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Innokin Scion Sub Ohm Tank

The Scion Tank by Innokin is their latest Sub Ohm tank offering a 3.5ml capacity, a top filling design and fully adjustable airflow. The tank can be either purchased on its own or be found bundled with a variety of Innokin devices.

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Innokin Scion Sub Ohm Tank

The Scion Tank by Innokin is their latest Sub Ohm tank offering a 3.5ml capacity, a top filling design and fully adjustable airflow. The tank can be either purchased on its own or be found bundled with a variety of Innokin devices. You may also be able to find a bulb shaped glass tank which increases the juice capacity to 6ml...

Depending on whether you get this tank as a standalone purchase or as part of a kit the included coils do vary to some extent. Typically you either get the 0.5ohm coils or the 0.28ohm coils, the latter can be fired up to 200W. So let’s get on with things and see if the Scion is worthy of your consideration.

Innokin Scion Tank features

  • Stainless Steel and Glass Construction.
  • 24mm Diameter.
  • Capacity: 3.5ml Standard Tank. (6ml Bulb Version comes with kits).
  • Dual Fully Adjustable Airflow.
  • Integrated Delrin Drip Tip and Top-fill Cap.
  • Top-Filling Design.
  • Available in Black, Silver, White, Iridescent.

What’s in the box?

  • 1x Innokin Scion Tank.
  • 1x 0.5ohm Coil.
  • 1x 0.28ohm Coil.
  • 1x Spare Drip/Top Cap.
  • Spare O-rings.
  • Replacement Glass Tube. (3.5ml only for tank version).
  • Instruction Leaflet.

Innokin Scion Tank styling and build quality

The general production quality of the Scion Tank is very good. It is 24mm in diameter constructed from Stainless Steel and Glass and looks suitably stylish in its standard configuration holding 3ml of E-Liquid. With its sloped wide bore Delrin drip tip kind of reminds me of an Apollo rocket module.

Now like a lot of products the tank contents vary depending on which version you buy. The non EU Cool Fire Ultra TC150 Kit which I recently reviewed includes a Scion Tank with a spare large capacity bulb tank, but the standard Scion Tank (covered here) if purchased on its own only includes a 3.5ml tank and a replacement glass tube. Thankfully I had the chance to look at both versions. The kit version had a black painted finish which certainly looked neat but the separate tank version I received had an awesome iridescent heat treated style finish which looked especially eye-catching.

If you have managed to get the version with the larger bulb tank keep in mind it does look a bit weird when fitted and makes the tank look like a cross between a goldfish bowl and a beer keg. Despite that its advantage is the massive 6ml of juice it holds. I found I kind of liked it for its uniqueness but since the glass does billow out you do need to take extra care not to accidentally smash it.

The included Delrin drip tip is completely integrated into the top cap and there is no 510 adapter included so you are completely stuck with it. On the plus side of things the sloped design feels really comfortable on the lips and it does a very good job of minimising the heat at high Wattage.

As you might notice the coils are absolutely massive featuring dual parallel coils and they do take up a large amount of space in the tank. One disappointment was that I found that you do need to completely drain the Scion before changing the coil. If I had one major criticism of this tank it is that the O-rings while suitable sturdy have a nasty habit of coming away from the top cap and glass when stripping the tank down for cleaning but apart from that I can’t really fault it.


The Scion features two large Cyclops style airflow slots. In some ways it doesn’t initially look like a lot of airflow but once you factor in the wide bore drip tip believe me there is more than enough. The airflow adjustment works well but it can be a little tricky to adjust when the tank is fitted to certain mods.

At its most open the Scion caters to a direct lung inhale becoming more restrictive as you close down the airflow. While you can sort of vape it as a loose mouth to lung if you almost close down the airflow entirely the required Wattage to get good flavour makes it far too hot a vape so it isn’t advised.

Ease of use

You have to be quite careful when stripping this tank down for cleaning or coil installation since the O-rings can sometimes come away. I still have one small O-ring lying around from the last time I stripped this tank that to this day I have no idea where it fits, thankfully I’ve had no leaking issues. Sadly I’ve found no satisfactory way of fitting a new coil while the tank still has juice in it so it is always best to drain it first if you don’t want to create a sticky mess.

The top filling system is straightforward enough to use but do make sure you are unscrewing the drip tip and not the top part of the tank or the glass will more than likely fall out. In my opinion the drip tip is a little awkward to unscrew and could benefit from some knurling.

