a whopping twenty flavours to choose from, and we will take a little look at all of them. 

The Prefilled Pods

Banana Ice – This has quite a kick to it, but somehow it works. The banana is very sweet, so it really needs that icy blast to cut through. If it was only banana, it would get sickly very fast, but the ice really does the job here making it quite an addictive blend.

Blackcurrant Ice – This smells incredible as soon as you crack open the package, you are instantly hit by a burst of juicy blackcurrant. The taste is just as lovely with a great balance of natural juice and a tart kick. The ice is pronounced but again, the balance is just right for this recipe.

Tropical Mango – I am a sucker for mango, and this one is lovely. As you’d expect, it is sweet, but it fits the fruit and it tastes right here, enhancing the tropical loveliness.

Bubblegum – Another flavour I always love, bubblegum just works really well in e-liquid. It is thick with flavour which is essential in a good bubblegum flavour. Unlike the actual sweets, the flavour doesn’t drop off so that’s an instant win.

Cola Ice – Strong cola, with bite, it is possible verging on too strong which brings the sweetener taste out a bit more.  If you like diet cola rather than original, you are going to love this. It is refreshing though and avoids that over saturated thick feel that many cola e-liquids suffer from.

Energy Ice – This one will give you wings; it is very true to the taste of branded energy drinks. It is rich and full of syrupy sugar, but in a good way. The ice blends in well and the flavour really benefits from it. 

Cream Tobacco – This is a bit of a strange one. If you are expecting a cigarette type experience, you are in for a surprise as it is not that. It is more like a fairly rich rolling tobacco but sweeter and with an unusual hint of ice. It is surprisingly pleasant but may not be what you might expect from a tobacco.

Cherry – Another one where the smell hits you first, and it got me very excited. This is a wonderful cherry, full of the complexity and contrast which makes a really good cherry. It is sweet, tart, juicy, rich, light and just delicious. It could have been made for me!

Lemon Limeade – If you like sharp, full bodied citrus vapes, this should tick the boxes for you. It is so sharp; it verges on bitter but in a very clean way. It makes a refreshing change from all the sweet flavours, but for me, it has a little too much bite.

Rainbow Burst – I thought this would be sweeter than it is, but that isn’t a moan. This is an interesting blend as you seem to get different flavour notes as you vape. There is a good mix of candy fruit and it all blends well together. It really is like grabbing a handful of mixed fruit flavour sweets and shoving them all on your mouth at once.

Pink Lemonade – This is another one which is quite heavy on the sweetener, but it works better to increase the sharp lemon. I struggled with the bitter notes and was grateful for the slight lift from the strawberry.

Grape – A classic American grape like you get from branded grape juice. It almost fizzes with little flavour bursts, and it has the depth to carry the flavour well.

Strawberry Watermelon – This is a classic disposable flavour but done with VLTZ style. Both fruits are equally strong, but they play nice together. There is a reason this is a classic combination.

Spearmint Menthol – This was a very welcome change after all the sweet fruity flavours. The spearmint is strong and sweet, but just when you think the sugar is going to get too much, the menthol comes and kicks the door down. It doesn’t do a number on your throat like many menthols do though, it remains super smooth throughout the vape.

Sweet Strawberry – Unsurprisingly, this is like the strawberry watermelon but without the melon…genius! It does mean the sweetener is more noticeable though. It makes it quite an artificial flavour, but not unpleasantly so.

Blue Razz Lemonade – This is a flavour I am not a fan of personally, but this is one of the better ones, combining refreshing lemonade with a smooth fruity sweetness. The levels of sweetener blend in better too, and the raspberry is just right.

Sour Apple – It is juicy apple and so much sour! We often get sour juices, but this is one of the only ones that really makes your cheeks pull tight. It is a fun change, but it did irritate my throat a bit which was a shame as it is unlike anything else I’ve vapes. 

Watermelon Ice – This has another healthy dose of ice, and this mixed with the light watermelon means you are in for a super refreshing vape. The flavour is mild, but the sensation is larger than life. 

Blueberry Ice – I have no real feelings either way about this flavour. It is rather a bland blueberry, perfectly serviceable but nothing spectacular. It is a good flavour to mix in-between vaping some of the stronger flavours.

Peach Ice – Finishing on a high, this is a strong fizzy peach with a decent dusting of ice to cut through the heavier parts of the fruit. It leaves a lovely aftertaste too. It is a bit heavy with the sweetener though, so if, like me, you are sensitive to sweeteners, you will notice it quite a lot.

The Refillable Pod

So, we’ve looked at the prefilled options, but the final step towards fully opening the doors to what vaping can really offer is the ability to use your own e-liquids, and there has never been a better time to jump in as there are so many delicious e-liquids to try. 

The refillable pod is an empty pod with a fitted 0.8ohm coil which is a good middle ground making it suitable for most e-liquids, although I would probably stick with either nic salts or 50PG/50VG e-liquids. It has been designed for the kits so you will get a great vape guaranteed. 

To add your own e-liquid, there is a small rubber flap on the side which you pop out to reveal the fill port which is the perfect size for most 10ml e-liquid bottles. Squeeze in your 2ml of juice and let it sit for several minutes to allow the liquid to really soak in, then you can vape just like you would with the prefilled versions. As they are clear plastic, you get a good view of how much liquid is left on your tank so you shouldn’t have any problems making sure you always have enough. 

I found the vape was slightly warmer than the prefilled versions, but the flavour is very good and the vape is smooth and satisfying. Vapour production was also very acceptable so all in all, it was a decent vape.

The prefilled tank will also last you much longer than the prefilled ones will as you can refill them several times before you need to replace it making them a good choice for the more budget conscious vaper. 

Final Thoughts

I really like the idea behind the VLTZ Flex Pro range, it will massively help to make the change from disposable vapes to a more sustainable way much easier, and it will open the doors to the wonderful world of vaping. There are so many options out there, and this is a great way to start to explore more deeply without busting your wallet. The most basic set up will give you a consistently great vape, and as you go through the options, things only get better. The prefilled pods have some great flavours to choose from, and once you try the refillable pod, it will change the way you vape moving forward. Of course, you don’t have to move all the way through the whole range, this will give you the best options to find what works for you. 

If you are feeling intrigued by the VLTZ Pro Flex series, you can pick up all of the bits from TECC. The Flex Pro bar starts at £7.99 for just the device, and the bundle with a prefilled pod to get you started is only a pound more. The Flex Pro Box starts at £8.99 or £9.99 for the pod bundle. The pods are £2.99 each, but if you want to make sure you never run out, TECC offer a subscription scheme where you can get a box of 15 pods of your choice for £30 which can be delivered every 2-6 weeks, taking all the stress of running out of spares from the equation. Finally, the refillable pod is just £2.99 and then you can buy the e-liquid of your choice, and TECC carry a great range of some of the best e-liquids around.

Many thanks to TECC for sending in the VLTZ Flex Pro range for review.

  • Great looks
  • Budget friendly
  • Clear progression path
  • Huge range of flavours
  • E-liquid subscription available
  • None
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