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Smartohmic Squeeze

If you want something completely unique and personal, check out the new Smartohmic Squeeze Mechanical Squonk Mod! Simon had fun customising his own for our review

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Smartohmic Squeeze

Smartohmic Squeeze Mechanical Squonk Mod

Supplied by Smartohmic for review
Prices: £49.95 Mod + £4.95 Personalised + 8ml Squonk Bottle £4.95

Yay! Something a bit different to review! As much as I like using pods etc, it gets a bit boring reviewing them all the time, so it’s a bit of a treat to review an exclusive from new kids on the block...Smartohmic. Their first product is the Squeeze.

Smartohmic Squeeze Mechanical Squonk Mod

Before I get stuck in, the Smartohmic Squeeze is a Mech (Mechanical Mod) which does require some knowledge and care. If you have no idea how a mech mod works then Smartohmic have provided a couple of links to help you understand:

Regulated Mods vs Mechanical Mods

Battery Safety
Ohms Law

Mechanical mods are certainly not for beginners and can be dangerous in the wrong hands as they have no electronic protections whatsoever, you will require a basic Ohms law understanding, battery safety knowledge, and a degree of common sense on how to operate one.

Scary stuff? Not really, it is all learnable and once you understand it all then it really isn’t all that complex and becomes pretty easy to use. I nervously learned about mechs a few years ago and I find them a doddle to setup and use, but you always need that bit of respect to stay safe.

Smartohmic Squeeze Mechanical Squonk Mod all angles

The Squeeze is a 3D printed mechanical squonk mod, made from ABS which is perfect for 3D printed mods due to its strength and durability. It has been designed to be customisable with a wealth of different colour tweaks to make your own version 100% unique, and that’s a rare thing indeed.

Smartohmic Squeeze Mechanical Squonk Mod custom

You can choose the following options to customise yours:

  • Body Colour
  • Panel Colour
  • Panel Writing
  • Button Colour
  • Bottle Colour

The amount of different colours are quite impressive and you can come up with some quirky combinations. I had quite a bit of fun playing around with the different colours as you get to see a preview of each creation you come up with on the screen. Have a play around for yourself here: https://smartohmic.com/collections/all/products/smart-squeeze

The customisation doesn’t end there; the final choice will be down to your own RDA, which is the reason I went for the chosen colours as I knew what would suit it.

Smartohmic Squeeze Mechanical Squonk Mod matchy matchy

It will take up to 24mm diameter RDAs but the actual 510 plate is 22mm. Personally I found 22mm single coils RDAs suited the Squeeze best, take a look at the second photo above which has a 24mm Athena RDA and you will see it overhang the 510 plate, this would normally bug me BUT, take another look as it actually works well due to the fire button which kind of balances it out.


I have made a few of my own 3D printed mods so I can appreciate the inch perfect design of the Squeeze, Smartohmic have done a great job of ‘squeezing’ the battery housing, bottle bay, metal circuit strip and fire button into a pretty compact mod.

Smartohmic Squeeze Mechanical Squonk Mod internals

The ABS thickness is just right to make it durable but thin enough to keep the size down, I always struggled with this balance when I made my own, too thin then it becomes flimsy and brittle, too thick and it becomes a chunky monkey.

The compartments make everything fit snuggly and there’s nothing rattling around inside. When you fit the 18650 battery and squonk bottle, it all looks pretty perfect.

Smartohmic Squeeze Mechanical Squonk Mod with bottle and battery

The main contact strip is one of the best I’ve seen in a mech and is something Smartohmic are quite proud of, here’s a quote from their website:

"The conduction strips are made from high-quality, laser-cut, thick (0.8mm) Beryllium-Copper. This material gives the strips far greater tensile strength than pure copper while keeping high conductivity."

Smartohmic Squeeze Mechanical Squonk Mod contact strip

Then there’s that unusual fire button which I’m quite impressed with, it has a decent travel length that pushes the copper strip onto the 510 positive connection to close the circuit and fire the RDA. The fire button has a little rubber pad in-between which prevents arcing and prolongs the lifespan of the mechanism.

Smartohmic Squeeze Mechanical Squonk Mod button and 510

The 22mm diameter 510 connection has a spring loaded pin and features a cross slotted configuration to accept older bottom airflow attys, it is quite secure as it has been soldered to the negative battery terminal via a strip of copper.

