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Juice Sauz

Three more 0mg juices reviewed, like many on the market at present these can be mixed with nic shots to give you a nic containing juice if you wish. Like many mix shots on the market these are well flavoured and very keenly priced. This is the Baked range from Juice Sauz, Dunked, Lemon Trip and Toased!

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Juice Sauz

Juice Sauz are a UK E-Liquid manufacturer based in Lincoln. Their E-Liquids are produced for distribution but they are finding their way into the stock of many vendors. The company was founded in 2015 and they initially stared as a juice manufacturer with a line of four premium e-liquids.

If you would like to find out more about Juice Sauz you can visit their website.

We were sent three of their premixed E-Liquids without nicotine for review. Essentially these are 100ml bottles containing all 90ml of the required flavour concentrate, VG and PG so you only have to add nicotine yourself. This does of course make them completely TPD compliant. One bottle of QuickNic will give you a 2mg nicotine strength and one and half bottles of QuickNic will give you roughly 3mg. Personally I didn’t feel it was worth messing around with half bottles to get my typical 3mg strength and I just used a single bottle of QuickNic in each of the three flavours.

The bottles are nicely presented with colourful and eye-catching labels. All of the typical information is shown along with clear warnings. Each bottle is fitted with a child proof top cap and comes nicely protected in a cardboard box. In each box you will also find a nozzle top cap.

All of these juices are mixed to a ratio of 70VG/30PG so you can expect decent cloud production. I vaped all four juices in my Kayfun 5 and also in my Hadaly RDA.

Cream filled sponge cake, dunked and fried in golden syrup!

This particular E-Liquid is very special. On the inhale you get almost a distinct and moreish cream sponge cake that is incredibly natural and so convincing it’s easy to convince yourself you’re eating the real thing! In fact there were times where I thought I could pick out hints of icing sugar and the cream taste was fantastic. The addition of the golden syrup which tends to come through on the exhale adds a wonderful amount of character to this flavour and also a delightful sticky richness which compliments the main sponge cake beautifully!

Vapour production was outstanding and seemed more like 80VG E-Liquid. When mixed to 2mg nicotine strength there was a mild throat hit.

A zesty lemon curd atop a crumbly biscuit base!

This juice offers a sweet and ever so slightly sharp lemon curd style flavour on the inhale accompanied with delicious biscuit. I thought the ingredients tasted extremely natural and found this E-Liquid very addictive to vape. When used in a tank it is pretty good but tends to mute the lemon a bit and the biscuit can get lost. However if you vape this E-Liquid in an RDA it really comes to life offering a far zestier and fuller lemon beautifully balanced with the biscuit!

Vapour production was excellent and I the throat hit was mild to medium in 2mg nicotine strength.

A deliciously sweet French toast!

Now while I do know what the recipe for French toast is, it is not personally something I have eaten so I cannot give you any indication of how accurate this flavour is. To me it tastes a little bit like Crème Brulee crossed with toast, with just a hint of marshmallow. It is very sweet and if I had to vape it all day long I suspect I would find it a bit overpowering for my tastes. The flavour is certainly pleasant but I see it more as an occasional dessert type flavour than an all -day vape, but depending on personal taste and your fondness for French toast individual mileage will vary. I found I didn’t actually dislike it and was perfectly happy vaping it but I wasn’t as keen on this juice as some of the others in this range.

Vapour production was excellent and things got foggy quickly. When mixed to 2mg nicotine strength the throat hit was very mild. According to Juice Sauz this juice is apparently formulated to be more tank and coil friendly but I found it would quickly destroy coils. My recommendation is that you don’t use it with purchased stock coils unless they have very large wicking slots. This was a very thick juice to vape and my Kayfun 5 had serious issues with it even with the juice flow fully opened up and I often had to re-coil and re-wick after one and half tanks worth. In the end I stuck to using this juice exclusively in an RDA.


This is a good range of premixed E-Liquid that offers customers the convenience of buying a decent amount of juice at a reasonable price and only having to add any required nicotine.

I thought all of the flavours were mixed very well despite one of them not really being to my tastes. Of course as I have said before my tastes are not your tastes so you might absolutely adore every flavour in this range so it is always a good idea to try them out yourself. Nevertheless I can definitely see myself getting some more of that amazing Dunked E-Liquid once I run out!

Many thanks to Juice Sauz who kindly sent these liquids to Planet of the Vapes for us to review.  Check them out for wholesale enquiries or you can find there juices for consumer sales at many outlets.

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