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Vaporesso GTX Coil Selection and RBA

We get up close and personal with the Vaporesso GTX range of coils. With such a huge choice, there should be something for everyone!

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Vaporesso GTX Coil Range

Vaporesso GTX Coil Range

This is my first stock only coil review and there’s quite a selection to get through, all from the new Vaporesso GTX range which not only fit the PM80 and the PM80SE, some also fit the PM30 which seems pretty good but it got better as the higher resistance ones fit the all new GTX ONE kit or tank. More on compatibility later, but hopefully we will see more new releases that use these coils.

Here’s what Vaporesso have to say on their GTX range:
"By interacting between the flax cotton and the non-woven fabric, the optimal flavour of your e-juice will be released smoothly without a deviation; the antibacterial cotton consistently delivers fresh and pure flavour that lasts longer than ever."

The main thing you can take from that is the ‘Flax Cotton and the Woven Fabric’. I have no idea what mystical magic Vaporesso have summoned here but it seems to be the key ingredient that makes the GTX range so damn flavourful, no offence to Vaporesso but it makes previous coils look proper pants compared.

Vaporesso GTX Coil Range Dimensions

*Compatibility Caution*
The only confusing thing is that not ALL GTX coils fit all GTX pods/tanks. If you take a look at the compatibility chart below you will notice the main difference; the lip under the lower seal is slightly larger (a whopping 0.1mm) but the more obvious one is the top, the original coils are female fitting and the newer ones are male, so be sure to check which ones fit your vape prior to ordering.

Here’s a list of the coils I have tested along with the compatibility and suitability info:
(1.2Ω Mesh received later but included it in the roundup)

GTX 0.2Ω MESH - 45-60W (Best:55W)
Best suited for: DTL (Direct Lung)
Material: NiCr Mesh
Compatibily: Target PM80 and PM80 SE
Coil life: Excellent

This coil isn’t new to me as it came included with the PM80, this still is my favourite of the bunch for DTL (Direct Lung) and cloud production. The recommended range of 45W to 60W is pretty much on the money, using Smart Wattage on the PM80, it set it to 55 Watts which would be exactly what I would have selected had I done it manually. This coil delivers superb flavour and clouds that punch well above its weight.

GTX 0.3Ω MESH - 32-45W (Best:40W)
Best suited for: DTL (Direct Lung)
Material: NiCr Mesh
Compatibily: Target PM80 and PM80 SE
Coil Life: Excellent

This coil was also in the PM80 kit so again I knew this one well. It is more suited to a lower wattage DTL vape and a little cooler in its sweet spot. I personally prefer the 0.2Ω coils warmth but I do use this coil if I am out for some time and want my battery to last longer. Flavour is still excellent and clouds are pretty good too.

GTX 0.6Ω MESH - 20-30W (Best:28W)
Best suited for: Restricted DTL (Direct Lung)
Material: FeCrAl Mesh
Compatibily: Target PM30, PM80, PM80 SE and GTX ONE
Lifespan: Excellent

This was the first new coil to me and an ideal middle ground coil which works well in the PM80 if you add the bungs to restrict the airflow to a more restrictive Direct Lung draw. As it turned out, I preferred using this coil in the PM30. Flavour is outstanding with surprisingly big vapour production, this coils gives a nice warm vape at a low wattage and beats the 0.3Ω mesh for my personal tastes.

*This is also the first GTX coil that fits the GTX ONE

GTX 0.8Ω MESH - 12-20W (Best:18W)
Best suited for: Restricted DTL (Direct Lung) & Loose MTL (Mouth To Lung).
Material: NiCr Mesh
Compatibily: Target PM30, PM80, PM80 SE and GTX ONE
Coil Life: Very Good

Another all-rounder coil that fits all the above, though I preferred using it in the PM30 which does a nice restrictive DTL though the MTL is a bit too loose. I used Manabush 6mg freebase juice in this setup and it suited it perfectly, a nice throat hit, great flavour and surprisingly big vapour production. I have also tried this coil in the GTX ONE tank (review coming soon) and it’s even better in that as you can fine tune the airflow. Coil lifespan on this option didn’t quite last as long as the wider bore mesh coils above, to be fair it still lasted me a lot longer than most of my other MTL stock coils and pods.