There are three soldered points; battery positive, battery negative and 510 negative, and all look solid and durable. The mechanical operation shouldn’t strain any of these points.

Smartohmic Squeeze Mechanical Squonk Mod 3D print quality

Unusually the 3D printed ABS has been finished with paint. Before the paint was applied, the body has been smoothed off really well, it doesn’t look 3D printed and has an almost metallic look to it. The paint itself is something I admire as I struggled to find a decent durable paint for my 3D printed products, I still haven’t found an ideal solution but Smartohmic have, it not only looks great but it is surprisingly durable. I did a few scuff and scratch tests on the inside of a panel and it stood up really well. It should last well in normal use, however you shouldn’t lob it around or scuff it as at the end of the day it is paint and it will scratch if you aren’t careful.


There’s little to say really, for anyone that knows mechs they just perform based upon the battery and ohms of the coil and the power should be supplied instantly as you press the fire button and close the circuit. The Squeeze simply performs as it should, fires instantly, and the connection stays strong. That little rubber buffer on the fire button helps to cut the connection immediately as you release the button.

Smartohmic Squeeze Mechanical Squonk Mod firing up

The perfect setup I found for this was a 22mm single coil RDA with a 0.3ohm Ni80 clapton coil using 3mg 70VG/30PG e-liquid, but there’s a weird ‘warning’ on Smartohmic’s website:

"Squeeze is unregulated, allowing it to create far more vapour; because of this, it is difficult to measure the amount consumed. For this reason, we do NOT recommend using vape juice containing nicotine."

Eh? What’s that all about? No nicotine e-liquid is a bit pointless to me, just because it’s a mech doesn’t mean you cannot regulate how much nicotine you consume. If anything Nicotine consumption can decrease as the battery drains, but you kind of know anyway.

I suspect it is Smartohmic covering their bases and avoiding any TPD or regulation killjoys, I personally don’t believe that they believe it.

Smartohmic Squeeze Mechanical Squonk Mod squeeze bottle

Talking of TPD (spit hisssss), this is the reason why a squonk bottle is not included with the mod and requires one to be purchased separately for £4.95. On the plus side, you get to choose the colour to complete the look.

The bottle is a bitch to fit when new though, it will get easier as the top stretches, but I will be filling it with one of those 510 top fill bottles as it’s just easier.

Smartohmic Squeeze Mechanical Squonk Mod juicy

Anyway, back to using the Squeeze; there’s a lot to like with this little mod. The light weight especially feels good, even with a battery fitted, an RDA attached and a full bottle, it only weighs around 160g (depending on the RDA). The squonk window is nice and large, and I like how you can see the e-liquid level easily. I also liked how the unusual fire button felt, it might sound weird but it felt ‘mechanical’ and the spring tension along with the rubber buffer made it very tactile.

Smartohmic Squeeze Mechanical Squonk Modtastic


Overall I liked the Smartohmic Squeeze, it might not be anything new or original as we’ve seen many mech squonk mods, and 3D printed mechs are quite common in the 3D printing community, but the Squeeze is a very nice example of how it should be done. They have put a solid mechanism into a well-designed chassis and made it look professional, and the customisation options make it unique.

I love the looks of it too, it’s a basic box mod I know, but the way they made it look like anodised metal, the quirky fire button, and variety of options just make it stand out and it feels good to own.

The price tag is pretty good value, 3D printed mods aren’t quick and easy to produce, far from it as they require a lot of work and post processing. By the time you assemble it and finish it off, it has taken a fair few man hours, so considering that you’re getting a 100% individual mech squonk mod for under £60, it is a bit of a bargain.

The only thing I would have liked to see added is a locking mechanism for the fire button, without it means it limits its portability as you have to remove the battery before you put it in your pocket or bag. I did find my own ‘hack’ for this as I had a little strip of silicone I wedged between the fire button and contact.

Final Thoughts

Smartohmic should be proud of their creation, it is well engineered, has a quality look and finish, it feels great in the hand, and the customisation option is genius as it makes the Squeeze a lot more desirable than the competition. £60 is a bargain as a result.

Oh and I love their website! The way you can tweak and preview your choices is perfect.

Smartohmic Squeeze Mechanical Squonk Mod, it's a keeper

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