Make sure to thoroughly prime the coils because they do take quite some time to fully saturate and for your first few vapes use a much lower Wattage. Also do make sure to fit the bulb tank correctly if you plan to use it. If the glass moves at all when you’ve screwed on the base and the top cap then you’ve fitted it the wrong way.

How does it vape?

I found the vape varies heavily with this tank depending on which coil you use so I have reviewed both coil types separately. Coils can tend to vary depending on whether you buy the tank separately or as part of Mod kit but in each case two coils are included.

0.5ohm Coil: Rated For 70-100W

I received two Scion Tank’s for review one of which was the tank only and the second was included with the Coolfire Ultra TC150 Kit and came pre-fitted with the 0.5ohm coil. I firstly took the tank apart and primed the coil. I was really keen to use the large glass bulb tank (kit version only) so I swapped the standard glass tube out and filled up the tank with 6ml of Flavour Boss Mother’s Milk.

I started vaping at 30W and immediately got a nasty burnt taste which was a little strange since I had primed the coil sufficiently and left the tank alone for 15-20 minutes after filling. I gave it another five minutes and set the Wattage to a very modest 20W and steadily increased it. Every time I started to get a slightly off taste I just dialled the wattage back down. It struck me that this very large coil head needed some serious break in time so I didn’t want to push things in case I burnt it out.

Eventually the coil started to work well but I can’t say it especially impressed me. Flavour was rather weak even when the airflow was dialled down. 45-55W was a very cool vape with this particular coil so I ramped up the Wattage to 80 Watts which offered a slightly warmer vape with marginally improved flavour. Finally I pushed the coil into the 90-100W region but that just led to a burnt taste. With some frustration I decided 80 Watts wasn’t offering enough flavour for my liking and a huge drain on the battery for no real reward so I dialled things down to 45W and continued to experience things as a cooler vape. On the positive side the tank did put out some excellent cloud production and I really enjoyed the fact it held 6ml of juice. Sadly the coil’s longevity left a lot to be desired and it started tasting nasty and metallic after about 5-6 refills.

0.28ohm Coil: Rated For 100-200W

The difference between this coil and the 0.5ohm one was literally night and day. This time I made use of some Sweet Spot Blueberry Cheesecake E-Liquid. I once again I primed the coil thoroughly and left the tank alone for fifteen minutes after filling. I started vaping at 40W which was once again a very cool vape but thankfully there was no burnt taste with this coil. I then quickly increased the Wattage to 85W which resulted in a pleasant and flavoursome vape with a nice amount of heat. I considered there was still room for improvement and in the end settled on 120 Watts. At this Wattage the flavour was delicious being very saturated, there was plenty of heat and the cloud production was superb. I did push the coil to see just how much Wattage it could cope with and went up to the Therion’s maximum 167 Watts. I found once I went past 150W I started to notice I was on the edge of a dry hit and 167 while still vapeable would suffer from some serious dry hits. In my opinion while the coil could certainly be fired at 200W I seriously doubt it would offer a satisfying vape.

Realistically most people won’t be pushing the coils so high, not when 85W is a satisfying vape and 120W is a very rich and hot vape.

General thoughts

Given the massive difference between the coil types I really don’t feel you’re getting the best this tank has to offer with the rather poor performance of the 0.5ohm coil so in my opinion if this is something that interests you, make sure to stick with the 0.28ohm coils.

Given that you do need to vape this tank at high wattage to get the best from it and as such the capacity does drain quite quickly but providing you purchased the version with the 6ml glass bulb you won’t be refilling as often.


Even though I really do tend to love Innokin products the Scion Tank strikes me as something of a mixed bag. It certainly has potential and does excel when using the 0.28ohm coils but the 0.5ohm coils offer a very poor vape which I found disappointing.

I certainly do love the unique looking and optional 6ml capacity tank if you can get hold of it which is always awesome to see in this post TPD world. The standard 3.5ml capacity version is just as decent but bear in mind you do get through the juice faster. The top filling works well enough but I do feel it needs some knurling on the drip tip/top cap and the O-rings do have a tendency to come away when breaking the tank down for cleaning so you do need to take extra care that they don’t end up down the plug hole.

All in all if you require a tank that offers a large capacity, delicious flavour and immense cloud production at high Wattage then this is well worth checking out, just make sure you use 0.28ohm coils in it!

Many thanks to Innokin who kindly sent this product to Planet of the Vapes for us to review.

For your chance to win the Scion Tank along with a pack of coils please see our competition.

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