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Naja The Tank

What if we told you there was a tank that can actually do everything? We got to play with The Tank from Naja Vapes to see if can deliver the goods

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Naja Vapes themselves sent The Tank over to review.

I’ve never heard of Naja Vapes. They seem to be a company based in Southampton, offering both their own manufactured hardware along with some proper fancy looking vape juices (one of them in a couple of my photos). Their mission statement says that they are committed to providing high quality products at an affordable price. But are they high quality products? I’ve had a few weeks to find out as I wanted to make sure I tried all the options available on this product.

The Tank is a 22mm diameter stock coil tank that purports to be an all-rounder. There are seven different types of coils to try out, ranging from 0.2ohms to 1.5ohms. Some are mesh and some are just normal stainless steel wire coils. It has MTL and DTL airflow on the bottom ring so you can get the exact vape you like. One thing I really like is that you can close off the entirety of one type of airflow before the other one opens so it’s great for those who want to get that super tight MTL draw by closing off the final little airhole till it’s almost gone, or you can go for a super restricted RDL by closing off the larger airflow a lot more. I find there’s usually very little room to play with when a tank tries to have both, so this is a nice change. Filling is done by pushing the top cap to reveal some decent silicone surrounded filling holes, so bigger bottles will fit ok as well.

In the box you get:

  • 1 Naja The Tank
  • 1 Accessories bag
  • 1 Preinstalled coil (chose which one you want before adding to basket)

I was also sent a bubble glass, I'm ot sure if that’s as standard, but I can’t see an option to buy on their site. 

There is also the option to purchase a replacement glass as well as the option to buy another type of drip tip if the whistle style one included on the tank is not to your liking (the longer drip tip is also in some of my photos).

I’ve tried a few ‘all-rounder’ tanks in my time, and I always find there’s a slant towards one type of vaping at the cost of the other types.  Naja have tried their best to make this an actual all-round tank.  The Tank looks like a decent, well made, modern MTL tank but, to me, the inclusion of the 0.2ohm coil and the generous DTL airflow shows that they really have thought about DTL vaping as well and have designed around that. There’s only one very small issue I have with that though, it’s not quite DTL enough for me with the 0.2ohm mesh coil having an upper limit of 35W, but then if I wanted full-on DTL, then I’d use a dedicated DTL tank with big coils. If they’d gone the other way and tried to add an MTL option on a DTL designed tank, it’d be a pretty crap tank. 

The tank is more aimed towards those who like MTL and RDL but want to cloud it up a bit as well.  From a design viewpoint, it would have been impossible to make a tank that covers all parts of the spectrum so I can appreciate what has been done here. And it’s been done very well. I’m not knocking this DTL option either mind you, the 0.2ohm coil gives a very good amount of vapour as mesh coils tend to run cooler and at lower watts than traditional coils, so the 35W limit belies the actual output of vapour and flavour you can get from it. In fact, I’ve been running it at the full 35W limit for the past five days as my main tank, and I've been absolutely hammering it. It’s still keeping up and the flavour hasn’t dropped yet for me, so that shows the quality Naja talk about on their website.

Before that, I had a blast of the 0.8ohm and the 0.1ohm mesh coils. The 0.8ohm is great for RDL vaping, and the fully open MTL airflow works just as well as the dedicated DTL one for them. The 1.0ohm was also very good for both styles, which surprised me. I had some 70/30 ratio liquid in the tank while testing these, and both coils kept up well with wicking, so you don’t have to MTL all the time.  

I then moved onto the 1.5ohm and 1.2ohm coils, and they gave some great flavour through MTL with a surprising amount of vapour for the ratings. A bit of chain vaping on 50/50 liquid did nothing to suggest that they would burn out easily either, and for the MTL test, I was using some pretty sweet juice in the tank.

Onto the coils and their ratings. They look as if they’re well-made, and are push fit so they’re easy to install. I’ll go through each one and give my opinion. You don’t have to listen to it, but I’ll do it anyway! The info in the first sentence is what Naja say, and the second sentence is my own opinion.

1.5ohm SSMouth to lung, tight draw, 10-16W.  I found this one a little insipid under 14W. It gives a good draw though, and good flavour, just not to my own preference.

1.2ohm SSMouth to lung, tight draw but more vapour, 12-18W. It does indeed give more vapour than the 1.5ohm. A great MTL coil and good flavour.

1.0ohm meshMouth to lung, 10-12W. The best MTL of the bunch for me with a great amount of vapour combined with cracking flavour. You can even RDL a bit with it.

0.8ohm meshLoose mouth to lung or restricted lung hit, 14-22W. Superb on about 18W for me. I could do a nice loose MTL and a decent RDL. The vapour was good, and the flavour strong as well.  I used the MTL airflow fully open for this one.

0.5ohm SSNormal sub-ohm, 16-25W. I loved this at about 22W. It gives a decent amount of vapour and good flavour. DTL airflow about half closed is perfect for me.

0.4ohm meshLoose mouth to lung, bigger hit, 17-25W. I didn’t get one of these so can’t comment really.

0.2ohm meshLow resistance, cloudy sub ohm, 25-35W. It is a cloudy sub-ohm indeed.  I’ve already mentioned this one, and it is very good with very respectable longevity. Again, I’ll say that it’s not dedicated DTL, but within the constraints of the tank design, it’s pretty damn good and performs very well.

The only thing I really have to say that’s not so glowing about the Naja Tank is that the coils are quite expensive. You have to buy them individually, and at £3.49 a pop, they’re not that wallet friendly. I have tried to kill the 0.2ohm one though, and it’s holding strong at five days, but if I’m having to pay almost £18 for five,  I want it to last at least a couple of weeks. I’ve not had the chance to murder a coil yet as I’ve been trying the six I was sent, so time will tell, but so far, things are looking good for the coil life.

Final Thoughts

In my experience, Naja vapes have delivered on their claims of quality. The Tank is a very versatile option for anyone who enjoys both MTL, DTL, and all that is in-between. The coils look to have been very well made, and the design of the tank itself has been well thought out. If you’re looking for an RDL tank, then this will tick the boxes for you as well as being a great MTL tank to boot. Also, while not exactly a dedicated DTL tank, the coil option for that is really good and provides good vapour production and great flavour as well. A proper all-rounder, and perhaps the first one I’ve tried that actually lives up to the hype.

Thanks to Naja Vapes for sending The Tank over for review. You can buy it for £34.95 on their website.

  • Truly an all-round stock coil tank
  • Coils look well-made and seem to last well
  • Options for all styles of vaping
  • Coils are a bit pricey
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