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Sources at Parliament have suggested that the government is to quietly end its commitment to strive for a smoke-free nation by 2030
12.01.2023 by Dave Cross
Question and answers about vaping and tobacco harm reduction from the House of Lords and the House of Commons
11.01.2023 by Dave Cross
Questions from MPs and answers the Government from the United Kingdom’s House of Commons
28.11.2022 by Dave Cross
Tobacco Control Plan voices grow louder, ban cigarettes plea, and further questions asked in Parliament
24.11.2022 by Dave Cross
Final changes made to the Department for Health & Social Care (for the moment), a new minister chairs the Commons health and social care committee, and a question answered
18.11.2022 by Dave Cross
All Party Group on Smoking and Health Chairman, Bob Blackman MP, calls on government to listen to tobacco retailers
10.11.2022 by Dave Cross
Tobacco harm reduction, vaping and appointment news from Parliament
08.11.2022 by Dave Cross
The House of Lords Library has published an impartial, authoritative document to Members of the House of Lords about teens and vaping to support them with their parliamentary work
01.11.2022 by Dave Cross
More discussion about the government’s approach to vaping and tobacco harm reduction from Westminster
27.10.2022 by Dave Cross
The Tobacco Control Plan process has limped along under successive Secretaries of State but has it finally been buried by a government locked in turmoil and controversy?
17.10.2022 by Dave Cross