Vaping News

Feelm’s parent company Shenzhen Smoore Technology Ltd. has obtained the AEO Advanced Certificate, a first in the Chinese electronic atomisation industry
06.01.2021 by Dave Cross
Northamptonshire juice company Riot Labs raises funds for a children’s charity and lift multiple awards at the end of the year
06.01.2021 by Dave Cross
A trio of anti-vaping curs have published a paper that claims vaping doesn’t work as a smoking cessation method
05.01.2021 by Dave Cross
President Trump, once hailed as the saviour of vaping, has signed the 2021 Omnibus Appropriations Bill which includes a ban on vape mail
05.01.2021 by Dave Cross
A survey by the World Vapers’ Alliance has found that ex-smokers say vaping worked to help them quit tobacco when other routes out didn’t
04.01.2021 by Dave Cross
Dr Konstantinos Farsalinos is taking the fight to journalists over the publication of two defamatory Bloomberg-funded articles
04.01.2021 by Dave Cross
With 2020 about to be boxed and placed into the back of the memory cupboard, Planet of the Vapes looks forwards to the coming 12 months that will be collectively known as 2021 and a new year
31.12.2020 by Dave Cross
The sharp of mind will have noticed there have been 3 parts of 2020 so far. Threesomes are great but not as spiffing as foursomes. Here’s the fourth and final part of the wonderful year
30.12.2020 by Dave Cross
Socially distanced from the summer months of 2020, we thought it would be a great idea to catchup and reminisce about the great weather
29.12.2020 by Dave Cross
Join us for Part 2 of our journey where we demonstrate that nothing could be more fun than selectively remembering bits of 2020
23.12.2020 by Dave Cross
Join us on the first part of our journey where we remember how absolutely brilliant 2020 has been
22.12.2020 by Dave Cross
Dr Nancy Rigotti tells the American Medical Association the absolute facts about vaping and its potential to help aid smoking cessation
21.12.2020 by Dave Cross
The European Special Committee on Beating Cancer met to discuss evidence
21.12.2020 by Dave Cross
The UK E-Cigarette Research Forum passes comment on another selection of vape-related studies
18.12.2020 by Dave Cross