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Uwell Crown

Uwell are the new kids on the Sub Ohm clearomiser block, their first release being the Uwell Crown which enters what is a very crowded and popular market. On paper, the Uwell Crown really does look to have it all - let's see how it performs.

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Introduction to the Uwell Crown

Uwell are the new kids on the Sub Ohm clearomiser block, their first release being the Uwell Crown which enters what is a very crowded and popular market! The Uwell Crown has already proved to be a highly sought after tank, stock is very limited not just within the UK but everywhere else too. Forums are ablaze with chatter regarding the Uwell Crown, it’s generated quite the buzz already.

The Uwell Crown itself is produced by Shenzhen Uwell Technology Co Ltd, and its the first item I am aware of from them to hit the market. Constructed of stainless steel and quartz glass, with a 4ml capacity, able to be filled from both the top and bottom, unlike the vast majority of other sub ohm clearomisers around it offers coils constructed from SUS316 food grade stainless steel rather than Kanthal, to produce clean flavour and big cloud production, as well as having an Ni200 coil for temperature control included with your kit and an RBA deck available separately to purchase. The coils included within the kit are dual coils wicked with Japanese Organic Cotton, including the Ni200 coil, and a 1.2ohm single coil is available to purchase separately that is aimed at those that mouth to lung hit. On paper, the Uwell Crown really does look to have it all!

Lets see if the Uwell Crown justifies the massive buzz and hype behind it!

  • Food grade stainless steel used for the tank itself and for the coils
  • Quartz glass tank section
  • 4ml liquid capacity
  • Adjustable airflow ring with large air flow
  • Can be filled from the top or bottom
  • Dual coil sub-ohm heads, 0.25ohm and 0.5ohm coils included
  • SUS316 food grade stainless steel used for the 0.25ohm and 0.5ohm coils
  • Dual coil Ni200 0.15ohm coil available for use with temperature controlled devices
  • 1.2ohm single coils available separately for mouth to lung hits
  • Organic Japanese Cotton wicking material
  • 22mm width tank
  • 510 threading
  • Tank completely disassembles for cleaning

What's in the box?

Uwell get top marks for the full kit here, not only do you have a spare glass tank section (which many manufacturers are slacking on including at the moment, unfortunately) but there are TWO spare coils included with the kit, whereas you would only expect one with most tanks these days. Inside the kit you will find:

  • 1x Uwell Crown Tank with wide bore drip tip
  • 1x Pre installed 0.5ohm SUS316 food grade stainless steel dual coil with Japanese Cotton wick, rated for 30-80w
  • 1x 0.25ohm SUS316 food grade stainless steel dual coil with Japanese Cotton wick, rated for 20-120w
  • 1x 0.15ohm Ni200 dual coil with Japanese Cotton wick for use with temperature control devices ONLY
  • 1x Replacement quartz glass tank section
  • 1x Instruction manual
  • 1x Replacement O-rings

You can purchase an RBA coil kit separately, as well as 1.2ohm SUS316 Stainless Steel single coils for mouth to lung vaping

Looks and Capacity

As mentioned above the Uwell Crown tank itself is constructed of food grade stainless steel, with a Quartz glass tank section, and a large wide bore drip tip is included. Seriously, this drip tip is huge! The Uwell Crown as a whole feels really solidly made, and excellently the tank itself fully disassembles for cleaning. It boasts a 4ml tank capacity, and brilliantly you can fill it from the top OR the bottom, but I’ve found it easier to top fill on the move. The top cap unscrews easily allowing you to fill to the very top of the tank, but if you are used to bottom filling the tank unscrews from the base easily allowing you to bottom fill to the side of the chimney. You can also swap coils with no fear of losing a tankful of juice, which is prone to happening with the latest run of sub ohm clearomisers that are top fill only. I would recommend only bottom filling if you are using the RBA coil, as top filling seems to cause leaks from the airflow holes.

All in, it's a really solidly made bit of kit, the quartz tank section has survived the first accidental drop test from myself onto hard flooring, and there is a spare in the box should you end up breaking the glass section.

It’s 22mm width at the base, with 510 threading so it fits flush on most mods. Airflow control ring is smooth as you like and a real dream to use, which I will go into more detail about below...


Airflow on the Uwell Crown is adjusted through an airflow control ring that rivals anything out there, it’s very well constructed and offers some wide airflow options. Each airflow setting clicks into place audibly, and if you close the airflow setting right down and use the 1.2ohm single coil (available separately), you can achieve mouth to lung hits. The 0.25ohm and 0.5ohm coils are aimed at the lung hitters, and if you love clouds then the Uwell Crown doesn’t disappoint, as some huge clouds can get produced!

