Politics & Campaigns

A purposefully mistranslated text has led to Sweden clamping down on tobacco harm reduction, according to NNA Sweden
17.12.2018 by Dave Cross
For its annual Stoptober campaign the NHS is leading with ecigs to stop smoking.
26.09.2017 by Dave Junglist
Ecig advertising regulations might allow retailers to continue to advertise their services but will ban almost all product marketing.
28.10.2016 by Dave Junglist
The vote on Lord Callanan’s motion to block the TPD is scheduled to happen this week. We need to put pressure on the right politicians as a matter of urgency otherwise we will be stuck with the TPD as it stands for the next ten years.
06.06.2016 by Dave Junglist
The next job for all vapers is to write to your MP.
23.05.2016 by Dave Junglist
Vaping still needs you to support every effort to help the politicians see sense regarding Article 20.
23.05.2016 by Dave Junglist
Following the savaging of the TPD last week, Lord Callanan has put down a motion which if passed will stop implementation of the TPD in the UK. This is a critical development that all vapers need to be aware of.
19.05.2016 by Dave Junglist
POTV has been passed a draft version of the legislation that will deal with electronic cigarette advertising in the UK as part of the TPD.
27.11.2015 by Dave Junglist
To what extent will BS effect how we are vaping in 2016?
23.08.2015 by Dave Cross
Demonstrations will be taking place across Europe on Friday 29th May, including two in London and Swansea.
18.05.2015 by Dave Cross