GTX 1.2Ω REGULAR - 8-12W (Best:11W)
Best suited for: MTL (Mouth To Lung)
Material: NiCr Dual Round Wire
Compatibily: Target PM30, PM80, PM80 SE & GTX ONE
Coil Life: Excellent

This is my favourite for MTL, the flavour I get from this is superb. For a plain round wire, it delivers flavour like a mesh coil which must be down to Vaporesso’s new wicking material. This worked well enough in the PM30 but, as previously mentioned, the draw is a bit too loose for my liking, though the flavour still came through full on. It was possible to restrictive DL using this coil and probably the only one I would use on the PM30, perhaps the newer 1.2Ω mesh.

Since I started testing these coils, I have received the new GTX ONE MTL kit to review so I have tested this coil in the ONE 18 tank and it is fantastic and really squeezes the most from it.

GTX 1.2Ω MESH - 7-11W (Best:11W)
Best suited for: DTL (Direct Lung)
Material: NiCr Mesh
Compatibily: Target PM30, PM80, PM80 SE & GTX ONE
Coil Life: Very Good

Not included in the bundle but I received a couple of these new 1.2Ω mesh coils with the GTX ONE Kit, so thought I would offer up my thoughts on these also.

These coils give you that typical mesh instant hit, the flavour was spot on and very similar to the Regular option. The vapour production is a bit higher on the mesh and it suited chain vaping a little more. The thing is that the two 1.2Ω options are so close to each other that I couldn’t really distinguish between them. For me using sweetened Nic Salts, I did find the Regular option lasted a little longer than the Mesh. Though I would opt for the Regular wire GTX coil, I wouldn’t be bothered if I received the Mesh. If you prefer more vapour and a more instant hit then the Mesh would suit you more.

Best suited for: DTL (Direct Lung)
Material: Round Wire DIY or premade
Compatibily: Target PM80 and PM80 SE
Coil Life: Average

*Firstly my apologies for no build photographs – like a complete knob, I accidentally reformatted my card before uploading them!
(If you would like to see a build please pop into the forum and request)

Things change so fast, had you given me the choice of a stock coil versus a rebuildable a couple of months ago then I would have opted for the RBA. It’s a nice option to have but you simply cannot beat the GTX Mesh coils for flavour, vapour production and lifespan. Since the RBA only fits the PM80 and SE, which is more of a DTL device, the RBA option just doesn’t cut it for me. It feels such a step backwards compared to say the 0.2Ω Mesh. If it hadn’t been for the recent release of the GTX coils, I would have enjoyed the RBA far more.

I have plenty of RTAs for DIY coils, the strength of the PM80 and SE is the superb stock coils. I have tried a 0.3Ω and a 0.65Ω (included) coil in the RBA, it was a joy to coil and wick with a generous sized build deck compared to other pod RBAs I have tried but the end results leave you wanting.

Vaporesso GTX Coil Range RBA

Fortunately my lack of build photos shouldn’t be a problem as Vaporesso’s diagram shows the build nicely and shows the simplicity. The only thing I would add is the wick length, I cut my wicks around 5mm longer than the side of the deck, no need to thin the wick, fluff it out and place into the juice well (not too tight).

Vaporesso GTX Coil Range RBA contents

I was hoping Vaporesso included some of their ‘wondercotton’ with the RBA but it appears to be traditional cotton, good quality but nothing new. To be fair, the Flax Cotton appears to be suited to wrapping a coil rather than stuffed through due to its layers.

Vaporesso GTX Coil Full Range


With it being a coil review, I can only comment on them individually so I will skip the usual Pros and Cons part, along with the rating. I can only offer my experience with them.

Overall, the GTX coil range has a perfect cross section of options and choice. There’s sure to be one that suits you, whether you MTL or DL, there wasn’t one bad option in the bunch. Sure the RBA wasn’t a highlight but that’s more down to how damn good the stock coils were.

If you have read any of my recent Vaporesso reviews, you might have noticed a pattern...FLAVOUR! Vaporesso are really standing out at the moment, be it with pods, AIOs, pod mods or with the new GTX One tank, and this appears mostly down to their wicking development. They are on a roll at the moment, and I’m all too happy that they are now releasing new products including these superb GTX coils. I already loved the two that came with the PM80, but I am even more delighted with the MTL 1.2Ω for the GTX ONE tank.

As mentioned earlier, I have no idea how Vaporesso have come up with this magic trickery to squeeze even more flavour from stock coils, but it shows they have not sat back and rested on their laurels.

Be sure to check out the reviews for the PM80 & the GTX ONE Kit to make the most from this coil selection.

Vaporesso GTX Coil Range on a mod

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