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Celtic Cotton by Room 511

Celtic Cotton is manufactured in Ireland and distributed by Room 511. It’s 100% Pure Organic Cotton sourced and produced in Ireland, featuring no seeds, no discolouration and little to no break in time. It’s also ready to use out of the packet, with nothing to peel off before you begin using it, and it’s touted as being very easy to work with, with the ability to just tear off your desired lengths of cotton rather than needing to cut it.

What is Celtic Cotton made from?

Celtic Cotton is 100% Pure Organic Cotton that is sourced from Ireland, and even looking at it you can see the purity of this cotton, with no seeds, blemishes or discolouration. It’s supplied in individual packets with five pads per pack, and Celtic Cotton has no synthetic sides and nothing to peel off before first usage.

Using Celtic Cotton

There is no need to boil Celtic Cotton before you begin using it, and as there is nothing to peel off before you begin using it, you can simply take it out the packet and crack on with it straight away. It’s very easy to simply tear off your desired strips of cotton and wick your atties up, in the main I’ve not even needed to use scissors to cut it down to size. Ideal when out and about and needing an emergency wick change! It can be rolled and manipulated easily in the palm of your hand as well.

Celtic Cotton comes in individual packets containing five thick pads per packet, which will be plenty to keep you going for a long time. I’m just coming to the end of my first pad and I’ve been wicking all of my latest atomisers with it regularly, such as the Griffin RTA, Goblin Mini V2 and the Snapdragon V1.5

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Flavour, Lifespan and Wicking Capabilities

Apart from maybe the merest hint of cotton in the background, which tends to disappear within the first couple of puffs, I’m not getting any residual cotton taste from Celtic Cotton which is fantastic. I get crisp clean flavour, with no harshness, and the flavour stays strong and clear, tank after tank, even when switching around different juices.

Lifespan has been excellent. Normally I wick my atty of choice daily before use, however to test out the lifespan I’ve left a wick in the Goblin Mini V2 for six days before it required changing, only on the sixth day did the flavour begin to get a little muted and the taste get a little funky. I’d been running the Goblin Mini V2 heavily at 45-70W, and changing juices on a regular basis, including running high VG and different flavour profiles through there. That’s very impressive and certainly lasts alot longer for me than traditional organic cotton and muji.

The wicking capability of Celtic Cotton is very impressive. It wicks juice almost instantly I’ve found, no matter the mix ratio, and I’ve only had a dry hit when I’ve vaped my tank/RDA dry! It also is ideal for RDA usage as it tends to soak up a whole load of juice and retain it, and you’ll find that you don’t need to drip juice as often as it can retain so much juice. Impressively, there is virtually no flavour bleed over when switching flavours too, you may get the previous flavour for a couple of puffs or so, but it then tends to disappear completely as your new flavour takes over. Really impressive stuff.


So it’s been a while since I reviewed any cotton, 8 months in fact, since my review on Cotton Bacon. There’s good reason, because aside from mesh that was all I had been using for wicking material. Not so now, as Celtic Cotton has impressed me with its performance, and is becoming a staple wicking material for me as it does everything I need it to do. The break in time with a fresh wick is frighteningly quick, and it’s incredibly easy to work with as well, not to mention the great lifespan you get from it.

If you are looking for a pure wicking material, that is easy to work with and wicks incredibly well, Celtic Cotton is well worth a look!  You can buy Celtic Cotton here on Custom Vape's website.


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