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Sentorian Steam Engine by Wotofo

The Steam Engine is practically identical to the Wotofo Serpent. This is a non-rebuildable version of the Serpent so it is no surprise really. A sister model to the Serpent designed for people who are not interested in rebuilding.

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Stentorian Steam Engine by Wotofo

If you have read the review of the Wotofo Serpent then you will notice a distinct similarity here because the Steam Engine is practically identical. To be fair this is a non-rebuildable version of the Serpent so it is no surprise really, likely it is intended as a sister model to the Serpent and is designed for people who are not interested in rebuilding.

The Sentorian Steam Engine features a massive 6ml capacity, juice flow adjustment, fully adjustable airflow and can be filled via the top or bottom. With an option of three different coil types the Sentorian is an attractive product at a very affordable price.

Sentorian Steam Engine features

  • 22mm Diameter
  • 6ml Tank Capacity
  • Dual Function Top Cap
  • Independent Juice Control Adjustment
  • Top Fill Capability
  • Traditional Bottom Fill Capability
  • Enormous Dual Adjustable Airflow Slots
  • 19mm by 3mm each air slot
  • Dual Insulated Drip Tip Minimizes Heat Transfer
  • Removable Outer Sleeve
  • Three Coil Types
  • 0.25 ohm Parallel Coil - 40 to 60W
  • 0.7 ohm Clapton Coil - 30 to 50W
  • 0.25 ohm Flat Coil - 40 to 70W
  • Coils use Japanese Organic Cotton wicking material
  • Gold Plated Contact
  • High Quality Stainless Steel and Glass Construction
  • Minimal and Clean Look

What’s in the box?

  • 1x Sentorian Steam Engine
  • 1x Stainless Steel Wide Bore Drip Tip
  • 1x 0.25ohm Parellel Coil Pre-fitted
  • 1x Spare 0.25ohm Flat Coil
  • 1x 0.7ohm Clapton Coil
  • Spare O-Rings

Sentorian Steam Engine styling and build quality

Everything I said about the Serpent’s build quality is true here and I feel that the Steam Engine is very well manufactured with no burring or defects. It feels highly durable and the parts fit together well with no apparent problems. The Sentorian is a little longer than the Serpent and has much larger airflow slots.

The styling is minimalistic and it makes for a very clean looking tank. Just like the Serpent it has large viewing windows so you can be certain how much juice you have left in it. This tank has a huge capacity and holds up to 6ml of juice so you certainly won’t be refilling that often but when you do it is very convenient due its excellent top filling design.

The package only includes a stainless steel drip tip but it is comfortable to use and is of a wide bore design. I had absolutely no problems fitting my other drip tips to this tank. The main tank section is machined as one piece just like the Serpent and while it is a slight con you can certainly live with it. The 510 pin is Gold plated and while it is non-adjustable I had no problems getting the Sentorian to sit flush with my mods.

The top of the Serpent features a juice flow adjustment ring and the top cap itself unscrews easily allowing you to conveniently fill up the tank with juice.

Ease of use

This tank is extremely easy to use. Coils can swapped out without any hassle by simply unscrewing the base of the tank. Filling as already mentioned is very straightforward due to the excellent top-filling design just take care not to adjust the juice flow when unscrewing the top cap.


The Sentorian features two wide slots for excellent. The airflow control has plenty of options due to its Cyclops design and you can either vape it fully open for direct lung inhales or close it down heavily for mouth to lung vaping.

The airflow adjustment is much better and smoother than it on the Serpent tank and I found it quite easy to adjust while the tank was fitted to my mods. As mentioned earlier the airflow slots are noticeably much larger than those on the Serpent.

How does it vape?

While the tank does include three different coils I must admit I only tried the 0.25ohm coil since this item will probably go into a competition and I didn’t want to use all of them.

I primed the coil and filled up the tank with Pure Evil Envy which is a mango and sweet rice flavour. I allowed five to ten minutes before vaping to allow the coil to fully saturate but the truth is I probably didn’t need to since the coil wicks incredibly well. I started vaping at 35W before quickly increasing to 45W and I have to admit the vape you get with the 0.25ohm coil is truly excellent!

Flavour was absolutely spot on with all of the ingredients in the juice being very distinct and noticeable.  50W with the 0.25ohm seemed to be the sweet spot for me and it was a highly delicious and warm vape with excellent cloud production!  Speaking of which the vapour this tank puts out was great and even with the airflow only slightly open it puts out some very dense clouds. If you fully open up the airflow it becomes quite a serious room fogger!

I have to say that if I was someone who was regularly buying pre-made coils and not making my own builds then I would be seriously tempted to the Sentorian because it really is a cracking vape! I think it is fair to say that given the vape quality of the one coil I tried the others should provide an equally enjoyable experience. In fact I have read very positive things about the included Clapton Coil.


If you buy pre-made coils then this tank is an excellent choice and will give you a great vape with plenty of cloud production. In my opinion Steam Engine a very accurate name for this product because the vapour it puts out is quite fabulous but the fact that it has such good flavour as well makes it doubly impressive!

I think for the money this is a quality product and the actual pricing is excellent and highly competitive. The only small cons are the fact that the main tank section and glass are machined as one piece which makes it a little awkward to clean and means that if you break it you will have to buy a new one.

However the good points about this tank greatly outweigh any minor gripes and I highly recommend it!

If buy any chance you prefer rebuildables then do try the Serpent which is the Sentorian’s sister model and it also offers a very good vape!

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