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Innokin Sensis EZ Kit

Si takes a look at the new reboot of the Innokin Sensis EZ Kit to see of the force is still strong with this old favourite

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Supplied by Innokin for review

Back in early 2021, Innokin released the original Sensis AIO kit and we rated it very highly in our review: https://www.planetofthevapes.co.uk/reviews/pod-systems/innokin-sensis-find.html
One year on and Innokin have given it a little tweak with new colours and an all new ‘EZ’ pod.

Has it stood the test of time? Absolutely!

Essentially the hardware and chipset are identical so I won’t repeat myself from the original review (see above), but I will discuss the current opinion and impressions of this new edition.

At a glance

  • Pod capacity - 2ml
  • Coil resistance - 0.25ohm mesh S-Coil (fitted) / 0.65ohm MTL (spare)
  • Battery capacity - 3000mAh
  • Output wattage - 6-40W
  • Output modes - VW / Coil+ / Refresh / FØ
  • Resistance range - 0.2-3.5ohm
  • Dimensions - 120.3mm x 39.5mm x 30mm
  • Embedded screen fire button
  • Top fill pod
  • Suitable for MTL, RDL & DL vaping
  • Compatible with all S-Coils

Innokin Sensis EZ Kit unboxing


It was a touch of Déjà vu as the packaging is the same with the superb planet friendly paper based box and accessory bags along with the recycled paper manual. It still impresses me and over a year on Innokin, are still ahead of the competition in this area.

Innokin Sensis EZ Kit planet friendly packaging

The bundle provided is, as you would expect with the kit, a charging cable, two coils, and the documents, but there’s also a second MTL drip-tip and O-rings included which reflects how this kit is an all-rounder.

Innokin Sensis EZ Kit contents

Though the Sensis is a pod system at heart, I still consider it to be a mod and magnetic tank, perhaps more of an AIO (All In One) as the airflow adjustment is in the mod rather than the tank. The new EZ Pod is now plastic rather than glass, but it is compatible with the old one and there is a 510 adaptor available so you can also add your own tank.

Innokin Sensis EZ Kit pod fitment

Despite the body design being over a year old, it still felt very fresh and modern. Had I not tried the original, I would still be impressed how innovative and stylish the Sensis is. There have been so many great kits released since the Sensis first came along, but it still stands out from the crowd.

Innokin Sensis EZ Kit screen

I’m a sucker for white vapes so I was over the moon that Innokin included a white option with the new release. The coating is a satin finish which looks like it is possibly paint or fine powder coated and it keeps clean during use, the only fingerprint magnet is the fire bar screen area, but it’s not too bad.

Innokin Sensis EZ Kit leather grip

The leather wrap feels good quality and, surprisingly, keeps clean. The shape of the Sensis lends itself to ‘grip firing’, if that makes sense? As in you hold it in a fist grip and your inner fingers grip to fire, as awkward as I’ve made that sound it is actually really comfortable and intuitive.

Innokin Sensis EZ Kit all angles

I think it’s the fire bar screen that makes it feel so natural and intuitive, the position is just right that your palm and grip rests on the leather and away from the airflow inlet.

I could go on and on about the design but I have covered it all in my previous review, if you are interested and want to know more, then it’s worth a look as everything but the pod is still relevant:

Innokin Sensis EZ Kit pod and coils

The new EZ Pod is totally different to the original. It is now mostly plastic and features a new filling method which is accessed via a silicone seal on the side which reveals a filling hole towards the top. This is indeed more ‘EZ’ as the previous glass pod had to be removed to fill it through the base seal.

Innokin Sensis EZ Kit fill port design

Fitting the coil is exactly the same but you have to be aware of the little adaptor that needs to be unscrewed from the coil and fitted to the new one, I made the mistake of throwing the adaptor away with the old coil and had to rummage through my bin to find it again – lesson learned! Part of me thinks this is a faff, but I do actually appreciate why they chose this method as it reduces the waste metal considerably.

The new pod is lighter and more convenient than the old glass pod, but for me it takes something away from the overall looks of the Sensis as it seems a bit cheap compared to the classy glass tank.

Innokin Sensis pod unboxing

The good news is that the old glass one is still available separately and is quite a bargain as it includes two coils and two drip-tips along with an S-coil adaptor.
*Note – the 2ml TPD glass pod has a silicone restriction bung inside which looks a bit ugly so try to get a 3.1ml version if you can.


The original Sensis had a code to enable the F0 feature but the latest version has been made easier and no code is required. It also has the recommended settings within the option screen to make it even easier to set, and in my experience it’s worth doing.

Innokin Sensis EZ Kit controls

*Code no longer required – see above)

Innokin Sensis EZ Kit settings


One of the main innovations in the Sensis which is so damn useful is the ‘REFRESH’ setting. It simply pulses the coil at low power to clear the gunk from the coil a little and re-saturates the cotton which extends the coil life as a result. If you start to notice the flavour drop off then it’s time to ‘Refresh’, and in my experience it’s worth doing in intervals after that to really prolong the coil life. I would recommend clicking refresh two or three times as once didn’t do a lot. I’ve got no exact findings, but I reckon it made my coils last a good 25% longer, if not more. Also right after a REFRESH you can really notice the difference in flavour.


