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Vaporesso GTX ONE Kit

The Vaporesso GTX ONE is a user-friendly MTL kit equipping GTX coils that give fresh flavour-boosting and rich cloud delivery. We put it to the test in our review!

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Supplied by Vaporesso for review purposes
RRP = $45.90 (around £39.99)

Vaporesso’s description Fact Checked

"GTX ONE is a user-friendly MTL kit equipping GTX coils that give fresh flavour-boosting and rich cloud delivery. With an airflow control system of the GTX TANK 18, it keeps the whole vaping catering to your desired expectation. Furthermore, featuring Max 40W adjustable power supporting smart VW mode, the GTX ONE provides impressive vaping experience throughout. The 2000mAh built-in big battery comes with 2A Type-C USB allows longer endurance as well as easier recharging. Leading the many others on flavour exploring journey, the compact GTX ONE is the one that fits perfectly."

Without a spoiler alert I can honestly say Vaporesso’s description is completely honest and nothing I would dispute, obviously slightly embellished but that’s to be expected from an advertising pitch.

Some of the features:

  • GTX Coils
  • Adjustable Airflow & Power
  • Smart Variable Wattage
  • 2000mAh Inbuilt Battery
  • 2A USB Type-C Fast Charging
  • 0.69'' OLED Screen
  • Compact Ergonomic Design
  • Scratch-free Cover
  • 18mm Diameter GTX ONE Tank
  • 3ml (2ml TPD) Capacity

I will cover the above in more detail later.


The GTX ONE kit comes in the customary quality and simplistic style box, the back of the box lists the specs and the box contents along with the scratch and check authenticity label. I don’t think I have checked one of these for years but having received this kit from Vaporesso direct then I am pretty confident its genuine!

Vaporesso GTX ONE MTL Kit specs

There are no notches in the lid so it’s a shake the bejesus out of it to open affair. Once you’ve got it open, you are greeted with the top layer containing the mod/battery, 18mm tank (0.8Ω Mesh preinstalled), and a spare straight glass with a baggie of spare seals. Lifting the top compartment out, there is another section containing the additional coil which is the latest 1.2Ω Mesh coil. There is a very high quality USB-C cable included and the documentation in the form of a rather thick, multi-language instruction book is well detailed and illustrated.

Vaporesso GTX ONE MTL Kit and contents

Overall the contents and packaging is spot on, no surprises but everything you could and should expect with a kit and nothing omitted. Here’s the contents list:

  • 1 × GTX ONE mod
  • 1 × GTX TANK 18 (3ml Bubble Glass fitted)
  • 1 × GTX 0.8Ω MESH Coil (Pre-installed)
  • 1 × GTX 1.2Ω MESH Coil (In Box)
  • 4 × O-ring
  • 1 × Glass Tube(2ml)
  • 1 × Type-C USB Cable
  • 1 × User Manual
  • 1 × Warranty Card

*TPD – The only difference in the TPD version is the 3ml bubble glass won’t be included, instead you get a spare straight 2ml glass.

Vaporesso GTX ONE MTL Kit colours

First Impressions

I wasn’t expecting the GTX ONE kit at all and it was a mystery package in the post but I have to admit I was delighted to what was inside. Bear in mind I was left wanting when it came to a true MTL adjustable airflow option using the GTX coils, the PM30 uses the same coils but the airflow was simply too loose for me. The last decent adjustable airflow MTL offering from Vaporesso was the Orca Solo Plus which I enjoyed, but when the new GTX coils came out and I experienced the flavour from devices like the XTRA pod, then it soon fell out of favour.

On the face of it the GTX ONE kit was EXACTLY what I had been longing for, even the colour choice was to my personal preference. It’s not very often I get excited by a new kit, but I was impatient to get this kit photographed so I could get my grubby mitts on it to vape.

Vaporesso GTX ONE MTL Kit from all angles

While photographing, I had the chance to examine the kits components, a few things that grabbed my attention that I liked:

The mod seemed a little tall for a MTL (Mouth To Lung) offering, it’s noticeably taller than say the Target Mini 2 and about the same height as the Target PM30, but it’s lighter and far more comfortable in the hand. The textured coating felt really grippy and similar to the latest Gen and Swag mods.

