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Evil Cloud 50/10 Series

Evil Cloud E-Liquid: After months of experimenting in our underground labs, indulging in our passion for all things sinister, Evil Cloud E-Liquid was brought to life to become the most devilish vape of all time.

Despite having been raised from the darkest depths, the range of Evil Cloud e-juice flavours we have concocted are truly heavenly. Why not try our exclusive range of Evil Cloud flavours and join the dark side? Thanks to Evil Cloud vape, the best clouds you can blow are evil clouds...or for an alternative dark option you could always try some nasty juice.

Evil Cloud are a UK based E-Liquid manufacturer and I reviewed their initial range some time ago. This time around their latest offering are three premixed E-Liquids containing all of the required flavour concentrate, VG and PG but no nicotine. This makes them fully compliant with the EU’s TPD regulations so all you have to do is add any required nicotine. You can of course vape them purely as zero nicotine E-Liquid if you prefer.

The juice comes in 60ml bottles with enough room left for you to add nicotine so if you’re buying them as zero nicotine keep in mind you might want to top it up with some PG/VG to dilute the flavour a little. Each bottle is made from squeezable plastic and is fitted with a child proof top cap. In addition the bottles are packaged nicely in cardboard boxes which also contain fixable nozzles. The labels on both the bottles and the boxes is smart and eye catching with all of the typical information shown including clear warnings.

Adding nicotine is an absolute breeze and you only need to remove the top cap and squeeze in a bottle of QuickNic, then give it a few good shakes and fit the nozzle when you want to use it. Ideally you should do this over the sink to avoid any potential accidents. After adding a single bottle of QuickNic to each flavour I found they could all be enjoyed immediately since the concentrate, VG and PG is premixed, so it’s not like the old days where you had to concern yourself with steeping time.


All three flavours in this range are mixed to a ratio of 70VG/30PG so you can expect decent cloud production. I vaped all of these E-Liquid in my Kayfun 5 and also in my Apocalypse Gen 2 RDA.

Waffles & Jam

Waffles & Jam is fluffy Belgian waffles served with a generous side of blue raspberry jam.

This E-Liquid offers a delicious jam flavour on the inhale which tasted very natural and had just the right amount of sweetness. In many ways it reminded me of traditional home made jam rather than the supermarket variety. Following the jam is a gorgeous waffle flavour and providing you are vaping it at a sufficient Wattage you can almost fool your brain into thinking you are eating hot waffles with dollops of fresh jam. I thought this flavour was truly excellent and it is definitely well worth trying out!

It vapes rather nicely in a tank such as my Kayfun 5 but you do lose some of the jam’s sweetness and the waffle flavour becomes a little more subdued. As you would expect when used in a dripper it is a far more fulfilling and flavoursome vape.

Vapour production was extremely good but quite typical of the mix ratio used. The throat hit was mild when the juice was mixed to 3mg nicotine strength.


Sicilian Dream

Sicilian Dream is a Sicilian lemon glazed doughnut drizzled in creamy white chocolate.

This E-Liquid was absolutely delightful to vape. The lemon flavour was fantastic and you really can notice that it is a Sicilian lemon because it is sweet without any sharpness present. This is combined with a fantastic doughnut which tastes exactly like the real thing before finally on the exhale delivering a hint of white chocolate.

I found this juice to be perfectly balanced and it offered a wonderful range of highly enjoyable flavours which would make it an excellent all-day vape! It was pretty impressive when used in my Kayfun 5 but I did find you couldn’t really pick out the chocolate so for the best experience stick to using it in a RDA. Vapour production was superb and I found the throat hit to be mild when mixed to 3mg nicotine strength.

California Krush

California Krush is an iced mango & banana smoothie with a splash of tropical guava.

This flavour was certainly my stand out favourite in this range. On the inhale your taste buds are greeted by a lovely and highly flavoursome fresh mango. This is then followed by just the right amount of banana smoothie before offering just a hint of guava on the exhale. It really was absolutely fabulous to vape and I simply couldn’t get enough of it!


For those of you who don’t like menthol flavours rest assured this isn’t one but it does have a very noticeable cooling quality that makes it seem like it came straight from the fridge.

I thought juice this was brilliant and found it very refreshing when used in my Kayfun 5. When used in a dripper the mango is even more flavoursome and all of the individual ingredients tend to stand out more.

Vapour production just like the other two flavours was excellent. The throat hit was mild when the juice was mixed to 3mg nicotine strength but the cooling quality might make it feel more like a medium hit to some folks.


I absolutely loved all three flavours in this range and I have no hesitation in recommending them. The California Krush was without a doubt my favourite but the other two were highly enjoyable in their own right.

Given that you only need to add a bottle of QuickNic this is a very convenient way to get yourself 50ml of juice. If you would like to purchase any of these flavours you can get them along with any required QuickNic from Grey Haze. Remember to use code POTV10 at the checkout for 10% off your purchase.


Many thanks to Grey Haze who kindly sent these E-Liquids to Planet of the Vapes for us to review.

For your chance to win all three flavours along with three bottles of QuickNic please see our competition.

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