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Vaporesso XROS Pro

Vaporesso score another home run with the new XROS Pro kit!

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Vaporesso XROS Pro Pod Kit

We often get sent updated kits with “Pro” whacked on the end of the name but when you actually look at the features, they tend to not be massively different from the base kit, but when Vaporesso wanted to send their new XROS Pro kit, I knew things could get interesting. Vaporesso have been steadily building up their catalogue, packing each new kit with some really useful features and some tidy little tricks to enhance the complete vaping experience. Mix this up with some stellar build quality, and you are pretty much guaranteed to get a great vape. But with the XROS Pro, they really have taken the humble pod kit and turned the volume up to 11.

Vaporesso XROS Pro side

Packaging and Unboxing

For such a feature rich package, the box is surprisingly unassuming. It is instantly recognisable as a Vaporesso product with its now very familiar black and green colour scheme, and it features a glossy embossed picture of the XROS Pro in the chosen colour on the front so you can see what you are going to get. On one side you can read the new features, and on the back are a full specs for you to read at your leisure. Finally on the other side is the holographic sticker of authenticity. It is a small package which still features everything you need to know, so it is rather a good representation of the kit inside. Speaking of the inside, once you slide the main tray out, you are presented with a black card envelope containing the easy to follow instruction manual, and underneath that, you will find your new kit with a pod fitted, a second 0.4ohm pod and a rather decent quality braided USB cable. One thing I always love about Vaporesso is quality of the included USB cables, braided is always nicer than the usual black plastic sleeved ones most companies include.

Vaporesso XROS Pro USB port


  • Dimensions: 24.4 x 18.45 x 119.7mm
  • Max power: 30W
  • Battery: 1200mAh
  • Weight: 86g
  • Charging: USB-C/ 2A
  • Pod capacity: 2ml
  • Pod Resistance: 0.4ohm

First Impressions

Now I have to admit I didn’t really look at the box that closely when I started the review process, I saw the colour and that was a much as I really took in as I was keen to get things moving. I was sent a red version and a green one, the red is almost a deep salmon, and it looks lovely. The finish is stunning and the way the light bounces off the rounded edges makes it look surprisingly sophisticated. I could tell straight away that this was going to be far nicer than your average pod system. All the sliders feel firm but smooth, and the button on the front has a good level of resistance whilst still feeling fast and responsive. The branding is also understated, it has Vaporesso printed in a dull silver on the front, and the brand logo is stamped into the back. I love the latest Vaporesso logo, it wouldn’t look out of place on a superhero costume.

At 86g, this is quite a weighty little pod system, but this just adds to the quality feel of the body. A lot of thought has obviously been put into the balance of the XROS Pro, it just feels right when you hold it.

There is one thing that makes it feel different from most pod kits in this form, and that is the tapered front where the button sits. As I said, I didn’t pay much attention to the picture on the box and assumed the bulging panel was there to house the generous 1200mAh battery, but no! When I took my first puff, a green light appeared from nowhere at the bottom! This was just the start of the surprise though. When you press the fire button, a whole screen appears from nowhere to show your power setting, battery life and puffs. It stays illuminated for plenty enough time for you to read the information before it disappears again, and when I say it disappears, I mean it is completely gone. You cannot tell there is a screen there and all you are left with is the seamless colour of the device. It is incredibly stylishly done, and this was when I realised there was a lot more to this pod kit that I was initially expecting.

Vaporesso XROS Pro screen

In Use

By now, I was pretty impressed by the initial impressions, but it was time to really get to grips with what the XROS Pro could do. But first things first, I had to fill up the pod. This is the first XROS to use a 0.4mm coil in its pod but even better, you can use any of the existing XROS pods with it. It does treat them slightly differently though, the 0.4ohm can be fully adjustable allowing you to change the power in 0.5 increments whereas any of the others in the range can only be set to Eco, Normal, or Power. I did stick in one of my 0.6ohm pods to test this out and all three settings managed a tasty vape so it will be more about how warm you like your vape. I found Normal was pretty much perfect for me, but it is nice to have the choice. When you pop in a 0.4ohm pod, the XROS Pro will automatically select the optimum power setting, in this case 25W, but you can then tweak it to find your sweet spot. I dropped it down a full watt as I prefer a slightly cooler vape. No matter what your style though, with the huge selection of XROS compatible pods available, you should have no problems in designing your perfect combination.

