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Freemax Scylla

The Scylla is a brand new tank from Freemax Tech Co Ltd, featuring brand new FGCC (Food Grade Ceramic Coil) technology that promises to provide a cleaner vape, longer coil lifespan and the ability to be used at a wide wattage range, with Freemax themselves quoting that these coils can be used at 20 to 160W! Freemax have got previous excellent form, with the release of the outstanding Freemax Starre and most recently, the Freemax Starre Pro.

The Freemax Scylla not only boasts the new FGCC ceramic coils but also a new and improved top filling system, 4ml capacity, delrin insulated drip tip and the trademark huge Freemax airflow that has been a cloud chasers delight. For the first time, an RBA section is included with the Freemax Scylla too, with a unique design that allows for double stacked coils in either a horizontal or vertical configuration. On paper, this looks to be a really superb tank.

I am a big fan of both the Freemax Starre and the Freemax Starre Pro, and I’ve really been looking forward to the release of the Scylla. Let’s see what the Scylla has to offer!


  • 22mm Diameter
  • 0.3 ohm Food Grade Ceramic Coil (FGCC) included, for use at 20W-160W
  • Additional coil options include 0.5 ohm Clapton Coil, 0.15 ohm Ni200 Nickel Coil as well as the ability to use existing Freemax, Aspire and Sense Herakles coils
  • Dual adjustable airflow with 8 options, measuring 12mm by 3mm each airflow slot
  • Redesigned O-ring and plug sealed top fill system, twist and remove with locking rail to hold in place
  • 4ml Tank Capacity
  • Innovative RTA Build Deck featuring dual stacked posts for dual coil builds
  • Anti leak and anti spit back design
  • High quality stainless steel and high grade glass construction
  • Stealth delrin drip tip
  • 510 threading

What’s in the Box?

It’s good to see that Freemax have upgraded their packaging, doing away with the plastic clamshell box found with the Starre and Starre Pro, and including a stylish black presentation box for the release of the Scylla. Inside there is:

  • Freemax Scylla tank with pre-installed 0.3ohm FGCC
  • RBA coil
  • Additional screws and screwdriver for the RBA coil
  • Spare O-Ring seals for the Scylla tank
  • Replacement glass tank section

Freemax Scylla Looks and Capacity

The Scylla is constructed of 316 Grade Stainless Steel unlike the originl Starre and the Pro and you can definitely see the difference in the material!  The Scylla also has a reinforced Pyrex Glass tank section that helps guard against accidental breakages. Of course, if you do manage to break the glass tank section, a spare is included in the box. The Scylla does still have 510 threading with a non adjustable contact pin and a 22mm width in order to fit flush with your mod. The trademark cyclops airflow slots are present and correct here, with one of the best airflow control systems available!

At the top of the tank you have a wide bore drip tip that has a delrin inner and stainless steel outer, the delrin inside serves to help keep your drip tip cool when running the Freemax Scylla at high power, as it’s designed to have some serious power put through it! The drip tip adjustable airflow present on the Freemax Starre Pro has been done away with, however performance definitely does not suffer as a result of this loss. You can of course swap out the drip tip for a different one of your choosing if you so wish. The top filling system has been redesigned and now sports a simple twist and remove system. The original Freemax Starre Pro frustrated some users as you needed to set the switch to ON to refill and OFF when you were done, and it would dump out a whole tank of juice if you had forgotten to switch it off. This time around, you simply give the top cap a little twist, it comes away very smoothly to reveal the generously sized fill ports, and you replace it and twist again once done. It’s a far smoother and forgiving system and I’m pleased to report that I have only very rarely experienced a small amount of leakage from the tank after filling.


Capacity remains at 4ml, as it was with the Freemax Starre Pro, and it's still a very thirsty tank. It is designed to have some serious power put through it so your juice consumption will increase drastically in line with that!

