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London Fox Silver and Refresh

London Fox aim to provide a fresh and modern take on a cigalike, with a range of different flavoured cigalikes that feature some very unique blended flavours. They have really revolutionised the cigalike, with a lot of time, research and development invested into creating two flavours that really provide an authentic, quality experience.

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London Fox Silver and Refresh

Created by David Parr, with the help of top mixologist Robbie Acres from Portside Parlour, London Fox aim to provide a fresh and modern take on a cigalike, with a range of different flavoured cigalikes that feature some very unique blended flavours, with an aim to not only capture people making the switch from smoking, but also to provide these for sale in upmarket cocktail bars, as an accompaniment to certain alcoholic drinks. For each London Fox cigalike flavour, there is a recommended alcoholic beverage to accompany it written alongside the flavour profile.

No expense has been spared with the production of London Fox, not only enlisting a highly revered mixologist to develop the flavours which are mixed from the finest quality ingredients available, but the best quality materials and battery components have also been sourced to produce these cigalikes, and London Fox encourage you to send used units back to them so that they can be recycled, meaning that they are sustainable as well. Each London Fox cigalike comes individually packaged in a stylish presentation tube, reminiscent of a cigar tube, and is of a small and discreet size.

London Fox cigalikes are available with a nicotine strength of 18mg, and are currently sold in individual units. I’ve not so much as glanced at a cigalike since October 2013 when my vaping journey began with one, however with my three year anniversary of being smoke free I revisited the humble cigalike with the offerings from London Fox, to see how the technology has come on since then. Here’s what I thought...


‘SILVER’ is our East London take on a classic tobacco blend for an authentic smoking experience. Conceived in the back street Rum Bar, Portside Parlour of Shoreditch. Silver compliments a good white wine or a chilled craft ale, whichever you prefer…

Now if you are chasing that authentic cigarette vibe, Silver will be right up your street. It’s frighteningly close to recreating the actual taste of a cigarette, with the throat hit absolutely spot on, I was actually pretty taken aback as to just how authentic the taste was. It certainly was closer to the taste of a cigarette than any other tobacco flavoured cigalike I had previously tried, all of which had fallen a long way short of capturing that flavour. If you are making the switch from smoking to vaping and are trying to find something that provides a cigarette styled vape, minus the 4000+ chemicals, I have found Silver to be the closest experience yet to a cigarette.

I had really taken to enjoying Silver from London Fox with an ale in the evenings, finding that Ringwood Forty Niner or an IPA such as Circadian made a perfect pairing. Silver also went down very well with a glass of Scotch Whisky on the rocks, making for a lovely evening treat. 


‘REFRESH’- which was created by Mr Robbie Acres, founder of Portside Parlour. The end result is an invigorating, palette cleansing flavour sensation where botanical peppermint and star anise is balanced with a subtle floral note of rose water. This pairs beautifully with a Gin based French 75, Old Cuban or a classic G&T. Ask at the bar to find out for yourself... 

When I first inhale Refresh, I get a clean menthol styled blast hitting my tastebuds, that gives a nod to a menthol cigarette but the similarities end there. There are no tobacco notes to pick up on, but a menthol that is richer and cleaner tasting than a menthol cigarette, with a note of anise in the exhale that contains a floral tone, added by the rose water. The balance of the flavour notes contained within is excellent, and offers a smooth and clean tasting flavour experience. I very much enjoyed Refresh with a glass of classic Gin and Tonic!


I feel that London Fox have really revolutionised the cigalike here, with a lot of time, research and development invested into creating two flavours that really provide an authentic, quality experience. I have been hugely impressed with how different the experience has been compared to my first experience of a cigalike, and how much I enjoyed the flavour profiles of these two offerings.

There’s a nice throat hit to be found with these, and a draw that mimics a cigarette styled draw to perfection. I usually vape 3-6mg juices, and the London Fox cigalikes are 18mg, however due to the style of draw I never found the nicotine strength to be too much for me to handle. The vapour produced by these is nice and discreet too, there’s no clouds to be found here! Battery life from each cigalike is good enough to get you through a full day, London Fox say that 150 puffs are to be expected from each one, which they state is equivalent to 20 cigarettes.

These definitely are a great companion to an alcoholic drink and I very much enjoyed using these with a drink in the evenings, I found them to be a nice change of pace to my usual day to day vaping style, and with the flavour, throat hit and nicotine strength I do believe that they would be an incredibly effective option to get people off of the cigarettes as well!

Many thanks to David at London Fox for sending Silver and Refresh in for review, these are available from to purchase now! POTV readers can get 50% off their purchase by using the code TRYMEAGAIN.

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