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VZone Simply Squonk Kit

VZone’s Simply Squonk Kit is designed to be a quality squonking set up that doesn’t break the bank! You get the Simply Squonk Mod and Simply Squonk RDA included for your money, and this is shaping up to be a great little budget squonking kit...

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Vzone are a vaping manufacturer based out of Shenzhen, China, and they have recently released a whole range of attractive looking products to the market, to appeal to all different types of vapers! 

VZone’s Simply Squonk Kit is designed to be a quality squonking set up that doesn’t break the bank! You get the Simply Squonk Mod and Simply Squonk RDA included for your money, and this is shaping up to be a great little budget squonking kit...


  • Comes with the Simply Squonk Mod and Simply Squonk RDA
  • Attractively priced 
  • 81mm x 27mm x 47.5mm Simply Squonk Mod dimensions
  • 24.5mm x 31.5mm Simply Squonk RDA dimensions
  • 80g mod weight
  • 20g atomiser weight
  • Fully mechanical mod
  • Button locking switch
  • Food grade 5.5ml silicone bottle
  • Frosted yellow and frosted ash finishes
  • 18650/20700/21700 battery compatible 
  • Copper and Silver contacts
  • Polycarbonate mod construction
  • PEI atomiser top cap construction
  • Adjustable airflow
  • Removable wide bore drip tip
  • Large two post build deck
  • Bottom feed ready

What’s in the Box?

  • Simply Squonk Mod
  • Simply Squonk RDA
  • 2x pre made Clapton coils
  • Silicone soft feel Squonk bottle
  • 18650 battery adaptor
  • User manual
  • Spare parts pack 

Design and Build Quality 

The VZone Simply Squonk Kit has been designed to be a lightweight and portable mechanical squonking kit, and it feels very small and light in hand!

VZone have constructed the Simply Squonk Mod from polycarbonate, with frosted gold and frosted ash finishes available. It weighs only 80g, and measures in at a compact 81mm x 27mm x 47.5mm.

A large silver fire button is located to the side of the Simply Squonk Mod, with a relatively short throw. It’s a little crunchy, but makes a good connection and does the job! A locking switch is found below the power button, and this will prevent the firing button from making a connection when engaged. I would still recommend removing your battery when not using the Simply Squonk Mod, as any juice leaking from the 510 can cause autofiring issues if it bridges the gap between the button and contact!

The side panel is magnetic, and the magnets holding the panel on are surprisingly strong, and large cut outs allow you to push your Squonk bottle to feed juice up to your RDA, and a second cut out makes your battery partly visible and acts as a large vent hole.

Contacts inside the Simply Squonk Mod are copper and silver, which are both widely used in many mechanical squonking mods. As standard, the Simply Squonk Mod accepts either a 21700 or 20700 battery, with an adaptor included so that you can use 18650 batteries.

The type of squonking bottle that comes with many budget squonkers can be a sticking point for many potential buyers, but I’m pleased to report that the Simply Squonk Mod bottle works great! It holds 5.5ml of juice, and has the same feel and responsiveness as some of its more expensive counterparts.

Also found within the Simply Squonk Mod is the Simply Squonk RDA, which features a silver plated base and deck as well as a yellow PEI topcap. A wide bore drip tip is pre-installed with the RDA, which can be swapped over for another one of your choice.

Airflow is located at the base of the deck, two very large airflow slots are found at either side, and these can be tightened down by rotating the topcap. An issue with the positioning of the airflow is that it can leak Juice quite freely if you oversquonk, so you need to be careful not to do so. This is also a dual coil only RDA, so you can’t close off one side of the airflow. 

A two post deck is found here, with plenty of room to build and large post holes for mounting large and exotic coil builds. You also have the option of switching one of the post screws from the side to the top of the post, opening up more rebuilding options.


The Simply Squonk Mod is a fully mechanical squonking mod, so you need to have an understanding of ohms law and battery safety here. It does hit very well, as you would expect from a fully mechanical squonker, and as long as you regularly clean the contacts it will continue to hit hard!

Moving onto the Simply Squonk RDA, well...it’s ok. It’s nothing special in terms of clouds or flavour, it will do the job for you if you don’t have any other bottom fed RDAs to hand, however I’d recommend looking at purchasing one of the myriad of budget bottom feed compatible RDAs out there to sit on top of your Simply Squonk Mod. Something like the Wasp Nano or Gas Mods GR1 will be an improvement, without causing a big dent in your finances!


Simply put, the VZone is a good entry level squonking kit for someone who wants to give mechanical squonking a try, but doesn’t want to spend a significant sum of cash on their first kit! It also makes for a more than capable backup to your more expensive gear, and it’s well worth a go for the price!

Many thanks to VZone for providing us with the Simply Squonk Kit to review! If you like the look of this kit then you are in luck - we have two to give away!  Check out the competition here https://www.planetofthevapes.co.uk/competitions/win-a-vzone-simply-squonk-kit.html.

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