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Scotland the Brave

Electronic cigarettes debated in Scottish committee by MPs and public health representatives.

Neurons and nicotine addiction

Further research into nicotine and addiction highlights neurons in the brain

Smarting McKee

Martin McKee passes comment on the recent VIP advert while forgetting the powerful words he wrote on denialism.

Vaping Brains

Scientists from Imperial College London have been using magnetic images of the brain to look at nicotine addiction.

Word of the Year 2014: Vape

The 2014 Word of the Year is - Vape

Ecig Advert Banned

New advertising guidelines leading to confusion over how vape should be portrayed.

India considers total vaping ban

India loses one million a year to smoking-related death, is vaping a welcome solution?

The Advert and a Cast of Thousands

VIP advertise on ITV, some wish the ECIG was kept on the QT

Smokers Attitudes Towards Vaping

Latest research from Liverpool regarding smokers attitudes to ecig use.

Ecigs Aid Quit Attempts

Hard science proves the efficacy of electronic cigarettes as smoking cessation devices