BP Mods Tomahawk SBS Squonker Review by Antony Lord

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BP Mods Tomahawk SBS

BP Mods Tomahawk SBS Squonker

Looking for something different, I remembered the Tomahawk SBS Squonker that BP Mods were showing off at Vaper Expo in May this year. Whilst I thought the “squonker” aspect was a bit of a gimmick, I’m quite partial to a compact side by side (SBS) mod for some of my mouth to lung tanks so I asked our friends over at Sourcemore if they’d be kind enough to send one over for review.


  • 77 x 48 x 27 mm
  • Single 18650 battery
  • Output 5~60 watts
  • USB-C charging
  • 5.5ml squonk system

BP Mods Tomahawk SBS Squonker unboxing

The Tomahawk is available in four colours, I was sent the Moonlight silver version for review and the other options are Bushido Black, BPMods Tangerine, and Everglade Green. Inside the box you get the Tomahawk SBS mod with the optional squonk system installed along with spare O-rings and an extra squonk bottle plus BP Mods customary instruction cards which are always informative.

BP Mods Tomahawk SBS Squonker close ups


Out of the box, the optional squonk system is installed which makes this look like a fairly standard sized mod. The main body is an anodised aluminium in your chosen colour with stainless steel accents running down either side. There is a large LCD screen on the front, a stainless steel battery tube runs down the rear, and finally you have a stainless steel base with a deeply engraved Tomahawk logo.

The controls are located on one of the stainless steel accents along one side of the unit, and in use I found that the power button automatically fell into place under my thumb. Whilst this is usable left handed, it felt more natural in my right hand so if you’re a southpaw, it may not be the best option. With the squonk system installed, this was also easy to access by either moving my thumb slightly or by squeezing it with a finger, this has been one of the easiest to use squonk systems I’ve come across.

BP Mods Tomahawk SBS Squonker screw cap and squonk system

This is all powered by a single 18650 with a screw in battery cap (positive side down please) so lower powered builds are preferable here, but this does mean that this is a fairly compact setup. The squonk bottle is filled via a fill port on the top covered by a large fill bung, whilst this does necessitate removing your RDA for filling, it’s much easier to use than your traditional squonk bottle. The sleeve around the 5.5ml bottle also rotates freely so you can position the squonk window to your liking.

BP Mods Tomahawk SBS Squonk system


The squonk system is removable allowing you to instantly transform the Tomahawk into a side by side mod with a standard 510 connector. This will accommodate tanks up to 24mm in diameter, but this is a very tight squeeze especially if there are any small protrusions on your atty, 23mm is a much more reasonable limit here.

BP Mods Tomahawk SBS Squonker vs sbs

Power, bypass, and temperature control modes are available which makes this quite a versatile setup and I’ve got no complaints about the performance of the board. Some might find the 60 watt output a little limiting, especially with an RDA where you’ll typically use a bit more power, but if you stick to single coil builds, it should be adequate for the majority of the time.


  • Versatile SBS and Squonk mod all in one package
  • Compact design
  • Easy to use squonk system


  • Some may find the 60 watt cap a bit limiting


Whilst I asked Sourcemore to send a review sample of the Tomahawk SBS Squonker over with the intention of using it as a SBS mod, I’ve been having so much fun with this coupled with a Hellvape Dead Rabbit Solo RDA that I’ve ended up using it almost exclusively as a squonk mod. The ease of use of the squonk system has probably helped here as it eliminates a lot of the faff and mess usually associated with squonking which means I’ve actually been enjoying my time with it where I’d normally get bored and frustrated with a squonk setup after a few days. Of course you also get a great SBS experience as well which makes this a great all-rounder which I’m sure I’ll carry on using for some time.

Many thanks to Sourcemore for sending the BP Mods Tomahawk SBS Squonker out for review.

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BP Mods Tomahawk SBS Squonker handcheck

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 Antony Lord
Article by Antony Lord
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