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The original Freemax Starre produced by Freemax Tech Co Ltd was one of the top performing sub ohm clearomisers to hit the market in the first quarter of 2015, offering massive clouds at outstanding flavour from the 0.25 and 0.5ohm coils, and was one of the first tanks to really perform superbly well north of 60 watts. You can read the original Freemax Starre review bu junglist here.

The Freemax Starre Pro is the follow up to the Freemax Starre, and Freemax Tech Co’s first offering featuring temperature control compatible Ni200 coils. Supplied with 0.25ohm bottom vertical coil and 0.15ohm Ni200 dual vertical coils for use with temperature controlled mods, and also compatible with the original 0.25 and 0.5 ohm Kanthal coils, the Freemax Starre Pro also sports the same superb airflow configuration present on the original and now drip tip airflow included, and also present is a slimmed down 4ml capacity as well as a new top filling design.

I was dead excited to get my hands on the Freemax Starre Pro after being a massive fan of the original Freemax Starre, let's see if it performs just as well with the Ni200 coils as it did previously!


  • 0.15ohm Ni200 Dual Vertical Coils
  • 0.25ohm Ni200 Bottom Vertical Coil
  • Japanese Cotton Wicks used in the coil
  • Supports 0.25ohm and 0.5ohm dual vertical coils found in the original Freemax Starre
  • Ni200 coils can withstand temperature range of 200-600F
  • Recommended wattage range for the 0.25ohm Ni200 coil- 20-80W
  • Recommended wattage range for the 0.15ohm Ni200 coil- 20-100W
  • 100% 304 grade stainless steel
  • Top refilling
  • Wide bore AFC drip tip
  • Huge bottom airflow system
  • 510 threading
  • 4ml capacity
  • 22mm width

What's in the Box?

As per the original, the Freemax Starre Pro is packaged in a hard plastic clam shell box, and contains the following:
  • 1x Freemax Starre Pro tank
  • 1x Wide Bore Drip Tip with airflow control
  • 1x 0.25ohm Ni200 Bottom Vertical Coil (pre installed)
  • 1x 0.15ohm Ni200 Dual Vertical Coil
  • 1x Replacement glass tank section
  • 1x Instruction Manual

Looks and Capacity

Side by side with the Freemax Starre you can see the Starre Pro is slightly smaller, and slightly sleeker too. Its 510 threaded and 22mm width so suits just about anything available perfectly. The notches are gone from the airflow control ring and have been replaced by ridges, I had no complaints with the notches on the original one and I don’t here either! The trademark smooth AFC ring is present and correct again, which I will go into more detail about in the Airflow section below, along with the huge dual cyclops airflow slots on either side of the Freemax Starre Pro tank.

Airflow is also now present with the huge wide bore drip tip, so you can open this up if you find things getting too warm for you. It’s very smooth, and you can fine tune the airflow coming through the drip tip if you so wish. Note you will need to use a compatible drip tip with airflow slots should you wish to use your own drip tip and take advantage of adjustable airflow up top. Here you will also find the new top filling system, as the Freemax Starre Pro has made the jump from a bottom to a top filling tank. To refill, you need to ensure that you unscrew the top rotating cover from the tank, fill through the fill ports found at either side of the chimney, and the most important thing to remember is to ensure you have ensured the switch is turned to the ‘OFF’ position when you have finished refilling otherwise you will have some major leaking!

Glass is the same composition as on the original Freemax Starre but you will find that as the tank is slightly shorter now capacity has been reduced to 4ml, which is only a drop of 1ml on the original. I would get used to how the top fill mode functions as you will be refilling the Freemax Starre Pro often when using heavily! It’s very thirsty, at over 35J I have noticed the Freemax Starre Pro drains juice very quickly, arguably even quicker than on the original.

Overall, I think it’s even better looking than the original Freemax Starre, it’s a really nice looking tank. The overall construction and build quality of the Freemax Starre Pro is exceptional, and a standard bearer amongst clearomisers!



Well the airflow on the Freemax Starre was outstanding, with one of the best airflow control systems on anything going, and I’m pleased to report it’s slightly bigger and actually slightly better on the Freemax Starre Pro. Dual cyclops airflow is still present on either side of the tank, though ever so slightly bigger than on the original. It’s also even smoother than the original, and I didn’t think that was even possible!

The airflow control ring is an absolute dream to use, and for me it’s the best one out there. It’s incredibly smooth, and each airflow setting clicks into place with a satisfying and audible click, and it stays there too. Setting it to wide open provides the biggest clouds you are going to find out of any sub ohm tank going - and up there with a lot of rebuildables too. Closing it down just enhances the already excellent flavour whilst still providing outstanding clouds. Unfortunately this isn’t one for the mouth to lungers out there, even with the airflow closed down you still need to direct lung hit this beast. It’s a contender for the best cloud producing tank available, in my opinion it’s the best one going if huge clouds are your thing!


