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Cotton Bacon  Introduction

OK, so I never thought I would review wicking material before, but I felt compelled to write about Cotton Bacon after the absolutely excellent experiences I have had with it. Not to mention it has bacon in the name and unfortunately no actual bacon is present in Cotton Bacon! I have rewicked a lot of my different rebuildables with this, been so impressed with the results, and it is just excellent stuff to use.

About Cotton Bacon

‘Cotton Bacon, its not just Cotton (or Bacon)! It’s the first Cotton Engineered by Vapers for Vapers. Cleanest Tasting Cotton for Enhanced Flavour. Simply Pinch, Tear, WICK N VAPE!

Cotton Bacon is the first wick designed by vapers for vapers.

Only safe, clean and traceable cotton for your vaping pleasure! Large fibres for low ohm builds, minimal dry hits, more capacity and only the cleanest flavour!’

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What is Cotton Bacon made from?

This is 100% medical grade cotton, even more absorbent than cosmetic grade cottons such as organic cotton and muji, it is pretty much as pure as you can get, and there is no cotton taste to this at all. Being medical grade cotton, it needs to be pure, and able to absorb heavy liquids quickly (such as blood), which means that you are going to get very fast wicking here, ideal if like me you use high VG liquid at high power, this is where the large cotton fibres present in Cotton Bacon are really going to help you out. You need a wicking material that isn’t going to let you down, and Cotton Bacon is as reliable as it gets.

It’s very clean, containing no pesticides, chemicals or natural oils. There is absolutely no need to boil it before using due to how sterile it is. On my first pack of Cotton Bacon I examined the cotton itself (I am a bit of a cotton snob) and it was completely free of blemishes, and very bright white in colour. Cotton Bacon is even packaged in a clean, sterile environment so that it remains completely free of any impurities.

Using Cotton Bacon

You don’t even need a pair of scissors to work with Cotton Bacon. There are no outer layers to peel off either unlike with Muji. I found it so easy to use and manipulate to my desired thickness and length just by hand, it can be torn off into strips easily. Rolling it is easily done in the palm of your hand or between your fingers. Really handy if you need to rewick on the move and you do not fancy carrying a pair of scissors around, not to mention the attention carrying a pair of scissors around in your pocket may bring you.

There are 10 pieces of Cotton Bacon here, which Wick ‘N’ Vape say will wick up to 80 builds, this should last for ages. I am not even close to being halfway through my first piece, let alone my first pack, and so far I have had the same wick in my Goblin for a week now, chucked some pretty heavy liquids though it, and the performance is still as outstanding as it was on day one. Looking at the wick it doesn’t even look all that tainted yet.


With Cotton Bacon there is no bedding in time, you just juice your wick and away you go, no hints of cotton for the first few puffs, just pure flavour from your e-liquid of choice. It wicks exceptionally fast and exceptionally well, holding a vast amount of liquid, perfect for RDA usage as you will find you do not need to re drip as often as you had to with other wick materials. For RTA usage, liquid is absorbed through the juice channels and into your wick extremely quickly, cutting down the opportunity for your wick to dry out and you to end up with a nasty dry hit, even with high VG juice. I haven’t actually experienced a dry hit from Cotton Bacon yet and I’m not one to give myself one on purpose either!

The Electronic Cigarette Company

For example, when rewicking my Lemo 2, I filled up my tank, let it stand for a minute and puffed away. Even with muji (my previous wicking material of choice) there would be some residual cotton taste on the first few toots, but not so here. Just fresh creamy custard with no added cotton! As a test, I then rewicked again once I finished my tank, but this time rather than allowing the juice a minute or so to bed in, I simply gave the Lemo 2 a quick flick up and down and took my first puff. And again, the same result, no cotton taste at all! Exceptional stuff.


Cotton Bacon is as good as it gets for me, out of any wicking material I have used (and believe me, I have used a LOT of different wicking materials in the past), I didn’t think it could possibly get better than Muji but Cotton Bacon has well and truly raised the bar with wicking standards! I now won’t wick my atties with anything else.

Shame it isn’t real bacon, I wouldn’t want to try frying it! Stealth Vape have this in stock here - Cotton Bacon.

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