The all new GTX ONE 18mm tank was an instant like with its looks and size. Though it came with the 3ml bubble glass already fitted, I popped the 2ml straight glass on. I think I prefer the straight glass but the bubble didn’t look too out of place either and at least you get the option (unless you get the TPD version). I REALLY like the 510 drip tip as it’s a proper narrow bore MTL mouthpiece and is comfortable. The dominant black silicone seals actually add to the styling with the matching black tip. The main thing I was interested in were the GTX coils in a tank - at last!

GTX Coils

I was already a fan of the new GTX coils for DTL (Direct Lung) in the PM80, the flavour and vapour from the subohm mesh coils are freakin' superb. Not only that, but they last really well. Having tested the MTL 1.2Ω regular and mesh in the PM30, I loved the flavour but the airflow was too loose for me so the GTX ONE tank should be a sure thing.

*Compatibility Caution*
The only confusing thing is that not ALL GTX coils fit the GTX ONE tank. If you take a look at the compatibility chart below, you will notice the main difference; the lip under the lower seal is slightly larger and the more obvious one is the top. The incompatible coils are female fitting and the newer compatible ones are male.

Now for pure MTL, this is not a problem at all as the only coils you will likely want to use are the four that are compatible, but it has to go down as a con as a newer vaper might get caught out when buying GTX coils.

Vaporesso GTX ONE MTL Kit coil compatibility

Operation and Performance

The moment I had been waiting for after getting the photos out of the way, I unscrewed the tank and fitted the 1.2Ω Mesh coil as that was the main one I was interested in. You can unscrew the base without taking the tank fully apart, the coil is Plug-n-Play press fit and very easy to swap. Priming the coil with a few drops of eliquid first is recommended, then screw the base back on.

Vaporesso GTX ONE MTL Kit tank

Filling wasn’t as convenient as I would have liked. This is done by unscrewing the top cap, on the plus side you have tons of room to fill it up without any airlocks but you do have to make sure you don’t overfill or spill any juice into the coil bore. Once filled, simply screw the top cap back on. It’s simple enough and easier than bottom filling old-school tanks, but it can be quite messy when out and about meaning you have to hold the damp top cap in your hand. I guess I am spoilt with latest generation slide to fill or even Vaporesso’s PTF filling.

Setting the airflow is done via the AFC ring at the base of the tank. I found just one hole exposed was a nice tight draw, better still partially close one hole for an even tighter draw.

Once filled and allowing it 10-15 minutes to prime the coil, then it’s good to go. Before you go hitting the fire button, select your desired wattage. By default, the wattage is set to 5 Watts, the 1.2Ω coil sweet spot was pretty much spot on to Vaporesso’s recommended wattage of 11 Watts, though my OCD had to change it to 11.1 Watts. That really is all you need to do, dial in the wattage and vape.

As a beginner or a technophobe, then that is really all you need to remember, but if you like options then the first (and only) option I enjoyed is the SMART VW, basically this detects the coil that’s fitted and sets the wattage automatically to the recommended power.

*NOTE* For this feature to work you will need to unscrew the tank and screw it back on again to detect the coil.

Vaporesso GTX ONE MTL Kit instructions

The menu and controls are very simple and appear to be aimed at newer users, there’s no fancy features such as temperature control (TC), bypass (BP) or even preheat settings which might put off advanced users, personally I didn’t find this a con once I considered that the GTX ONE kit is designed to be a simple and effective fire and forget mod and tank. Most users don’t use advanced features, and for MTL vaping few of the advanced features make much difference.

The small OLED screen is very basic with the bare minimum of details on screen, it is nice and bright and just about visible in daylight, overall no complaints here.

So anyway, back to the performance. Despite my already high expectations, it exceeded them and gave that rare WOW! factor. Finally I had found a pod beating MTL setup. It pretty much eliminated all my MTL stock coil tanks and AIOs (All in One) in one sweep.

