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Project Sub Ohm Saucecode

Project Sub Ohm are a renowned US design house, responsible for the superb Silverplay rebuildable tank atomiser, their own versions of the Mutation X series as well as the excellent Project Sub Ohm Infinite Mini CLT V3 to name but a few. 

The Project Sub Ohm Saucecode BXDC Sub Ohm Tank to give it its full name is their first attempt at entering the Sub Ohm Clearomiser market, designed in the USA and produced in China, the Saucecode is a top filling Sub Ohm Clearomiser featuring revolutionary BXDC Coils with a crossed dual coil design to maximize airflow and flavour production, with two wicking materials used- Density N2, a cellulose wick, manufactured by Fiber Freaks and Japanese Organic Cotton in direct coil contact. There's a dual action adjustable chimney to adjust juice flow to the coils, a leak resistant design, 4.5ml capacity, quad airflow, an RBA deck included in the box and cross compatibility with Aspire Atlantis V1 and V2 coils, Aspire Triton Coils, Eleaf Melo coils, Freemax Starre coils as well as Sense Herakles coils. That's a really impressive specs list!

Project Sub Ohm are renowned across the pond for their top quality releases, does the Saucecode stand up to their exacting standards?


  • 304 Grade Stainless Steel construction
  • 22mm Diameter Glass with 304 Grade Stainless Steel Reinforced Framing
  • 4.5ml Tank Capacity
  • PEEK Insulator
  • Copper 510 Connection for Maximum Conductivity
  • Removeable 304 Stainless Steel Shorty Widebore Drip Tip
  • Leak resistant top filling system
  • Dual Action Adjustable Chimney (DAAC) juice flow control system
  • BXDC Sub-Ohm Coil Crossed Dual Coil Structure with two wicking materials- Japanese Cotton and French Fiber Freaks
  • Cross Compatibility with Aspire Atlantis, Aspire Triton, Sense Herakles and Eleaf MELO Coil Heads
  • Quad 4mm Diameter Base Airflow Intake for maximum airflow delivery
  • RBA Coil Head included
  • Cross Compatibility with Aspire Atlantis and Eleaf MELO Bases
  • Adjustable Quad Airflow Measuring 6mm x 3mm Each
  • 6mm Full barrel diameter for maximum flavour and airflow


What's in the box?

  • 1x Project Sub-Ohm Saucecode BXDC Sub-Ohm Tank
  • 1x Preinstalled 0.3 ohm Saucecode BXDC Head
  • 1x Rebuildable Head (RBA), and 0.5 ohm preinstalled build
  • 1x Additional Spare Glass Section
  • 1x Pair Black O-Rings
  • 1x Pair Red O-Rings
  • 1x Instruction Manual

Looks & Capacity

Constructed of 304 grade stainless steel, the Saucecode sports a stainless steel cage design with a Pyrex glass outer. You can also customize the looks of the Saucecode with the included different coloured O-Rings supplied in the retail box. With the shorty drip tip, Saucecode text on the cage itself and Project Sub Ohm engraving I love how this beauty looks! The tank can be stripped down to clean, which is handy as you do tend to get juice trapped in between the glass tank section and stainless steel cage. There's also a replacement tank section included in the box in case you manage to break the original one.

It's 22mm width so is a nice flush fit for your mod in most cases. It sports a fixed 510 copper connector pin for maximum conductivity, I particularly liked how the Saucecode looked on the IPV D2 or the Aspire Pegasus, both units making for a really nice pairing with this tank!

Capacity is a generous 4.5ml and thankfully the Saucecode doesn't seem to be as thirsty as other Sub Ohm tanks out there. Refilling is done through the top, simply unscrew the top cap to expose the large fill ports, and fill from there using any type of refilling method. Just make sure that top cap is screwed all the way in when you replace it!

Coil swapping is a fuss and leak free experience, as the chimney design holds your juice in the tank section whilst you swap a coil over. The threading in the base of the deck is smooth as anything so you can whip an old coil out and screw a new one in within seconds.

