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Geek Bar Disposables

DeeDee and Si form a new tag team to review the full range of Geekbar Disposable range

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Thank you to DeepVaping UK for sending these out for review. I have to be honest, this is not something I would normally review as I am not keen on disposables, but I was curious.

I did draft in some help from Simon as most of these were menthol or ice which is not my preference at all so I wanted the review to be fair. I cannot take credit for most of this, but I did test a few myself so this is combined feedback between Si and myself.

GEEKBAR Disposable full range

The Device

Such a superb little device when new, light, comfortable, very easy to use, and the draw is a perfect cig-like vape. I like the look of the device and it is very stealthy. It fits into any pocket easily. No on or off functions, just pick up, inhale and job done.


Hit and miss, we tried to limit it to shorter two second draws to attempt longevity, but alas they are too inconsistent. Some last less than half a day of moderate use, though a couple have lasted a full day. All have died from battery life before the liquid runs out. The vape, when new, is very good and is almost a perfect starter for someone trying to quit smoking.
The auto draw is very effective and pretty instant.

You get decent throat hit which you would expect as they are all 20mg nic salts

GeekBar Disposable Pod System specs


Simon's thoughts:

Mango - So crisp and fresh with a really fruity aftertaste, one of the nicest mango juices I have tried.

Banana - The first one I tried, damn they nailed this one! In fact it is the only Banana liquid that I have enjoyed.

Melon - This could easily be an ADV as the flavour balance is just right, not too sweet and a pleasing fresh aftertaste.

Lychee - Tasted like a bath bomb (I'm very experienced in eating bath bombs lol!)

Sour Apple - Almost nice, but it had a bit of a burnt aftertaste. It was not like a dry hit, more of a burnt apple.

Sweet Strawberry - Tastes like sweet strawberry to me, pretty accurate but a little sickly for an ADV. I wasn't sad when this one died.

Peach Ice - One of my favourites, a nice blend which wasn't too sweet, and is another possible ADV.

Blackcurrant - Surprisingly nice. I'm not a blackcurrant fan, but I enjoyed this one, slightly sweet and refreshing.

Tobacco - Not impressed at all, like going from a B&H to a cheapo brand. The inhale is okay but the aftertaste is a bit nasty.

To be fair Geekbar have some nice flavours, I would buy them in 10ml bottles quite happily.

GeekBar Disposable Pod System multi coloured

Dee Dee’s thoughts

Sweet Strawberry – This was a shock for me and not in a good way as it had a cooling sensation, this is not mentioned at all. The throat hit was hard which I am not used to. I did like the taste of strawberry but I too found it a little sickly after a while.

Peach Ice – I enjoyed this one, I do love a nice cold iced tea in the summer! I was pleasantly surprised by this one but again, as Si mentioned, the battery gave up before the juice, disappointed to say the least.

Banana – I was excited to try this as I have struggled to find a decent banana flavour. It was just like the little banana foam sweets I used to buy as a kid. This one lasted me all day with moderate use.

Menthol – I actually did not try this but did get some feedback from a work colleague. They said it was very harsh on the throat but they soon got used to it. It had a good menthol flavour, and she would use this on and off but not as her everyday device.

GeekBar Disposable Pod System boxed range

General thoughts

The draw on these are very good, definitely a decent MTL. They seem well made with a high quality construction.

They are a good starter option for a new vaper, depending on flavour preferences of course.

The light at the base is pointless and a waste of the limited battery life.

Waste is the biggest flaw, they are almost too good a quality to throw away after such a short usage. Simon stripped one down and the battery and electronics are pretty good (he managed to recycle the batteries).
These are super convenient as a spare, but due to the lottery on the battery life, you would need a spare as a back-up which is a shame. On average I would say you get around 350 puffs, not the 575 that is promoted. It would be helpful to know what battery life is left too.

I think they have work to do here. They do not all last consistently, and some of the flavours are off. I don’t think disposables are the best option and, as an experienced vaper, I personally would not buy these. I would, however, pick one up in an emergency if I was out and about.

RRP of £6.99 each is steep but seeing them at 3 for £10 makes them a good emergency option.

Thanks again for allowing us to review these honestly.

GeekBar Disposable Pod System with wrapper

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