Sigelei announces 150 watt mod with temperature control

It seems not very much time has passed since Sigelei released their 150 watt box mod and with UK vendors only due to get stock of the 75 watt temperature control device towards the middle of this month, is this one mod too many?

Update: Do you have a faulty Cloupor Mini 30W ?

An update has been released from Cloupor to test whether you have one of the famously faulty batch.

SvoёMesto issue trademark warning

Yesterday SvoёMesto issued a stark warning on their site to those who trade in fakes. Has the battle of the clones begun or is this just a warning shot?

Cloupor Mini 30W Warning - Burnouts, Bangs and Bad Construction?

Some potentially dangerous issues have been raised regarding the new Cloupor Mini 30W