You absolutely must have a temperature controlled mod in order to use the Freemax Starre Pro with the supplied Ni200 coils, however if you do not have one but still want to use the Freemax Starre Pro tank the 0.25ohm and 0.5ohm coils available for the original Freemax Starre are compatible with the Pro version, and offer outstanding performance. The good news is that now when going north of 70 watts with the original coils you can open up the drip tip airflow which keeps the vape nice and cool for you! With the height of the tank being reduced slightly over the original you get even better flavour out of the old coils, and even bigger clouds with the slightly larger airflow slots! And if you are a cloud chaser, these coils are right up your street, as the clouds produced by the Freemax Starre Pro are completely incredible.

Using the Freemax Starre Pro in temperature control takes it to a whole new level. I’m a fan of temperature control, but I have struggled to find a tank that gives a consistently warm vape with Ni200 coils. Needless to say with both the 0.15 and 0.25 ohm coils taking the tank north of 35w in temp control is an absolute winner, I found a lovely warm vape at 50j and 440F on the SX Mini M Class, that was a perfect blend of flavour and clouds. Flavour with both the 0.15ohm and 0.25ohm coils has been top notch, amongst the very best I have ever tried temperature controlled or otherwise. I’m pretty sure I reached vaping flavour nirvana when at Vapefest this year using Manabush Chiricahua Sun in the Freemax Starre Pro tank!


Freemax Tech Co state that the 0.25 ohm Ni200 coil can be used at a power range of 20-80W, and the 0.15ohm Ni200 coil can be used at a power range of 20-100W. The 0.25ohm Ni200 coil is a single vertical coil whereas the 0.15 ohm coil is a dual vertical coil, both of which provide outstanding flavour. I don’t have a mod capable of running a Ni200 coil up to 100w, however I have a mod capable of 80 joules in temp control, which is the Cloupor GT. At 60-70J and 440F both coils provided a very warm vape, with plenty of flavour and clouds. At 70J, flavour seemed to drop off a little on the 0.25ohm Ni200 coil, whereas it was still very good and warm on the 0.15ohm coil. At 80J, the flavour wasn’t great at all on the 0.25ohm coil, and I needed to up the temperature limit to 460F as it was hitting the 440F max pretty quickly. Flavour was good but not great at 80J with the 0.15ohm coil but the clouds were absolutely massive!

On the whole, I haven’t really found hardly any difference in performance on the whole between the 0.25ohm and 0.15ohm Ni200 coils when in standard use, arguably the 0.15ohm coil provides slightly better flavour and slightly bigger clouds at 50J/W and above, but I didn’t notice a massive difference. They definitely can be run at a lot higher power than any other Ni200 coil heads I have ever used.

Another key point to mention was that Ni200 coils wick superbly, I have had no issues wicking 80VG juice with either the 0.25 or 0.15 ohm Ni200 coils, and it also wicks high VG very quickly, for example Element Fresh Squeeze has become a staple of mine in this tank, got to give thanks to junglist for getting me into that one!


For me it’s safe to say that the Freemax Starre Pro has overtaken the Sense Herakles as my favourite tank and now become by go-to tank of choice, I find that it takes the flavour up to the next level, and if you want to chase clouds you definitely can chase them with the best tanks out there with the huge airflow available, the airflow pretty much lifted off of the first Freemax Starre, given a polish and a slight upgrade in terms of smoothness. The original Freemax Starre was one of my favourite sub ohm tanks, but the Freemax Starre Pro just takes the performance interstellar!

Coil lifetime is great, which was a hallmark of the original Freemax Starre, a couple of weeks into using the tank and both my 0.25 ohm and 0.15 ohm coils are still going strong, with no decrease in flavour or vapour production.

Pure Eliquids

The Freemax Starre Pro is without doubt the very best temperature control clearomiser available to date, and in my opinion the very best clearomiser full stop. Out of anything I have ever tried, the Freemax Starre Pro just beats everything available on sheer performance, the clouds are as good as they were first time around, you can get a lovely warm vape at high power in temp control and the flavour is just outstanding!

Note from junglist - I can also vouch for the quality of this tank, it really is a beauty!  Just another reminder about the top cap, if you get one of these make sure that you turn the top cap to "Off" once you have filled it.  The instructions tell you to do this but even having read these I just didn't register it.  Maybe the fact that you have to turn it to "Off" when using it seemed wrong, or whether I was just too eager to use it meant that I didn't do it and lost a couple of tanks of juice while fiddling with the coils and tightening everything I could!  Switching it to off helps to create a vacuum which keeps the liquid in the tank rather than dumping it down through the coil so bear this in mind if you get one.

Freemax Tech have kindly given us a couple of these to give away to our readers so head over to the competition page and get your entry in to be in with a chance of winning!

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 Dan Willis
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