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London Fox Boost, Chill and Lift

Created by London Fox of East London, with the help of top mixologist Chris Tanner from The Vault, Soho. London Fox aim to provide a fresh and modern take on a cigalike, with a range of different flavoured cigalikes that feature some very unique blended flavours, with an aim to not only capture people making the switch from smoking, but also to provide these for sale in upmarket cocktail bars, as an accompaniment to certain alcoholic drinks. For each London Fox cigalike flavour, there is a recommended alcoholic beverage to accompany it written alongside the flavour profile.

No expense has been spared with the production of London Fox, not only enlisting a highly revered mixologist to develop the flavours which are mixed from the finest quality ingredients available, but the best quality materials and battery components have also been sourced to produce these cigalikes, and London Fox encourage you to send used units back to them so that they can be recycled, meaning that they are sustainable as well. Each London Fox cigalike comes individually packaged in a stylish presentation tube, reminiscent of a cigar tube, and is of a small and discreet size.

London Fox cigalikes are available with a nicotine strength of 18mg, and are currently sold in individual units. I recently reviewed the first two flavours from London Fox, which were Silver and Refresh, and I was very impressed with London Fox’s reimagining of the humble cigalike. They have added three other flavours to the range, Boost, Chill and Lift, so let’s dive in and check these out...


With coffee oils and exotic spices to enliven the senses. Iced coffee, cardamom and wild raspberry. This late night favourite pairs brilliantly with single malt whisky or better still a good Old Fashioned with a twist of burnt lemon.

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Boost reminds me of a chilled iced coffee, that has a slight background hint of spice from the cardamom, that is finished off with a tasty raspberry twist. The addition of the raspberry is a strange one, contrasting with the coffee, but the two actually combine together really well. I found Boost to be an ideal morning vape, nice and light but still bursting with excellent complex flavour!




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Chill is the perfect way to unwind. Seductive and rich – this blend offers mellow forest oak which slowly gives way to a lingering cherry fruit finish. The inspiration here came from the ageing process of quality spirits where we steep and enrich the base flavours to add sweetness, depth and complexity. Enjoy with dark rums, big red wines or pair with a Rum Manhattan.

Thanks to the mellow forest oak tones, there’s an earthy depth to Chill, and the cherry flavour is very prominent on the aftertaste, lingering around on your tastebuds. Chill is a very easy going experience, and it’s one that can be enjoyed all day. As per the description, for an alcohol pairing, Chill goes down perfectly with a glass of red or a dark rum!


Captures the magic and mystery of the rare tobacco strain perique, that in its day was the finest and most expensive tobacco export from the deep south. Here Perique has been blended with black tea and bergamot to produce a beautifully balanced everyday smoke to add a little lift to your life. This works well with any bourbon and pairs brilliantly with an apricot brigadoon and a twist of burnt lemon.

I really enjoyed Silver, the other tobacco offering from the London Fox range, whereas Silver captured that authentic cigarette vibe in my opinion, Lift has a heavy Perique tone- Perique tobacco is more commonly used in pipe tobaccos. With the black tea and bergamot, there's a rich and full bodied vibe going on here, and personally I found it to pair perfectly with a strong spirit such as a scotch whisky, or even a pint of strong real ale- my own personal preference!


As I’d mentioned in my previous review of Silver and Refresh, I believe that London Fox have revolutionised the cigalike, and these three outstanding additions to the London Fox range have served to strengthen my belief in that statement. These three flavours are absolutely delicious, and not only make ideal pairings for alcoholic drinks, but also offer options outside of the traditional tobacco/menthol cigalike, which is rarely seen in the market.


You’d expect to get around 150 puffs from each London Fox cigalike, roughly equivalent to a pack of twenty cigarettes, with a draw that mimics very closely the draw from a cigarette, with a discreet level of vapour too. I do personally believe that London Fox offer the strongest range of cigalikes in the market to date, featuring a strong line up of flavours. With how good these flavours are, I’d definitely love to see a range of e-liquids from these guys!

Many thanks to David at London Fox for sending Silver and Refresh in for review, these are available from to purchase now! 

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 Dan Willis
Article by Dan Willis
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