0.5 ohm coil

The 0.5ohm coil is the one that you will find pre installed with your Uwell Crown unit in most instances, therefore unless you remove it for one of the other two coils included within your kit this will be the first coil you experience with the Uwell Crown. I wouldn’t really use it under 45W, as these coils are designed to have some serious power put through them, and you get the very best out of this coil at 45W and above. The flavour astonished me with how good it really was, it was so clean and crisp, and this has to be down to the stainless steel dual coil configuration. Uwell themselves recommend that the 0.5ohm coil is used in the 70-80W range for maximum performance. You can put max VG in this tank without fear with this coil, I tried 80VG Element Strawberry Whip and 80VG Fallstreak Stratus and didn’t experience a dry hit once. Coil lifespan is outstanding, I’ve been using this coil in rotation with the RBA coil, 0.5ohm coil head and 0.15ohm Ni200 coil head and it’s still going strong after two weeks.

The sweet spot I found for the 0.5ohm coil was at 55W, with the perfect balance of flavour and clouds, and a nice warm vape to boot. If you prefer cooler vapes, try it around the 35-40W region, if you want to chuck clouds with this coil you can push it up to 85W, and boy does it really throw the clouds when you take the 0.5ohm coil over 60W and crank the airflow wide open.

0.25 ohm coil

You can push the 0.25ohm coil as high as an astonishing 120W, in conjunction with 70VG and above juice, you have a real cloud machine in your hands! The tank and drip tip does get pretty hot at 100W and above, so you may want to consider swapping the stock drip tip out for one of a delrin construction for example to reduce heat transference to your lips when taking this coil above 70W. I wouldn’t bother using the 0.25ohm coil under 60W, as you really won’t be getting the very best out of it, this coil shines when you take it to 70W and above. Not only are the clouds absolutely massive, but the flavour is incredible at high wattage, there are very few similar coils that I have used that are a patch on the Uwell Crown’s 0.25ohm dual stainless steel beauty.

Flavour I found to be best with this coil at between 80-90W, the flavour is absolutely amazing at this range and the clouds are huge. As with the 0.5ohm coil head, the 0.25ohm coil is still going really strong after 2 weeks use!

0.15 ohm Ni200 dual coil for temperature control

I tend to vape with my temperature control mods for flavour rather than clouds, and the flavour sweet spot for me with the Ni200 coil was on my IPV D2 at 35J and 210C, a gorgeous flavourful vape with some of the very best flavour I have experienced from a Ni200 stock coil head. I found I could vape with the Ni200 coil right up to the 50J max on the IPV D2, and set the temperature limit as high as 240C and still experience a great vape. The Ni200 coil is also capable of wicking max VG juice just like the other stock coils. Seriously, Nipple Juice from South Coast Vapes never tasted so good with this coil! Like the other coils, the lifespan of the coil is fantastic, and still going well after 2 weeks.

All three of the coils offer an excellent vape, but my personal favourite had to be the 0.15ohm Ni200 coil head, as for me I found the best flavour from all three to be found here. Not by much though, as the stainless steel coils also offer outstanding flavour!

RBA coil

Rebuildable fans will be pleased as you are able to purchase a separate RBA coil kit for the Uwell Crown, and like the Uwell Crown itself, Uwell have gone to great lengths to include everything you need! Inside the kit you will find the RBA coil itself, along with a screwdriver, a pad of Japanese Cotton, stainless steel wire, spare screws and o-rings and even an instruction manual. The deck itself is a standard two post Kayfun-esque affair, that I have found pretty easy to build on.

One thing I have noticed whilst experimenting with the RBA coil is that you have to be pretty much spot on with your wicking, it as too little cotton will flood your coil, and too much will give you some pretty nasty dry hits. Your best bet is to ensure you have a little ‘wiggle’ room for the cotton inside the coil, meaning if you give it a little tug at either end the wick should move, and fluff the ends of the cotton up so that they cover the juice holes to prevent coil flooding but still allow a healthy flow of juice to guard against dry hits. When filling, only fill from the bottom and not the top with the RBA coil as the vacuum inside the tank tends to get affected by top filling resulting in leaks through the airflow slots. I haven’t had any leaking when filling from the bottom.

Get the wicking and your build just right, and the result is a really rewarding vape, full of flavour and arguably better than what the stock coil heads offer you!


Uwell have produced a tank that is very capable of mixing it with the absolute best out there. The flavour is clean and superb, cloud production can be absolutely huge with the very generous airflow, and it competes with anything out there in both aspects. I love the fact you can totally disassemble the tank itself to clean it as well, every piece comes apart for cleaning. It can be refilled from the top or the bottom with no trouble at all, the RBA coil is excellent and easy to use, it feels very solidly constructed, it has wicked even the highest of VG juice I have used, and coil lifespan is great too. Also, those that mouth to lung hit haven’t been forgotten about, as you can purchase 1.2ohm coils that are aimed at mouth to lung hitting. All boxes get ticked here and I don’t have anything negative to report on at all. Brilliant first effort from Uwell, and hopefully a sign of bigger things to come from these guys.

There is a very good reason why the Uwell Crown is a difficult tank to get hold of at present in the UK and stock is very limited, as it offers outstanding performance at an excellent price. If you can get your hands on one, I would highly recommend it, as in my opinion I believe it's one of the top tanks available!

Uwell have kindly sent us four of these tanks to give away to our readers!  We are giving two away via the competition page here and two to our amazing forum members here.  The competitions will run until the 25th September.

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