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Funding Research

Crowdfunding, Farsalinos, research and the formation of the E-Research Foundation

Ecig use cuts house fire fatalities

Recent press has been shouting out the dangers of electronic cigarettes and their risk as a fire hazard.

Adding your recipes to POTV

How to add your recipes into our new system

American Tales

Latest news from across the pond.

Vaping & Quitting

Doctor Michael Siegel returns to sensible commentary about public health issues.

The Beginning of the End?

USA market reaction to CDC reported trends predicting the end of vaping

All Change

Vaping now banned across all Transport for London vehicles and stations/depots

20 Top Vaping Quotes

Inspirational words from the vaping world's leading scientists

Thinking Of The Children

Studies on youth vaping from the States, Germany and Poland

Nicotine Addiction

Are we addicted to the nicotine or just the act of smoking?