Looks wise, it’s superb, I’ve always been a fan of the way Freemax tanks look and I’m happy to report that the Scylla is just as easy on the eye.

Freemax Scylla Airflow

With all Freemax tanks, you can be guaranteed there will be sensational airflow! The Scylla is no different and sports the two trademark cavernous cyclops airflow slots on either side of the tank, controlled by one of the smoothest airflow control rings in the business. There are 8 different airflow settings, and each setting clicks into place with an audible and satisfying click, and holds firm too, you definitely don’t have to worry about the airflow setting changing whilst you carry the tank around in your pocket.

Cloud chasers, the Freemax Scylla is the tank for you, with absolutely huge airflow that dwarfs pretty much anything else out there at present. The clouds produced by this tank are just ridiculously big and put pretty much most other cloud chasing tanks to shame! You’ll be fogging a room out in no time at all with rolling clouds of thick, tasty and dense vapour.


Freemax Scylla Performance

Freemax definitely know how to provide tanks and coils that perform superbly well. The Freemax Scylla sports the new Food Grade Ceramic Coil from Freemax that has a resistance of 0.3ohm and promises to provide cleaner flavour and a longer coil lifespan. I was extremely impressed with just how clean tasting and flavourful this coil was, even at high wattage. The coil can be run up to an incredible 160W and I've got to say that even after taking it up to a true 160W with the Efusion DNA200 the flavour is certainly much cleaner and flavoursome than other high wattage tanks, the only downside being that you get one hell of a nic rush, even with 3mg nicotine!

The FGCC coils do require some serious power to be put through them in order to get the best performance out of the coil in my opinion. Freemax have told us that the best performance range for these coils is 50-80W.  The coil definitely started to pick up at 50W and it was at 80W that things really got going for me. I found myself running the tank at 100-110W. It's not the most efficient on my juice, but the flavour and vapour really are outstanding, the vape is cooler than pretty much any other high power sub ohm tank at that power, and the vape is pleasingly smooth as well.

Wicking capability of this coil is outstanding. It's wicked anything I can throw at it, even thick high VG juice such as the Fallstreak range, and it wicks far quicker than anything else I've experienced. Even high VG juice wicks almost instantaneously which is excellent. I have to say I've not yet experienced a single dry hit when using this coil. The coils need less power with higher VG juices as well so this set up is definitely one for the cloud chasers out there!

An innovative RBA coil is included with the Freemax Scylla retail package, and it’s designed for either single coils or dual stacked coils. It features a double screwed two post configuration allowing your coils to be inserted easily and quickly, wicking it is fuss free too. It’s an easy RBA coil to build with and far more forgiving than a lot of other RBA coil heads. Again performance is excellent from this RBA coil, with the power it can handle only dependent on your coiling and wicking abilities.

We Vape


Gladly, I definitely was not disappointed with the Scylla, and was left amazed by the performance of this tank with the 0.3ohm coil and also the very innovative RBA coil head. It’s not only the best tank that Freemax have produced to date but can rightly lay claim to being one of the very best sub ohm tank performers available yet. Smooth vapour, absolutely chock full of flavour, and some of the biggest clouds you will ever produce thanks to the dream of an AFC ring. Freemax certainly know their stuff when it comes to airflow!

Build quality is also excellent with the Scylla, it looks great and feels solidly built. I didn’t expect any less from Freemax who are renowned for producing solidly constructed tanks. The Pyrex Glass tank section has also survived some heavy falls too which says something about the quality of it! Revamping the top fill section was a masterstroke by Freemax and a real user friendly, smooth top fill section in its place.

Be warned, if you intend on using the Scylla with the 0.3ohm ceramic coil (and I would highly recommend that you do, because the performance of this coil is incredible) then you need a mod that can put some serious power through this coil head. If you do have a mod that can drive power to this coil, then you are in for a real treat as the flavour and clouds produced by this coil really do raise the bar!

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 Dan Willis
Article by Dan Willis
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