Now the instruction manual doesn't give too much away regarding the juice flow control, in fact it doesn't tell you anything regarding it! Essentially, the juice flow control closes down the chimney to prevent leaks when you unscrew the top cap to fill the Saucecode, however once you have finished filling the Saucecode it is imperative that you ensure that the top cap is screwed back on until it doesn't rotate any more, as this will ensure the juice flow holes in the coil heads are fully exposed to maximize wicking. When they are fully exposed, both the BXDC coil head and RBA head have no issues wicking max VG juice. If you don't ensure you have screwed the top cap back on as far as it will go, you'll get horrendous dry hits even with 50/50 juice as the coil will be enclosed by the chimney and thus unable to wick your juice!


Airflow is controlled by a smooth airflow control ring around the base of the tank, with four 6mm x 3mm airflow slots located around the airflow ring. Even though this tank is more of a flavour rather than cloud centric one, with airflow wide open you can get some really dense cloud production! My personal preference is to leave the airflow slots half open, as this for me gets the best results for flavour.

0.3 Ohm BXDC Coil Performance

Rated for 10-40w by the manufacturer, and with a resistance of 0.3ohm, the Project Sub Ohm BXDC coil sports one of the most unique coil head designs you are likely to ever come across. 

Essentially, the BXDC coils sport a crossed dual coil design with two types of wicking material- Fiber Freaks, with its known fast wicking ability, around the exterior of the coil placement to maximize wicking, and Japanese Organic Cotton in contact with the coil to maximize flavour. This coil design makes for a coil that can wick high VG with ease and provide top notch flavour results at the same time.


Project Sub Ohm recommend that the best results when using this coil can be found at 36w, and I would wholeheartedly agree with them. At 36w the flavour from the BXDC coils is up there with the best pre built coils around, and though this is designed as a flavour tank it can really throw out some serious clouds! 

RBA Coil Performance

Rebuilders rejoice as you have an RBA coil included within the package. It's designed in the same vein as the new Kanger Subtank Mini RBA, with two posts inside for single coil builds and juice flow holes on the outside of the chimney sleeve, the chimney sleeve design matches the coils found on the Aspire Atlantis- same height and looks! 

Included within is a prebuilt 0.5ohm coil with 7 wraps, I would recommend checking this over first off before wicking and using it as I found the coil was touching one of the posts slightly, which would have shorted it. I adjusted this by loosening the post screws, delicately moving the coil to a central position with a mini screwdriver, then re tightening the screws. I rechecked the resistance on my ohms checker and found it to be reading the coil at a stable 0.49ohm, so the coil was good to use.

I wicked the RBA coil up with my preferred wicking material of Cotton Bacon, which is a pretty simple process. Simply thread the cotton through the coil, cut it off at the edge of the coil head, slot the chimney sleeve back on and double check that the wick is covering both juice flow holes on the outside. I primed the coil with Craft Vapery's delicious Cornbread, by putting a few drops of juice onto the coil itself, filled my tank up and let it stand for 10 minutes. Starting off at 30w the flavour was excellent, very crisp and clean and the honey notes from this juice shining through delightfully, and as a bonus some nice clouds produced. I found my own sweet spot at 35w, where the flavour was truly something else, the clouds weren't quite as dense as they are on the BXDC coil but the RBA coil certainly wins hands down on flavour at 35w!


Rebuilding the RBA coil is pretty simple and painless, and for those new to rebuilding the RBA coil included with the Saucecode will give you an insight into rebuilding your own coils, and help you get to grips with it.


If your hunting for a sub ohm tank that isn't all about chucking competition level clouds, but instead provides a truly outstanding flavourful vape, then look no further than the Project Sub Ohm Saucecode. Both coil options give really outstanding flavour results, and with the quad adjustable airflow the Saucecode can still kick out the clouds too! 

It is one of the top clearomisers for flavour on the market to date, can not only handle the dedicated Saucecode coils but is interchangeable with other brand coils too, offers a hassle free and leak free top fill design and as a bonus you can also switch out the coils with a full tank of juice without the worry of losing a tankful in the process! Flavour chasers this is the sub ohm tank you have been looking for.

The Project Sub Ohm Saucecode is available in the UK through, where you can get 10% off anything on site using POTV as a discount code!

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