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Lost Mary BM600S Disposable Vapes

Deja Vu? Not quite. Simon got to try out the Lost Mary BM600S and found out that S is more than just a name change

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Supplied by TECC for review
£4.99 each

Deja-vu? Haven’t I already reviewed these a few weeks ago? Turns out that I haven’t-ish as this is the ‘S’ version. What’s the difference you may ask? Well here’s what it says on the TECC page:

“Lost Mary BM600S is an updated version of the popular BM600. It features the same QUAQ technology as the Elf Bar 600 V2. This means the coils wick faster, and the flavour is improved thanks to the mesh coil.”

Lost Mary BM600S first look

I thought the BM600 was pretty decent as was, so will the BM600S be much better? I only had a few to try but I could indeed tell the difference, especially the quicker wicking.


It’s hard to get excited or describe unboxing a disposable as they are pretty much all the same; thrash your way into the flimsy box, rip open the foil bag and peel/pull off the sealing tabs, all within a few seconds of frantic action.

Lost Mary BM600S unboxing

Lost Mary BM600S popping the seals

But that’s the point of disposables as they offer a pretty much instant, faff-free vape, and the BM600S is exactly that, but the first element of the waste-guilt is in the packaging, I ‘wish-cycle’ the cardboard box and the little instruction sheet but I can’t see my local council taking the time to sort these. As for the foil bag and the silicone bung, they are land-fill fodder for sure.

There I go again, ranting and bitching about disposables and I haven’t even gotten to the device yet, my bad sorry…..

Lost Mary BM600S four to the floor

I will mostly discuss the BM600S as if you haven’t tried the original BM600, the device is VERY compact and is one of the smallest pods out there.

Lost Mary BM600S compact

We all have different hand sizes but mine are small to medium and I can comfortably hide the whole thing in my grip, it feels comfortable, very light, and the printed gradient wrap feels satin-like and adds to the grip. It is one of those vapes that is ideal to use as you are doing stuff if you get my jist, I’m writing this review with one permanently in my palm and I can still two-hand type without putting it down.

Lost Mary BM600S size

Here’s a scale example, the BM600S is tiny next to my G-Priv 3 but bigger than a pound coin, I would say it is around the size of 5 £1 coins including the mouthpiece, it cost £5 – coincidence? Anyway the size is 66 x 35 x 16mm, and since it’s all plastic, it only weighs 27g.

Lost Mary BM600S little boxes

TECC currently stock four of the new flavoured BM600Ss, and a couple of them really stand out as different:

Berry Combos

"a delightful blend of fresh and juicy berries"

It doesn’t sound all that interesting but damn is it lush! I felt it should have had a more exciting name as ‘Berry Combos’ doesn’t do it justice, yes it is clearly berries but it tastes like a berry explosion in your gob, there we go…. ‘BERRY GOB EXPLOSION’, you’re welcome Lost Mary!
Trust me, if you like berries then you will love this little bugger.

Lost Mary BM600S Berry Combos

Pina Kiwi Lemonade

"an exotic medley of pineapple, kiwi and zesty lemonade"

This one tastes as interesting as it sounds and is a genius blend in my opinion. I’ve always been a fan of lemonade vapes, adding pineapple and liwi just works but it’s the subtleness that makes the potentially overpowering flavours work well together. You can pick out the tones of each flavour but it is super smooth, it’s one of those classic ADV (All Day Vape) flavours.

Lost Mary BM600S Pina Kiwi Lemonade

Straw Golden Pina

"a tropical blend of fresh pineapple and succulent strawberry"

I’m kind of bored with strawberry e-liquids, they are often too sweet for my liking, so I was genuinely surprised how nice this one was. That pineapple element made all the difference as it not only tasted like nothing before, but surprisingly it toned down the overall sweetness. Punchy and refreshing sums it up nicely.

Lost Mary BM600S Straw Golden Pina

Lemon Lime

"a simple and zesty mix of lemons and limes"

Well this one sounds as dull as dish-water, but then again I cannot recall trying a Lemon-Lime disposable before so hey, I’m up for it, it turned out to be mighty fine and as dull as it sounded it is pretty different, smooth, sweet and zesty, it is just Lemon & Lime but in a soft drink without that cheek-pulling (not those cheeks!) sour tang, LEM-LIME-LUSH there you go Lost Mary I’ve got another new name for you.

Lost Mary BM600S range

Four for Four, I genuinely loved all four of them. As for the device and that ‘S’ difference, I did find them more saturated and the mesh coil delivered a smooth draw with surprisingly high vapour production, but I felt it all came at a slight cost. That claimed 600 puffs felt lower, and the battery ran out before the flavour. You can never fully authenticate a puff count in real life as we all vape differently, 600 puffs is usually defined by 1 second puff, I usually puff around 2 seconds so you can half that 600 puffs. But to be fair it is the ‘2ml’ that is key and if I was pushed to guess, I would say you vape around 1.8ml as the battery ran out before the flavour on each of them.

LOST Mary BM600S
(Recycled image from my last review – see, I do care!)

I didn’t care one bit about that ‘lost’ 0.2ml as I bloody loved the new flavours and what felt like a smoother, more saturated vape. I definitely preferred this range to the original BM600. 

I will refrain from preaching about the e-wasteful ethics of disposables, I’m feeling better about them when I found out my neighbour used them and progressed to refillable pods without my preaching, she naturally found the ‘better way’.

If you must, then these are a must.

Lost Mary BM600S, found Mary

(Another recycled image)

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