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VooPoo Argus MT Kit

After checking out the VooPoo Argus XT Kit last week, Si is back to check out the VooPoo Argus MT Kit, kind of the same but also very different!

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Supplied by VooPoo direct
$79.99 (USD)

Hot on the heels of the ARGUS XT review, we have the MT which is exactly the same but totally different. I check out the differences but I also discover the MT’s own merits along the way.

ARGUS XT Review 

VooPoo Argus MT Kit first look


  • Size: 26*52mm
  • Capacity: 6.5ml(Standard/US) , 2ml(TPD)
  • Material: Stainless Steel+Pyrex
  • Included Coil Resistance: 0.2Ω(TPP-DM2) & 0.3Ω(TPP-DM4)


  • Name: ARGUS XT Kit
  • Size:148*34.5*37mm
  • Material: Leather + Zinc Alloy
  • Output Power: 5-100W
  • Output Voltage: 0-8.5V
  • Resistance range: 0.05-3.0Ω
  • Charging voltage: Type-C 5V/3A
  • Battery: Built in 3000mAh
  • Weight: 177g


  • Built in 3000mAh battery
  • 3 Amp fast charging
  • IP68 (Dust/water/shock resistant)
  • MAAT New tank
  • Adjustment locking physical switch
  • 80 Watt (100 Watts in RBA mode)
  • Smart wattage function


Due to what appears to be a courier flash mob football game using the parcel as the ball, the package was severely damaged in transit so I am unable to do this section properly which is a shame as the Argus MT comes in a rather posh metal tin, and perhaps a testament to the packaging style; the kit inside received no damage whatsoever, even the spare bubble glass was intact!

VooPoo Argus MT Kit unboxing

The kit contents are pretty decent, you get the MT mod, the MAAT New tank, two different coils, a good quality charging cable, some spare seals, a spare bubble glass, and the documentation.

First Impressions and Overview

I’m going to do my best to avoid comparing the MT to the XT for now but the difference was quite jarring, the MT is so much lighter due to the built in LiPo battery and the…. oops! I was about to prattle on about the differences already! Stay on target! Stay on target……

VooPoo Argus MT with MAAT new tank

The mod is a single internal battery and as a result, it sits in your hand really comfortably. If VooPoo made light sabre handles, then this would be it, the shape is really interesting as it has a six sided body which has been sculpted to soften the edges in your hand.

VooPoo Argus MT shape

The base has a rubber pad which I’m a big fan of as it prevents scuffing of the mod or the surface you bang it down on, it also adds to the stability when it’s stood up. The 510 connection plate has the same six sided shape and there are no screws visible (the shape will prevent any spinning).

The leather grip adds to the comfort but you are still able to feel the angles (in a good way) which only adds to the ergonomics as it always feels intuitive as your thumb always hovers over the fire button naturally .

VooPoo Argus MT Kit all angles

I can’t comment on the other colours, but the white version appears to be a painted finish which is pearlescent, even the leather has a slight pearl finish to it, this really isn’t to my tastes and looks a bit feminine. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing and it’s a rare option ‘for the ladies’ as most mods tend to have a masculine style.

VooPoo Argus MT Kit all in one

The MAAT New tank is SS (Silver) in this kit which is a bit of a contrast but it looks slightly unmatched as there’s no visible silver on the mod other than the 510 connection which is mostly hidden at this point.

The photos do most of the talking but there’s a few design features worth mentioning; the hidden USB port has a flip open cover which I assume is mostly for dust protection, there’s a physical adjustment locking switch, the screen is large and well laid out with a nice large wattage font, and finally there’s a lanyard ring on the body which is sturdy but I’m not sure if a lanyard would cause surface damage so I would suggest you use a string or rubber attachment rather than a metal lobster claw one.

VooPoo Argus MT Kit screen

Spot the Difference

The Argus XT and MT look very similar but they are different in more ways than you would expect on the face of it. Rather than just a different battery option, VooPoo have made some big differences between the two.

I have covered the controls in my previous review and they are essentially identical, the only notable difference is the locking switch which is completely different on the MT, the position is lower and it only locks the adjustments.

VooPoo Argus MT Kit lock switch

This led me to start noticing more differences such as the overall construction. The MT has a different control button layout; the MT has a horizontal rocker switch and the XT has a vertical one, and the fire button is slightly higher on the MT which is better as your thumb position feels more natural.

VooPoo Argus MT Kit top plate

The top 510 connection plate is also different as the lanyard ring looks to be a separate piece on the XT and feels a bit more beefy, the MT’s ring is part of the casting and looks a bit bigger. I prefer the XT as it looks a bit more substantial.