I know too well that the shiny new toy novelty factor must be taken into account and I tried not to get too excited by it. The flavour from the 1.2Ω mesh coil is excellent. For anyone that has tried the OSMALL or XTRA then it is very much on par with those, vapour production is good and the airflow is very smooth. At the recommended wattage, the vape is nice and warm and keeps up well when chain vaping. Turning the wattage up to 15 watts was obviously too much as the vape got uncomfortable.

I absolutely hammered the first coil and never got a hint of a dry hit. Flavour lasted so long and, as I wanted to test the 0.8Ω mesh coil, I eventually swapped it over. I didn’t expect to enjoy the 0.8Ω mesh for MTL as when I tried this option of the XTRA pod it was more suited to DL (Direct Lung) vaping with a wider airflow, but I was to be proved wrong as it was a far more intense MTL vape, warm and it delivered such a good throat hit using 6mg freebase. Equally I got a really good DL hit when I opened up the airflow and the vapour production was impressive, turns out this coil is a great all-rounder.

Though it wasn’t included in the kit, I also tested the 1.2Ω regular coil as part of my GTX Coil review, I can’t quite put my finger on it but I think I prefer the regular over the mesh for a more traditional MTL vape. This was slightly surprising as I always considered mesh as king for flavour, but both 1.2Ω coils were equal though they offered a slightly different vape, one worth consideration when you are ordering new GTX coils.

Lifespan of the included coils is superb. I actually had to give up on them as it would have been too long to wait and get the review out. As it was, I’ve had over four weeks of regular to excessive use.

Vaporesso GTX ONE MTL Kit close up


Vaporesso are certainly on a roll in 2020. They were already churning out some great products (GEN, SWAG 2, PM80 etc.), but for me the main advancement has been with their coils and new wick making the majority of new products really stand out. Flavour and lifespan is what we have been crying out for, and Vaporesso appear to be listening.

Back onto the GTX ONE, this kit exceeded my wishes for a proper MTL stock coil tank and mod, adjustable airflow, simple, ergonomic, compact and light enough to be pocket friendly with full bodied flavour.

For me, I don’t think the GTX ONE mod or tank are game changing for features or design, don’t get me wrong I think they both look superb but I see them as re-inventing the wheel with superb refinements and getting it mostly right.

Bottom line is I genuinely love this kit and it’s a very welcome return to mod and tank setups for those that don’t like pods and AIOs. I actually enjoy decent pods, but you can’t beat a proper mod and tank, and I can’t think of any pod that beats the GTX ONE’s vape quality for MTL.

And if you don’t like the mod for any reason, I highly recommend the GTX ONE 18 Tank. I will most certainly be buying another as it looks great on some other mini mods or 18mm pens (it looks perfect on the Target Mini 2).

My overall rating will be as a simple stock coil MTL setup rather than a feature packed high end kit.


  • GTX ONE 18 tank is simply awesome
  • All round quality GTX coils
  • 3ml Capacity (with bubble glass)
  • Stylish and ergonomic mod
  • Simple operation
  • Smart VW (Variable Wattage)
  • USB-C charging


  • Tank top fill can be messy
  • GTX coil compatibility can cause confusion

The cons are quite minor, more like niggles as, with regular use, they are forgiven and forgotten.

Final thoughts

As a stock coil simple mod/tank setup for MTL, I really cannot think of a better one that I have come across. A reviewer's curse is usually review and put aside, even when it is excellent, as something better always comes along, but the GTX ONE kit is firmly going into my MTL rotation and has even made most of my favourite pods redundant. I will be truly shocked if a MTL fan does not like the vape from this kit.

Score: 9/10 – Love stock coil MTL? I think you will love this.
I’m going to do an unusual breakdown score as this was so close to a 9.5/10:

  • Looks: 9/10 (Subjective)
  • Features: 7.5/10
  • Battery life: 9/10
  • Value for money: 9/10
  • Flavour: 10/10
  • Quality: 9/10
  • Airflow: 9.5/10
  • Performance: 9/10

The limited features reduced it to a 9/10 but that may not bother you as most people wouldn’t use them if it had them.

Vaporesso GTX ONE MTL Kit with box

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