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KonceptXIX Shortfill E-Liquid by Vampire Vape

KonceptXIX is a new range of twelve E-liquids from Vampire Vape containing some of their established favourites.

The juice comes in 50ml PET short fill bottles with child proof caps. This makes them fully compliant with the TPD directive and means you only need to add a single 18mg 10ml bottle of QuickNic or its equivalent to achieve 3mg strength. Just make sure to give the bottles a thorough shake after adding your nicotine. The mix ratio used in this juice is 80VG/20PG so you can expect brilliant vapour production.

The labels on the bottles are well set out, very colourful and have all of the typical information clearly shown including warnings. They are also very competitively priced at £13.99 a bottle. The nozzles are easy enough to remove to pour in your nicotine but I do advise you do this over the kitchen sink in case you have an unfortunate accident.

I was sent five of these E-Liquids to review by Grey Haze. I vaped all of them in my Titanium Mods Ukraine Achilles II RDA which is fitted with a 1.0ohm coil and also in the Innokin Ares MTL RTA which is also built with a 1.0ohm coil.



Heisenberg eLiquid by KonceptXIX is going to be no stranger to its predecessors, a secret recipe that can only be described as the daddy of all day vapes that can only be surpassed by one thing, its self! A Fruity Undertone with a Cool Menthol after-sensation.

Breaking Bad fans will immediately recognise this for being named after Walter White’s infamous Alter ego, but it also comes from the German scientist Werner Heisenberg who was famous for his “uncertainty principle.” It is very fitting because this e-liquid offers a lot of uncertainty as to what it actually contains, but rest assured that while it may bear a slight resemblance to some of Walter’s blue crystal meth it is totally safe.

Heisenberg is as you would expect a very unique flavour that can divide opinion among vapers… personally I’ve always loved it! What you get on the inhale are blue raspberry notes and also a sweet blueberry which is combined with a hint of green apple. There are occasional smatterings of jelly sweeties and a very distinct spearmint aftertaste. I’ve always suspected there is also a small trace of bubble gum in the mix. Keep in mind if you’re not a fan of menthol then this is definitely not for you because it does have quite a potent minty kick.

This 80VG version is very smooth as you would expect, especially when compared with Vampire Vape’s original high PG version which was an even more potent flavour. Vapour production is excellent and you will not be disappointed. Adding one bottle of QuickNic to the 50ml bottle results in 3mg strength and after giving it a good shake I would say flavour wise it is identical to any of the bottles you may have purchased pre-TPD, and totally delicious!

Throat hit was medium to strong in 3mg strength for me, but some of you may find it very strong.

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Poley Rolly

Poley Rolly eLiquid by KonceptXIX is a warm and comforting combination of Jam Rolly Poley and Custard.

This juice is an example of sheer wizardry by Vampire Vape and offers a superb recreation of jam Rolly Poley and custard! On the inhale you get the delicious sweet jam and the taste of light sponge cake. This then leads into a creamy vanilla custard and leaves just a slight amount of stickiness on the lips after each exhale. In all honesty if I didn’t know I was vaping I would be hard pushed to distinguish this from the real thing, and the good news is that unlike the actual pudding this juice won’t make you fat if you heavily overindulge!

Vapour production was top notch and the throat hit in 3mg strength was mild.


BloodSukka eLiquid by Koncept is an expertly crafted mix of Cherries blended with Forest Fruits, Berries, Eucalyptus and Aniseed.

BloodSukka reminded me a little of T-Juice’s Red Astaire but certainly offers its own distinctly enjoyable flavour. On the inhale tasty cherry, berry and forest fruit notes are at the forefront, which then gives way to a garden fresh eucalyptus and a distinct aniseed. It isn’t as sweet a vape to me as Red Astaire, but it is very enjoyable, and I certainly enjoyed the more herbal style aftertaste which it offered. Once again like Heisenberg it has quite a potent menthol quality so if that is something you don’t care for then you won’t appreciate this.

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Vapour production was superb and the throat hit when mixed to 3mg strength was medium to strong.


Pinkman eLiquid by KonceptXIX is what happens when you take all the fruit you could possibly think of, then double it and then stick it in a bottle for vapers to enjoy all day long.

Named after the character Jesse Pinkman from Breaking Bad this E-Liquid is a seriously fruity combination. The thing is you don’t really get a specific flavour as such which you can immediately identify since it’s so well blended, and to my mind that makes it a very interesting juice. However once in while you can pick out the odd note and say “hmm lemon” or “yes definitely grapefruit”. Of course I can safely say that there are other flavours in there now, because I’ve vaped this juice so often in the past. There are hints of key lime, some watermelon, maybe a hint of raspberry or blackcurrant, and there is also a slight sourness present in the mix too, which contrasts so well with the overall sweetness. It’s a superb flavour and along with Heisenberg will always be one of my all-time favourites from Vampire Vape!

Vapour production is absolutely stellar, which is to be expected from an 80VG mix. The throat hit is mild to medium in 3mg strength and rest assured there is no menthol in this E-Liquid.

Sticky Spot

Sticky Spot eLiquid by KonceptXIX is an eliquid that combines a blissful Toffee and Strawberries in a 50ml Short Fill form for those that like a dessert with their dessert and a side order of dessert.

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Now when I first read the description of this E-Liquid I must admit I was a bit put off. No offense to Vampire Vape but the idea of combining toffee and strawberry seemed rather revolting to me. The good news is that when it comes to vaping it this flavour it is entirely different to what you might expect. I’m sure some of you have tried those Werther’s Original toffees that have a very creamy quality and the toffee taste itself is not that overpowering… well that is pretty much what the toffee is like in this particular mix.

This is then really nicely balanced with a deliciously fruity, natural and sweet strawberry, so the mix itself really tends to taste more of strawberries and cream with a subtle toffee aftertaste. Despite my initial reservations I absolutely loved it, which just goes to prove that you should never judge an E-Liquid purely on its description!

Vapour production was brilliant just like all the other juices I have already covered. The throat hit was mild in 3mg nicotine strength.


In all honesty I cannot fault any of the superb flavours I tried out. They are mixed extremely well and I don’t think I will ever get tired of old favourites such as Pinkman and Heisenberg which really helped keep me off the stinkies when I first made the switch to vaping. Sticky Spot, BloodSukka and Poley Rolly each bring an exciting and highly enjoyable flavour profile to the table and are definitely well worth trying out too!

Personally considering the quality and the price these juices come highly recommended. You can purchase these juices directly from the manufacturer Vampire Vape or from Grey Haze

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Many thanks to Grey Haze who kindly sent these juices to Planet of the Vapes for us to review.


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