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Posted 29th June 2018 by Dave Cross
There’s more bad financial news for IQOS as analysts say it won’t replace tobacco income. Milwaukee politicians are trying to help Philip Morris as best they can with a vape ban. A woman is happy to sue for cash because she misused a “vape pen”. This isn’t the benefit a think tank had in mind when demanding reforms to UK vape laws to benefit women. A Cornish vape shop owner quits the game and mines for gold.

Analysts say that Philip Morris’ lacklustre first-quarter earnings and flat-lining sales in the Far East bode ill for the future. Having had time to ponder on the ramifications, The Motley Fool believes IQOS “won't be able to offset the secular decline in traditional cigarette sales.”

The product has caused a lot of heated debate in the vaping community. British American Tobacco has admitted: “the growth of the Tobacco Heating Products category has slowed,” and this is despite Japan strictly regulating eliquid as a pharmaceutical product. Morris’ shares have continued to decline indicating that investors feel the same about the heated product having limited potential.

Milwaukee wants to support the tobacco industry by targeting vapers. A ban on vaping in public spaces is only a signature away, and will leave those doing it with a $100 fine.

Local news quotes an ignorant busybody stating: “I don't think it's overboard. If you go to a restaurant or a tavern, you want to relax, not have someone blow that steam at your face." The ban will be in place regardless of the high level debate taking place on TMJ’s cameras.

On one hand, a ban might at least save people like Melody DeBraux from themselves. Unable to heed warnings or follow simple instructions includes with devices, Melody’s “vape pen” went wrong while she was vaping. She is going to sue the shop she bought it from because, “a properly designed and manufactured vape pen should not explode in the user’s mouth.”

Maybe the next generation of chips could assess the user’s IQ before allowing the current to flow?

Melody aside, the Adam Smith think tank contends that women are being left behind by the vape revolution. By not switching from smoking to vaping, the institute believes they are left at high risk of tobacco-related diseases.

The institute’s Daniel Pryor thinks that post-Brexit reforms should include a relaxation of advertising restrictions, as well as the bans on vaping in places like train platforms and indoor public areas. He said: “It’s vital that we combat the widespread and worsening misperception that vaping is as harmful as smoking through sensible advertising reforms and public health guidance.”


Vaping really improved the life of Alex Stead. The ex-software developer opened a chain of vape stores from his base in the Southwest, but sold them two years ago and used the proceeds to take up gold exploration. Cornwall Live reports he hopes to mine £10,000’s-worth a week and will now feature on a new Discovery Channel show.

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