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Aspire Mynus Vapourless Disposable Vape System

The Aspire Mynus could easily have become the butt of many jokes, but they have really come up trumps with an innovative smokeless vaping device which brings a whole new level to having a sneaky vape!

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RRP £5.99

Something a bit different landed on my doorstep to review, the new Aspire Mynus Vapourless Disposable Pod. I’m not into the whole ‘disposable’ thing but this one promised to be very handy if the vapourless feature worked.

Due to my twisted mind spotting that if you insert an ‘A’ inbetween the My and nus, I fear there will be a few botty puns. This does not reflect the actual device as it more reflects my warped mind!


  • Automatic draw
  • Pre-filled disposable system
  • Innovative vapourless technology
  • Remarkably small (4cm wide, 4cm tall, 1cm deep)
  • Precision designed for comfort
  • 3.5V constant output
  • 0.9ml 20mg Salt Nic E-Liquid
  • 150mAh Internal battery
  • Approx. 150 puffs before device is to be disposed.

Aspire Mynus Vapourless Disposable Vape System foil sealed


Obviously there’s going to little to discuss here. The MyAnus (I’m off!) comes in a sealed pouch with a notch to help you rip it open. Inside is your disposable pod and a leaflet which is almost as heavy as the pod. This mostly covers the TPD blurb and e-liquid properties.

The device itself is pretty small, the smallest vape I have ever seen in fact (4cm wide, 4cm tall, 1cm deep) which is very impressive, the downside to this is the limited amount of e-liquid and battery life (0.9ml & 150mAh).

The size and shape instantly reminded me of a guitar pick, like a saddo I actually tried to strum (rhymes with bum) with it but it’s a bit big for that, but(t) the compact shape really impressed me as it fits into your hand so discreetly. Even before I vaped on it, I was instantly thinking ‘stealth vape’.

Aspire Mynus Vapourless Disposable Vape System unboxing?


The instructions say you should inhale into your mouth for two seconds, inhale and hold in your lungs for two seconds then exhale (two second MTL), so I followed this procedure and it felt natural and similar to smoking. There’s no fire button as it’s auto-draw, straight away I was very impressed with vapourless exhale! I saw nothing at all, I could tell that the inhale had vapour but the exhale had none, I looked at MyAnus in the mirror to see this in action and it was even more impressive. I then tried it without the inhale (like a cigar), and the vapour was there so it must dissipate in your lungs.

This might sound strange as you wonder what the vapour is doing inside your lungs but this is perfectly normal in vaping, be it MTL or DTL a good proportion of vapour is dissipated in your lungs.

The draw itself is a really nice tight MTL, and the autodraw works flawlessly but it feels a more limited one, I’m used to something around 1.2Ohms at 10-12 watts but this felt more like a 6-7 watts vape and feels cool so I felt like I needed to vape twice as much to get a similar nicotine intake but I am used to 20mg nic salts with a longer 3-4 second draw.

I had no leaking issues from MyAnus so there was no need to wipe (which is great news for my bogroll stockpile).

Everything about My(A)nus shouted stealth vape to me, it’s simply perfect in every way for having a sly vape anywhere you can think of, there’s no wasteful LED to give you away which annoys me on other disposables. I tested it on my last bog roll shopping spree in a shopping centre, apart from places where you need to wear a facemask I was loving the novelty of what felt like guilt free vapourless vaping. Certainly nobody could notice me vaping as there simply was no vape to see but trying to make the hand to mouth action look natural was a little harder, the most natural cover action was to fake a cough but that turned out to be a bad idea for obvious reasons!

If someone does approach you and ask what you’re doing you can simply reply “I am sucking on my-anus”.

Flavour wise, the prefilled pods have 20mg nic Salt juice by Wick Liquor in the following ‘ass’orted flavours:

  • Mixed Fruit – Due to the low powered output of the pod I wasn’t getting much flavour from this one, it was nice enough and I would be happy enough to use it again.
  • Tobacco – I tend not to vape tobacco flavours but this flavour was actually my favourite. It has subtle fruit tones to the tobacco. I used to smoke rollups and often bought premium flavoured tobaccos and this reminded me of good quality blends.
  • Icy Menthol – I simply can’t hack menthol flavours, even when I smoked tabs I would only ever vape a menthol ciggie if I was absolutely desperate, so I can’t comment on this flavour at all, sorry.

