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UWELL Dillon EM Pod Kit

UWELL have brought some shiny new tech to their latest pod kit, the UWELL Dillon EM Kit

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The UWELL Dillon EM impresses with its modern, sleek design and robust build quality. The device is compact and lightweight, making it perfect for on-the-go vaping. It features a smooth matte finish with a ribbed texture on the back for added grip. The device is available in four colours: Silver Quartz Fiber, Off-White Microarc, Purple Aura Quartz, and Luxury Black Gold.

A standout design feature is the large e-juice window, allowing easy monitoring of e-liquid levels. The pods are clear, providing a visual of the innovative EM-LOCK technology, honestly I could sit here all day and just pop in the pod and watch the EM-LOCK flick back and for all day, it's hard to explain it in a review until you see it yourself. 

The device also includes a bar LED indicator for battery life, though its placement could be more practical. When I'm vaping, I can't actually see the LED indicator as my hand tends to cover it, and by the time I adjust my hand to have a peek, the lights gone out. I found myself taking a very short puff to quickly flip the device around to catch what battery level is at, this becomes old quote fast. 


The Dillon EM is user-friendly with a focus on simplicity. It lacks a screen, adjustable wattage, and fully adjustable airflow, but compensates with its innovative EM-LOCK technology. This technology uses an electromagnetic shield to control e-liquid flow, preventing leaks and maintaining e-liquid freshness.

I would have liked an adjustable airflow on the side like some other pod kits offer, but I found the 0.8ohm pod to be more than airy enough for my needs. 

Each pod offers two airflow options based on its orientation. The 0.8Ω pod provides a tight MTL draw or a medium MTL draw, while the 0.6Ω pod offers a medium MTL draw or a loose MTL/RDL draw. The device operates at a maximum of 25W, with output determined by the pod used.


The Dillon EM includes two pods with built-in, non-removable coils:

- 0.6Ω Pod: Rated for 19W, provides a warmer vape and denser vapor.

- 0.8Ω Pod: Rated for 15W, offers a cooler vape with a tighter draw.

The EM-LOCK technology in the pods prevents leaking and maintains e-liquid freshness. The pods are clear and feature a side-fill system with a sturdy rubber stopper, making filling nice and convenient. 

The one major drawback I have with this device is that while the EM-LOCK prevents leaking from the bottom, when I went to fill my pods, I found juice around the rubber stopper every time I went to fill. While this wasn't really an issue for me as I've dealt with my fair share of leaks over the years (boro leaks anyone?), for a pod that advertised itself as leak free with innovate technology, some might feel a bit irked by this. 


The Dillon EM delivers excellent flavour and vapour production. The 0.6Ω pod provides a warmer vape, while the 0.8Ω pod offers a cooler, tighter draw. The draw activation is responsive and consistent, and the pods have a long lifespan, maintaining performance even after 50ml of e-liquid.

If you've ever used a UWELL device before, then you'll know how great the coils are. No matter what liquid I threw at it, the flavour was superb every single time. Even when I was on low battery, I didn't really notice any flavour drop off like I have done on some other pod kits. 

For me, the biggest selling point of this device is the superb UWELL coils. While the EM-LOCK is nice to have and I always love to see companies innovating and trying something new, the coils performance sits top of my list. Even if you’re not worried about leaks, the coils are more than worth purchasing this kit for. 

The 900mAh battery lasts a full day of heavy vaping and charges quickly with 2A Type-C charging. The device is ideal for those who want a simple, reliable vape with excellent performance.

If you want to give the UWELL Dillon EM a try, pop over to TECC where you can pick up the kit for £22.99, and this includes two free e-liquids to get you up and running as soon as possible.

Many thanks to TECC for sending the UWELL Dillon EM in for review.

  • Sleek and compact design
  • Excellent build quality
  • Innovative EM-LOCK system prevents leaking
  • Fantastic flavour from both pods
  • Variable airflow options
  • Impressive battery capacity
  • Fast charging
  • Clear pods and e-juice window
  • Responsive draw activation
  • Airflow only adjustable with pod orientation
  • LED indicator placement could be improved
  • Juice around the rubber stopper whenever I was topping off my pods
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