Scotland will soon have it’s very own CBD and Vape show!

Posted 22nd November 2019 by Toby Kilroy
Top brands from the world of CBD and Vape will be exhibiting at the Scottish event campus in Glasgow on 19-20 June 2020.

Why CBD and Vape?

Dispelling the myths around e-cigarettes

There are around 10,000 smoking related deaths every year in Scotland. Smoking is also responsible for around 33,500 hospital admissions and has become a significant public health issue. E-cigarettes have been available for purchase for just over a decade in Scotland and have become increasingly popular. Based on current evidence by Public Health England, vaping e-cigarettes is definitely less harmful than smoking tobacco and carries less risk, therefore, it would be a good thing if smokers used e-cigarettes instead of tobacco cigarettes, only as a potential route towards stopping smoking.

CBD - a growing market

CBD is also soaring in popularity and can be bought in UK high street shops like Holland and Barrett. There are a lot of health benefits attributed to CBD most commonly relieving pain and anxiety. Market research commissioned by the Centre for Medicinal Cannabis (CMC) estimates that the CBD market is currently one of the fastest-growing wellbeing product categories in the UK. An estimated 300,000 people use CBD oil, and the industry could be worth almost £1 billion per annum by 2025.

Ask the experts

CBD and Vape Scotland have invited the top CBD, e-liquid and hardware manufacture’s to educate the public on the benefits of CBD and vaping. It’s Scotlands first CBD and Vape show so as like all CBD and Vape shows there will be giveaways, goodie bags and more.

 Toby Kilroy
Article by Toby Kilroy
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