Advanced Vaping Guides


All about the popular Kayfun Lite series of RBAs by blademansw


Learn how to rebuild the fantastic Kayfun Lite with this article from Blademansw
The first crack at coiling RDAs and sub-ohming by Panter

Mechanical Mods

The wonderful world of variable voltage/variable wattage vaping awaits you.
Blademansw's guide is intended to gently ease you into the very shiny world of mechanical mods...

Battery Guides

A basic introduction in order to develop and appreciation for electricity and to build safe coils.
Protect yourself and your equipment when dealing with batteries

Legal & Political

Approximation of the laws, regulations and administrative provisions of the Member States...
Almost all coming into vaping will be doing so as an alternative to smoking and you will want to...

Sub Ohming

Want to produce plumes of vapour but don't know your ohms from your RDAs? Raguri tells you how...