The Sensis is such a good low powered vape whether MTL or DL, and the airflow adjustment works really well. You can achieve a tight MTL draw right up to a surprisingly airy DL draw, and it excels at RDL vaping. Which coil you use will depend on your style, but I mostly stick to the 0.65ohm as it is a good all-rounder and lasts longer than my usual 1.2ohm MTL coil.

The 0.65ohm coil is labelled as an MTL with a suggested range of 9-12watts but it is more than capable for RDL. That said, Innokin do a 0.5ohm S-Coil which is even better for RDL.

Innokin Sensis EZ Kit going down a storm(trooper)

Though the 0.25ohm coil is primarily an RDL/DL coil, I did learn something new along the way. It turns out you can RDL the 0.25ohm coil at very low wattage which came in handy for me due to having a cough from ‘the vid’. MTL was a real struggle as it made me cough a lot but RDL was doable, and since I prefer 20mg nic salts and less clouds in the house, this turned out to be my saving grace as I could get a high nicotine hit without vaping more. I know this is a personal experience but it’s worth knowing if you wanted to try a different way to vape 20mg nic salts, and I would imagine this method will come in handy when you only have a very short time to get your nicotine fix.

Innokin Sensis EZ Kit statuesque

Generally the Sensis EZ ends up being such a good all-rounder for lower powered vaping but without sacrificing flavour and warmth, naturally vapour production is lower but for me that’s a huge pro for indoor vaping and vaping in public. The other benefit is the 3000mAh battery life which is excellent and would last me a full day and evening with the 0.65ohm coil.

Innokin Sensis EZ Kit colour ways

The device itself is just so nice to use, it is comfortable, responsive and faff free. The compact size sat happily in my jeans pocket but I did find my first niggle; the lack of a locking function which was a must in the pocket due to the convenient firing bar. However the solution was simply to turn it off and on again with 3 x FIRE which, to be fair, only took a couple of seconds and about the same as devices with multiple button presses.

I must admit I soon swapped the pod over to the glass version, obviously it didn’t affect the vape one bit but I preferred the look of the it as it looked less like a pod to me. I didn’t mind bottom filling as I like to keep in the habit of checking and cleaning off any condensation from the base.


It’s worth mentioning how the S-Coils make the Sensis so versatile. I can’t think of a better stock coil all-rounder pod/AIO system, and the variety of coils has kept me keeping the Sensis in firm rotation since it first came out. The REFRESH option helped as the coils now last as long as I'd expect. Some of the coils I keep on buying are:

  • 0.5ohm (18-20W) – RDL
  • 0.65ohm (9-12W) – MTL/RDL
  • 1.2ohm (8-9.5W) – MTL
  • 0.25ohm (25-35W) – RDL/DL

I didn’t actually realise how many different ones I used until I listed them, usually I settle for one or maybe two as often a device is better in one area (MTL/RDL or DL for example), but the S-Coils in the Sensis suit all types. It was the Sensis that knocked my much loved PM80 off its perch even though it was a lower wattage and produces less vapour, which brings me onto if the Sensis will suit cloud chasers. I would say absolutely not, though vapour production is quite high on the 0.25ohm coil at the max wattage of 35W, but it is obviously nowhere near as much as you would get from a larger coil and tank.


The Sensis EZ is somewhat of a re-release but it is still very current and up to date. The new colours offer a refreshed look, and the new pod is more convenient but not as good looking in my opinion but that is easily fixed with the 3.1ml glass tank/pod.

The REFRESH is actually very useful to prolong the coils lifespan and is fairly easy to use. The F0 mode is easier to use and only takes a minute to set and forget, but again it is worth taking the time to do.

Along with the S-Coil options, the Sensis EZ is such a good all-rounder for those users that prefer a lower powered vape, and the Sensis excels in MTL and RDL but is more than capable of a decent DL vape at 35watts.

The original Sensis was one of the best of 2021 and still stands out as one of the best in 2022 with the EZ edition, so if the new colours or pod aren’t for you, then you can still get the original.

Innokin Sensis EZ Kit colour options


  • The vape is perfect from flavour, smoothness, and airflow
  • Top-fill pod
  • Equally as good for MTL and RDL
  • Lightweight for its size
  • 3000mAh internal battery
  • Easy navigation
  • Innovative new features
  • Effective airflow control
  • Variable Voltage up to 7.5 volts
  • Environmentally friendly packaging


I don’t really have any cons as such, niggles are subjective such as the new pod doesn’t look as posh to me but it is more convenient, and the lack of locking is overcome by simply powering off when stowed.

Final Thoughts

It turns out I like the Sensis more than I originally did. I have been using it for over a year and appreciated it more over that time due to its wider range of uses with the S-Coils, and I’m glad Innokin brought out the new colours and the EZ pod as it brings the Sensis back up into the current kits for those that missed it the first time around.

Innokin Sensis EZ Kit the force is strong

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