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Aspire Vilter Starter Kit 

Deedee checks out the really interesting new Aspire Filter kit which promises to be the perfect kit for anyone looking to switch from the ciggies

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So, here we have the new Vilter Starter Kit from Aspire! Oooh I do love a little starter kit. Even though I have been vaping for around two years, I get much joy from seeing what’s new in the pod world especially kits that help smokers make the switch! It's one of the most gratifying things for me to help someone get off those stinkies. When I saw this kit, I knew I wanted to review it. I did liaise with UK Aspire Vendor as I had some questions on the pods and filters, and as usual they were so very helpful. I say it every time but they really are one of the best vaping companies to deal with and that’s not because of the free review kit either!

Ok lets get on shall we…….

Key Features

  • Type-C Quick charging
  • 3.7V constant output
  • Resistance: Non-replaceable 1.0ohm mesh coil, rated at 10-15W
  • Coil material: Kanthal AF
  • 2ml Pod Capacity
  • Equipped with an artificial paper filter drip tip, gives the familiar feeling of a cigarette filter and creates the most comfortable and simplest transition from smoking to vaping
  • Battery capacity: 450mAh
  • Auto draw
  • Aspire ASP chipset safety protection
  • Available in four colours – red, black, silver and champagne

In the box

As you can see included you get, the Vilter Device (450mAh), (unfortunately) only one pod with the plastic tip pre-installed, two paper filter drip tips, a type-C cable, and the user manual. Now yes, we all know how much it irritates me when a manufacturer only includes one pod/coil as I believe there should always be a backup just in case, but at the same time the price of the Kit £12.98 kind of justifies them including only one and they are also including a free nic salt of your choice from their large selection…….BARGAIN!

Aspire Vilter Starter Kit contents

In Use

Well let me start by saying easy, this is the key word for this kit...EASY. From unboxing to vaping, everything is just simple so this will be a shorter review than normal. 

The Device

As you can see, I received the grey. It adopts an oxidation polishing process with aluminium alloy material, which makes the Vilter look metallic and high-grade but it still remains very light, weighing in at 30.8g. The kit measures 107.2 x 22 x 12.5mm. Branding is discreet which suits my personal preference. There are no buttons or airflow control. I like that the LED light is not one solid light, it's kind of meshed like honeycomb which is different and makes a nice change. There are two tiny air holes on either side, and the charge port is also on the side.

As there are no controls, you literally just fill, replace the pod into the device, and vape away happily. The pod fits in well and stays in place with the two magnets.

The LED purely shows battery level, it will light up whilst charging and switch off once fully charged.

Aspire Vilter battery montage

The Pod

The Vilter comes with a regular delrin drip tip and two specially designed filter style drip tips which are made from a combination of PET and food grade paper.
The paper filter drip tip gives you a cigalike inhale and exhale experience. They also state it reduces the condensation, and I didn’t notice any moisture or leaking at all.

I used 50/50 nic salt juice. It’s a bottom fill and the bung is bright orange. It sits on the corner of the base so it's easy to get your nail in and pull it out. The fill hole is an average size for a pod kit, but you have to ensure you push the nib in as far as possible so your e-liquid doesn’t flow back out.

I tested out both drip tips, and both work very well. I would say the paper one gives you a slightly tighter draw, and I mean slightly. On the DD-Drawometer I would rate the draw at 2 to 3 (1 being the tightest and 10 very loose).

Onto flavour. Now I am a big flavour chaser and this is key for me, the flavour is not the best I have tried but it is most definitely not the worst. You get a decent flavour, but you need to let the coil break in. I would say the flavour started to fade after around seven days with heavy use.

Aspire Vilter pod and mouthpiece

Top pros for me

  • Super easy – perfect for newbies
  • Decent flavour
  • Zero leaking
  • Nice tight MTL draw
  • Charges quickly
  • Choice of paper drip tips


  • Would have preferred a larger battery capacity
  • Throw away pods – not environmentally friendly but a positive for ease of use

DeeDee’s scoring: 8/10

Ease of use: 9/10

Flavour 7.5/10

Design/Quality 8/10


This is a great little starter kit and at the price you really cannot go wrong. Whilst this is aimed at complete newbies, I would also recommend the Aspire Vilter kit to any MTL user that is looking for something, small, and stealthy.

The kit is £12.98.

A pack of two replacement pods range between £6.98 and £7.49 depending on drip tip, and ten replacement paper tips are available for £2.99

Thank you again to UAV for letting me loose on another kit.

Aspire Vilter Starter Kit UKAV

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In August 2019 I joined POTV & in Sept I bought a Caliburn and some nic salts & have not touched a cigarette since! I was smoking around 20 cigarettes a day for 26 years!! Mental! I honestly appreciate all the help and guidance from the POTV members, they made the switch so much easier!I am very much into MTL PODs & AIOs. Enjoy mingling with the members, helping others and having a good laugh!

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