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Vozol Star 600 Disposable Vapes

Vozol sent us their Star 600 disposable vapes for review. Si tested them out and then got a bit crafty!

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Supplied by Vozol for review
Price TBC

Another disposables review but with a slight difference, Vozol are attempting to make a wasteful product slightly less wasteful in the manufacturing stage by using 65% recycled plastics which is a step in the right direction.

Vozol Star 600 Disposables selection

I was sent a small selection to test out but there are a massive range of 31 flavours! A crazy amount to choose from and most of them sound lush.

Vozol Star 600 Disposables Menu

They come in the usual TPD limited 2ml with 20mg Nicotine Salt with a 500mAh battery with an estimated 600 puffs per bar, but that can vary depending on how long you take a puff, obviously taking a two second puff will only last you half the time compared to a one second puff.

Vozol Star 600 Disposables Banana Ice

Each disposable comes in its own box with all the legal bumf printed around it, the artwork is nice and bright and the flavour is clearly marked on the side and top.

Vozol Star 600 Disposables unboxing

Inside the box the device is sealed in a foil bag for freshness and hygiene, it has an easy tear notch and has a silicone end cap to keep it sealed, pop that off and it’s ready to vape immediately. You might want to keep the end cap to prevent cack and lint getting into it when stowed in your pocket or bag.

Vozol Star 600 Disposables breaking free

The coil is mesh which is much nicer than those nasty ceramic coils as they deliver a much better flavour, and the vape is instant and consistent.

Vozol Star 600 Disposables official

The device itself is pretty standard for a disposable, a round body with a whistle mouthpiece which feels comfortable. The plastic feels grippy but smooth, and the base is well rounded off for comfort.

Vozol Star 600 Disposables ready to go

There’s a speckled effect embedded into the plastic which Vozol describe as “Sprinkle sprinkle little star” which sound a bit odd, to me it looks like a bi-product of using recycled plastic and I like it for that, the more recycled looking the better as far as I’m concerned.

Vozol Star 600 Disposables Eco Friendly

This is something I would like to see more and credit to Vozol for taking this welcome step towards reducing waste.

There isn’t much else to say regarding the device so I will move on to the all-important performance and flavour. As mentioned earlier, I only had a few to try, here’s the selection I was sent:

Vozol Star 600 Disposables review flavours

They all tasted exactly how they sound, the only two I didn’t like were the Tobacco and Spearmint but that is down to my personal preference. The Tobacco flavour was accurate and would be a good starter for anyone trying to switch from actual cigarettes.

As for the rest, I thoroughly enjoyed them, the flavour was superb and not too sweet. The device delivered a smooth, saturated draw and wasn’t too warm, vapour production was minimal which is great for sly vaping, but you will need to cover up the LED on the base for a true sneaky vape.

The battery dies out before the e-liquid, so you shouldn’t experience any dry hits or burnt taste. I stripped one down afterwards and there was practically no e-liquid left inside so the balance of e-liquid/battery was spot on.


The vast majority of disposables are pretty much alike these days and there are far too many brands which makes choosing the right ones tricky, but these Vozol ones are on par with the very best I’ve tried, I have absolutely no complaints about the vape quality or performance.

*If I was a disposables buyer I would choose these without a doubt, and despite my anti-disposables bias I did enjoy vaping them.

Vozol Star 600 Disposables done

Preachy Bit….

I think we all know by now that disposables are a very divisive issue in the vape community, there’s no getting away from how wasteful they are and there is a bit of a problem in how to actually ‘dispose’ of them.

Vozol Star 600 Disposables waste

Some scumbags dump 'em wherever and they can be see littering curbs, I liken these people to those gits that don’t pick up their dogs poo.

Until we get a proper way to dispose of them, I would store them until you have enough to take to your local recycling centre, hopefully they will try to strip and recycle parts.

Vozol Star 600 Disposables parts

If you feel comfortable with it then they can be dismantled and some obvious parts can be split to be recycled, most of the little bits can go into general waste, but the main component that can be recycled or better still repurposed is the battery.

*Take extra care when removing the battery, snip the cables individually and cap the ends with insulation tape until you solder them, you will only need two of the wires (RED+ and BLACK-) which are clearly marked, the same goes if you are going to send them to the recycling centre as exposed ends can short circuit and cause a thermal runaway which can explode.

Vozol Star 600 Disposables safe disposal

Most can be recharged and are excellent for small electronic projects, the USB-C charging boards are dirt cheap (around £0.55 each on Amazon) and are very easy to solder, the charging boards can be charge with a USB-C cable at 5V/1A and have a power out of 3.7v. The amount of uses I have found for these batteries is endless, LEDs, small motors, rewiring 2 x AA battery devices, fans, prototyping on a breadboard, motion sensors, and much more, they are the only batteries I use these days.

Vozol Star 600 Disposables recycling project

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