Vaporesso XROS Pro pod fitting

Filling is completely mess free thanks to the top fill system, just flick off the mouthpiece and you will find the fill port clearly highlighted with a red ring so you won’t mistakenly try to fill up the wring bit. There is an air hole directly opposite the fill hole so you won’t get any airlocks to send your juice back out again, your e-liquid just goes where you want it to, and it stays there.

Vaporesso XROS Pro red fill hole

The new coils also feature the fabulous SSS Tech anti leaking system which works so well and unsure you will never lose a drop of e-liquid. Once filled, always let your coil saturate for a few minutes so you don’t get any dry hits. It doesn’t take long for enough juice to soak in though thanks to the large holes which are clearly visible. They are monstrously huge so you will always get a full flavoured hit, time and time again. Finally, the pods themselves are clear so you get a perfect view of how much e-liquid you have left without having to squint or time your kit upside down.

Vaporesso XROS Pro fill her up

The XROS Pro can be used in either auto draw mode or by pressing the fire button. Unusually both work equally well and they are also both very natural thanks to the position of the fire button, it sits perfectly where your thumb will naturally find itself. I found I alternated between both methods and didn’t really have a preference. If you are more used to auto draw, you will probably use that, but if you are more used to a tradition mod type set up, you will probably feel more comfortable using the button. It is quite unusual to find a kit where both methods feel equally well implemented.

The fire button also doubles up as the control button for changing the power. There is a lock slider on the side which enables the fire button (also useful if you don’t want any accidental misfires whilst in your pocket or bag).

  • 2 clicks turns the RGB light on or off so you won’t get a visual battery level showing which will also extent the battery a little
  • 3 clicks adjusts the power settings, if using the 0.4ohm pod, this will scroll round robin style
  • 4 clicks resets the puff counter

It is simple and easy to use, but you probably won’t need to access these options much once you have things set.

On the back of the body, you will find the airflow adjuster, a simple slide tab with three holes to choose from. These make quite a big difference, from a fairly loose draw to a surprisingly tight pull. It is worth playing around to tailor things to your preference. I like a tight draw so fully closed it off, but wherever it is set feels smooth and is quiet with no rasps or whistles.

Vaporesso XROS Pro airflow

The XROS Pro also features Super pulse mode which is a clever bit of tech which makes you get the best vape quality no matter how much battery life you have left. Even at low battery, you should get just as good a vape as you did at full charge. It is one of those things that works so well that you don’t notice it is there, but you certainly would know if it wasn’t. My vape felt rock solid from start to finish so the super pulse mode definitely works.

Whilst we are on the subject of battery life, as you would expect from 1200mAh, the battery life is superb, easily lasting me a day of heavy vaping. I probably vape above and beyond as a reviewer so at normal levels of vaping, you will be fine to last the distance. But as this is also a USB-C 2 kit, charging is insanely fast. Vaporesso reckon it should take thirty five minutes from dead to full, and I would say this is accurate. This is definitely fast enough to get you out of trouble if you forget to charge up and need to top up as you go.

Vaporesso XROS Pro monster juice ports

Final Thoughts

The XROS Pro is a seriously impressive kit with so many great features and tricks up its sleeve. What I really love though is that despite the technological advances, Vaporesso have managed to make this feel like a simple to use device. The stuff that goes on inside to ensure the fantastic vape quality never gets in the way, it just quietly and subtly gets on with its stuff, leaving you to enjoy a really tasty and satisfying vape. It also is a really stylish looking kit which will never call unnecessary or unwanted attention to itself. It is pure quality from top to tail.

9/10Vaporesso bring the goods to the top table once again

Vaporesso XROS Pro handcheck

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