The biggest surprise to me was that these are claimed to be nicotine salts, I only discovered this half way through reviewing. I vape nic salts and freebase, and I could have sworn these were freebase as you got the throat hit you get from regular nicotine, especially from the tobacco flavour which is on par with my all-time favourite Manabush Firewater range. I’m really not convinced that these are nic salts as the throat hit really felt like freebase and 20mg was pretty strong. I couldn’t find any mention of it on the package and I only found it in the website description:
The Black Aspire Mynus features a mixed fruit medley, and with 20mg salt nicotine this device is absolutely guaranteed to satisfy your urges!
(If I hear anything to confirm either way then I will update accordingly).

Aspire Mynus Vapourless Disposable Vape System black

Vapourless Technology

As previously mentioned, the vapourless feature is superb and the biggest USP of the Mynus. Vapourless has been tried by DIY liquid fans, the higher the PG ratio the less vapour gets produced though the flavour can be too harsh so it is a tricky recipe to master, so I have seen little success in e-liquid development in this area. I’m not sure if it’s a combination of the Wick Liquor juice recipe using nic salts and the coil tech of Aspire at work, but they seem to have it sussed. It would be interesting to see how it transfers to non-disposable vaping.


This is where things go bottom-up for me. The 0.9ml capacity and tiny 150mAh battery gives you an estimated 150 draws. I couldn’t verify how many draws but I am pretty sure this is about right and I didn’t notice much power drop off before the pod died off. The battery died before the juice ran out on both of the ones I tested which is better than the juice running out and giving you a dry hit, I was mostly frustrated with the ‘not knowing’ of when it would pack in on me, and when it did I was left a bit miffed.

Then of course you are left with disposable ‘bin fodder’ which is not something I am a fan of. I’m no environmentalist, but I do try my best to limit my carbon footprint as much as I can, this isn’t easy and general vaping produces a fair bit of waste (bottles, coils, packaging, consumables etc.). To its credit, the My(a)nus is so compact and uses minimal materials that it doesn’t feel as wrong to bin compared to many other disposable devices. I didn’t feel too guilty binning these when I had finished with them. When I compare with the overall weight of the non-recyclable general waste I throw in my wheelie bin, then it feels negligible.


The Aspire Mynus pod is without a doubt the very best option for sly vaping, in fact it leaves you wondering about the etiquette of vaping in public places. I would have absolutely no qualms vaping with the My(a)nus in somewhere like an aircraft, trains, buses, restaurants, bars etc.

Technically you’re still vaping but not producing visible vapour, in my eyes it’s only the same as using one of those Nicorette inhale thingamajigs but far more satisfying and with an instant hit.

I thought I was going to slag these disposables off, but they immediately proved to be a fantastic device for stealthy vaping. The vapourless nature of them make them perfect for those occasions where you cannot normally vape. The list is endless, and I would be amazed if anybody would object to you using one of these.

I wouldn’t recommend them for your regular vape as it would become a very expensive and wasteful way to vape, but they are VERY handy as a backup and stealth vape. As much as I hate the whole disposable thing, I will be buying some of these for the above reasons.

Aspire Mynus Vapourless Disposable Vape System top pick


  • Tiniest vape I’ve seen
  • Vapourless works perfectly
  • The very best stealth vape out there
  • Very lightweight and comfortable
  • MTL auto-draw is ciggie like tight
  • Wick Liquor juices


  • Lifespan makes it expensive
  • Disposable can never be a good thing
  • Once you get "My-A-Nus" into your head, you can’t forget it

Final thoughts

I think the Mynus really has a place in the vaping world as they are so damn useful for vaping where you wouldn’t usually get away with it. The imagination runs wild as to where you can now vape, and it will no doubt be useful for those that struggle to get a vape break or in a situation that normally leaves you craving (flight etc.). It most certainly isn’t an economical way to vape, but only you can decide how valuable this stealth vape will be to you. For me, I will have at least a couple stashed away for the right situation.

I can only score this device for what it is, and at the moment it’s in its own class.

Score: 8/10 – Superb Stealth Pod.
(Would be a 9/10 if it lasted longer).

Aspire Mynus Vapourless Disposable Vape System frets

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