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Vaporesso XROS Cube

It's little wonder that Vaporesso are riding high at the moment when they bring out near perfect kits like the diminutive XROS Cube

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Along with the XROS Pro kit, Vaporesso also sent in a cute little MTL (mouth to lung) number called the XROS Cube for us to check out. I am always happy to see tiny kits as I have possibly the smallest hands known to man, I used to be a bass player back in the day, and nobody could believe I could actually reach the notes. I’m surprised McDonalds haven’t given me a call as my hands are so titchy that when I hold a double cheeseburger, it looks like a Big Mac! So will this pint sized powerhouse deliver a supersized vape?

XROS Cube boxed

Unboxing and Specs

Not only is the XROS Cube tiny, but the packaging is also suitably stripped down to be as compact as possible. The now well recognised green and black colour scheme stand out as much as ever, and the glossy embossed graphic representation of the device in your chosen colour stands out really nicely. The outer sleeve slips off and inside you will find the inner box which houses a blown plastic tray holding the Cube with a 0.8ohm mesh coil pod already fitted, and below that you will find the rest of the kit. Included is a 1.2ohm pod, a small USB-C cable, a metal lanyard, and a small instruction booklet.

XROS Cube unboxing

  • Dimensions: 27.8 x 24.9 x 72mm
  • Weight: 46g
  • Wattage: Max 16W
  • Battery: 900mAh
  • Charging: USB-C/2A
  • Pod capacity: 2ml
  • Battery: 900mAh

XROS Cube contents

In Use

This is actually quite a tough kit to review as there is so little to say about the actual functions. Basically you fill up your pod with your favourite e-liquid, pop it on the mod and off you go. There is nothing else to do other than fine tune your airflow and vape, not that there is anything wrong with keeping things simple, it just means I have less to waffle on about. I guess some people might see that as a positive in itself! It is simplicity in its purest form.

XROS Cube side view

The XROS Cube is a true MTL kit though, even with the airflow set fully open, there is a nice amount of resistance, and fully closed means you have to actually put some effort in to your puff. This will reward you with a superbly rich flavour from the Corex coil powered pods. We see a lot of kits that claim to be MTL but they often turn out to be loose DTL, but the Cube is genuinely what it claims to be. It is a lovely draw; I can’t fault it at all.

XROS Cube airflow

Filling the pod is top fill which makes the job so much easier, and combined with Vaporesso’s superb SSS anti leak technology ensures a totally mess free experience throughout the whole vape. To access the fill port, you just need to pop the mouthpiece off and underneath you will find the correct hole marked with a red seal so you know where to stick your nib. On the opposite side you will find another tiny hole which allows displaced air to escape, and this stops any e-liquid from trying to escape back out through the filling port. It is a really effective system which stops any spills or dribbles, and the unmissable red seals at the bottom of the pod means that you won’t get any leaks during use.

XROS Cube filling

The pods themselves are crystal clear too so you can always see how much juice you have left without having to tip things around or squint. I genuinely think the latest generation of XROS pods are as close to perfection as you are likely to get, both in function and performance. Added bonus points go to the cross compatibility of XROS pods across the range, they are pretty much all interchangeable which allows a certain amount of customisation by switching to a different pod. I am a big fan of the 0.8ohm pods, the flavour is so good and they also work really well with most e-liquid formats whether you are a traditional shortfills fan or you prefer the latest super sweet disposable replicant flavours. The 1.2ohm is still a great choice though, especially if you want to squeeze a bit more longevity from the 900mAh battery.

XROS Cube with 10ml e-liquid

Speaking of the battery, I was particularly impressed by how efficient the XROS Cube is in this area. With no screen to power or any settings to change, the battery seems to last for ages. I was finding it could easily last a full day of heavy vaping before the battery said enough, pretty impressive for one of this size. Although you can’t tell exactly how much battery power you have left, the traditional lighting system is easy to keep an eye on. As with most kits at the moment, there is a light which indicates which bracket of power you have left (Green 100%-70%, Blue 70%-30%, Red 30%-0%). I find sometimes it can be tricky to see lights when I am actually vaping, and I think if you had to rely purely on it, things might be tricky as the Cube is so small that you might end up going cross eyed trying to focus on it. But Vaporesso have thought of that and have designed an ingenious system seems to reflect the light around the base, not blindingly bright but plenty enough for you to be able to see it.

XROS Cube pod fitting

The Shape of Things to Come

The big selling point of the XROS Cube is that it is so small, and it is a testament to Vaporesso’s design team that they have done this without compromising any of the quality of the vape. The two tone colour schemes make it look like a short, stubby lipstick. The mouthpiece, a fairly typical duck billed affair, is set off centre which at first I wasn’t sure about as I like symmetry, but the position is actually very well thought out as it feels very natural. Mind you, the lanyard attachment is on the opposite side, so I think I have been using it upside down. The addition of the lanyard will be handy to a lot of people, especially as it is actually a little bit chunky to be putting in your pocket. The device is small and light so feels quite comfortable hanging round your neck.

XROS Cube mouthpiece

I wasn’t sure how comfortable it would feel to someone with more normal sized hands, so I passed it around everyone in my household and the results were pretty unanimous. If you wrap your hands fully around the body, it isn’t that natural feeling, but holding it with your fingers was universally liked. For reference, we go from my XXS hands to my other half who has XXL hands and everyone else is somewhere in between, so I think it was a pretty good judge of comfort.

XROS Cube vs XROS Pro

Final Thoughts

If you like to customise your vape, you might be better off looking at something like the XROS Pro kit, but if you just want a solid, well built, tasty MTL kit with no fuss, the XROS Cube is well worth considering. The flavour and vape quality as top notch as you would expect from Vaporesso, and it is absolutely no hassle or stress to use. If you are coming from using regular disposable vapes, grab one of these and something like Maryliq or Elfliq salts, and I can 100% guarantee you will have an incredible vape, and if you just want a no-brainer kit for a night out so you don’t have to take your regular MTL kit out, the XROS Cube is a very solid option.

9.5/10 – In the words of the late great David Bowie….Little wonder, little wonder, you little wonder, little wonder you!

XROS Cube handcheck

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