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The Anyvape Furytank

I’m sure some of you will remember Anyvape as the manufacturers of the old Davide tank and also the Segatank. The Furytank is their latest offering and it has a few innovative features. This Sub-Ohm tank has top filling, but the interesting thing is that you can fill it without the need for any tools or special plugs and you don’t need to close the air holes either! The Furytank uses a spring loaded system that pushes down the chimney section to cover the juice channels when you unscrew the top section preventing any leaks when it comes to filling.

Anyvape Furytank features

  • Innovative pumping rod top filling
  • Bottom filling available
  • BSDC (Bottom scissor dual) coil
  • RDA coil. (Rebuildable coil head compatible with Aspire Atlantis and Sense Herakles)
  • 0.6mm airflow
  • 5ml juice capacity
  • Cool fan inhale temperature adjust (In other words drip tip airflow slots for cooling)
  • Stainless steel and Pyrex glass construction
  • Organic Japanese cotton used in coils
  • Non-adjustable Copper 510 pin
  • 23mm diameter
  • 65mm height

What’s in the box?

  • 1x Furytank.
  • 1x 0.3ohm BSDC coil head pre-installed.
  • 1x RDA coil head (0.5ohm).
  • Spare Pyrex glass tube.
  • User Manual.

The packaging is very reminiscent of Aspire’s products - it seems everyone is copying that style lately. This product is definitely trying to cash in on the popularity of the Fast and the Furious movies because the name “Furytank” uses exactly the same font. What’s more Anyvape have gone even further and added “For power…for Paul” in reference to Paul Walker who sadly lost his life.

Anyvape Furytank styling and build quality

In terms of overall looks the Furytank is easy on the eye. I think that the red O-rings make it seem similar to Kanger’s Subtank Mini and the overall styling seems very familiar. The Furytank is 23mm so there will be a slight amount of overhang when used on some mods.

The construction of the tank itself is good, the parts fit together well and I didn’t notice any machining problems. The glass seems durable and a spare glass tube is included should you have any accidents!

Mist E-liquid

The included drip tip is a bit of tight fit and you do have to screw it in a little. The drip tip is wobble free and you can use others you own if you wish but I did notice that not all my drip tips fitted. The top cap does features air slots to provide additional airflow as well as to assist in cooling and these can be fully opened or closed down.

The airflow slots themselves are suitably large and the adjustment ring is just right being neither too tight nor too loose.

The tank was completely free of machine oil too.

Ease of use

At the top of the tank is the top cap which has to be unscrewed to allow for filling. As you do this it lowers the chimney section via the spring system blocking off the juice flow and preventing leaks. There are too large holes that make for easy filling and then when you have finished you need to press down and screw the top cap back on. It does require a little bit of pressure for the top cap to catch the top threads but it isn’t difficult and you quickly get used to it.

How does it vape?

I first primed the 0.3ohm BSDC coil then I filled the Furytank with Element Crema. I allowed at least fifteen minutes for the juice to properly saturate the cotton wicking. I started vaping at 20W which gave reasonable vapour production but the flavour was poor. Increasing to 28W and flavour did improve but there was a distinct hint of something - possibly rubber or plastic.


Increasing the wattage to 32W the odd taste lessened and I got the impression that these coils need a certain amount of time to break in. Flavour was certainly much better. The vapour production was very good and I must admit I found I really did like this tanks airflow since the draw felt just right for me.

I don’t really understand why the top cap airflow slots were added since while it does improve vaping production slightly I never felt that the vape was getting uncomfortably hot at this level. The other disadvantage of having them open is it does cause muting of flavour.

At 35W the strange taste had almost gone away and flavour did improve a little bit more but pushing the coils to 36W and above just leads to dry hits. The specifications say the coils can handle up to 40W and while that is technically true you won’t get a very nice vape at that wattage. I would suggest if you own this tank to never go higher than 30-35W and to be quite honest you can get a decent enough vape at 30W.

Sadly in the time I have continued to use the Furytank that rubber/plastic taste has never really gone away so I have been left quite unimpressed by the stock coil. After inspecting the coil there did appear to be some rubber grommet in there and it seemed very close to the wire so I suspect when the wire is heated it is also warming up the rubber which is leading to the somewhat unpleasant taste. I haven’t actually noticed other reviews mentioning this so it is entirely possibly I simply received a poor quality coil on this occasion.

I then proceeded to try the included RDA coil and checked the resistance on my iPV 4S, it displayed as 0.49ohm. I then primed the cotton in the coil head once again using Element Crema and let it saturate sufficiently.

The Electronic Cigarette Company

I started at 22W and flavour seemed much better than the stock coil but I also seemed to be getting a cotton taste too. Increasing to 28W just led to an increased taste of cotton and dry hits. I suspected the RDA coil simply had too much cotton packed in there so I took the coil out to take it apart. One slight problem was the fact that it doesn’t want to come apart no matter how much force I use. I have even tried pliers and it hasn’t budged. I may be able to get it apart if I stick it in a vice first but at this stage I am at the point where I don’t feel it is worth the effort.

So in consideration I feel the stock coils are simply not that great and the RDA coil might be salvageable if you get a decent one that you can actually get in to. Perhaps with your own coil and far less wicking you might get a satisfactory result. Looking down the RDA coil I suspect you will struggle to get a coil with anything higher than 2mm internal diameter in there.

It’s a bit of shame really because I like the features this tank has but it is unfortunately let down by poor coils. I have read that the Atlantis coils fit his tank and work really well giving a very good vape experience but I don’t have any to try for myself. I did see if I could fit my Herakles Ni200 coils but sadly it isn’t possible since the coils require threading at the top to connect properly.


The Furytank is something of a let-down despite its good ideas. Had the coils been better than they are this would have been a great tank. Perhaps if you are an Atlantis user and you have plenty of spare coils this tank might be worth buying to try out if not then it might be best to skip this.

Many thanks to Smoke Purer who sent this item to Planet of the Vapes for review.

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