After the runaway success of the Recurve RDA, Wotofo are teaming up with Mike Vapes once again for the Wotofo Recurve Squonk Mod
02.08.2018 by Dan Willis
The Electronic Cigarette Company has been there from the start, and as one of the first e-cigarette companies in the country is celebrating its 10th Anniversary today!
06.06.2018 by Dave Junglist
There have been a few attempts at 'coil-less' atomisers over the past few years, but there haven't been any that could have been deemed as a success. Joyetech are now entering the fray with the Riftcore Duo..
30.05.2018 by Dan Willis
Almost two years ago now, Eleaf released arguably the most popular affordable squonking mod, which paved the way for many mass market squonkers we see today. Shortly we will see the release of the second version of this popular mod, called the Pico
29.05.2018 by Dan Willis
Another new product announcement for 2018 has been revealed by Eden Mods, and this time around they are launching an exciting looking new RDA!
18.05.2018 by Dan Willis
Wismec have enjoyed huge success with the release of the Luxotic BF Box, and due to the huge demand they have announced they will shortly launch three new colour finishes!
01.05.2018 by Dan Willis
Oumier have just revealed their latest squonking mod, and it's shaping up to be a real cracker!
30.04.2018 by Dan Willis
An exciting announcement was made today on the Vape Ware Mods Facebook group, with the VWM team revealing their first ever Billet Box Atomiser, designed in collaboration with Sturm!
30.04.2018 by Dan Willis
Australia based Haku Engineering scored a huge hit over the past year with the release of the Haku Cruiser and Phenom RDAs, and the next RDA from the Haku team is hitting the market imminently!
25.04.2018 by Dan Willis
Eden Mods Squonker
Eden Mods have announced their latest product, scheduled for release later in 2018, which has been confirmed as the first Squonker from the renowned UK based manufacturer...
08.02.2018 by Dan Willis