VooPoo Argus MT Kit base

Due to the internal battery in the MT, it doesn’t require a battery door so VooPoo used this space well with a rubber base which is far better than the little rubber feet on the XT, you really notice the difference when putting each device down on a hard surface. The large rubber base on the MT is the best I have come across.

But for me, the two feel very different and if I’m honest I found the MT to feel a bit cheaper and less polished. It feels like the MT was designed first and the engineers looked at what could be better on the XT. The main thing I found to be worse on the MT was the locking switch as it is only a two way switch which simply locks all buttons, the XT has a three way switch which locks either the adjustments or locks all buttons, it might not sound like much but the XT was just easier to use and better positioned.

I’m sounding quite negative by now but the MT does have some advantages over the XT and some of those come down to personal preferences, the MT’s strengths over the XT are:

  • Built in battery
  • Much lighter
  • Rubber base pad
  • Better fire button position

Pearl Necklace

The weight of the XT mod only using a 21700 battery is 211g, but the MT is noticeably lighter at only 177g, they obviously both get heavier with the MAAT New tank but I would say the MT is more lanyard friendly as the XT starts feel too heavy to wear (but good to clip onto a backpack).

VooPoo Argus MT Kit 65

MAAT New Tank

I have covered this tank in the ARGUS GT and Argus XT reviews so I won’t go over old ground too much, but this is my favourite VooPoo sub-ohm tank ever. Popping this tank onto any mod makes it an upgrade but it really suits the MT and XT, and the wattage range can handle both included coils perfectly.

VooPoo Argus MT MAAT new tank break down

VooPoo MAAT new tank fill port

VooPoo Argus MT Kit pez
(Sorry! I couldn’t resist making it look like a Pez dispenser)


I’m going to shamelessly ‘copy n paste’ this section as the performance was remarkably identical, I had expected a 21700 in the XT to give more grunt but I noticed no difference at all.

Before I go into the performance any deeper, the ARGUS XT kit performs best (in my personal opinion) with the TPP-DM1 0.15ohm Coil 60W- 80W, and I found 75 watts to give the best results.

The flavour, warmth, and smoothness is just fantastic which is obviously down to the MAAT New tank and coil, the mod does its job well but more than that, it feels like the right tool for the job with the single battery design and ergonomics.

I had doubted that the ARGUS MT would be better than the dual 18650 GT but for this coil it was, the actual vape quality is the same (as it should be) but it was the overall vaping experience that made this one better for me.

The coils I would personally recommend for this kit are:

  • TPP-DM1 0.15ohm Coil 60W- 80W
  • TPP-DM2 0.2ohm Coil 40W-60W
  • TPP-DM4 0.3ohm Coil 32W-40W – NEW

Back onto MT specific performance……

The TPP-DM4 coil is included in this kit but not in the XT which is a shame as this coil surprised me no end, there was little compromise in flavour, vapour production was decent at 35 watts but the trade-off was far better than I had expected. This coil gave the MT kit a new lease of life as the battery life made it a better long day out vape as I could trust it to last, the DM1 would only give me around 3-4 hours whereas the DM4 lasted me 7-8 hours.

As much as I enjoyed the cloud chucking DM2, I preferred the DM4 for this kit and less clouds meant it was less of an issue to avoid public fogging, but that’s your call. The good news is the MAAT New DM coils cover all your needs and preferences.

VooPoo Argus MT Kit mod


It’s going to come down to your personal preferences as to which ARGUS kit suits you more, the XT is the clear winner for me as I like heavier mods, but the MT is aimed at newer users due to its simplicity, and the convenience of the internal battery makes it less faff overall.

As mentioned earlier; the advantages the MT offers over the XT are:

  • Built in battery
  • Much lighter
  • Rubber base pad
  • Better fire button position

Had I not experienced the XT first, then I would have been far more impressed with the MT. The XT felt more of an upgrade to me and shouted to my personal preferences more.


  • Modern and classy styling
  • MAAT New tank and DM series coils
  • Two mode physical locking switch
  • IP68 proofing
  • Bright and clear screen
  • Attention to detail
  • Built in 3000mAh battery
  • High Flavour and vapour production
  • It has the ‘it’ factor
  • Leak resistant tank base


Aargh! I was sure I would have some cons for the MT but they turned out to be personal preferences, cons are ‘faults’ and I couldn’t justify any. Sure, I didn’t like the girly pearl, and the less impressive locking switch, but it would be harsh to class these as cons or indeed faults as they clearly aren’t once you factor in personal tastes, and choice is a good thing right?

Final Thoughts

The XT is the clear winner for me (as I had expected), but the MT will be the one for others. Weigh up which one suits you more and you should be happy with either choice. There are a couple of things I prefer on the MT version, and the included DM4 coil added to the it factor of this kit.

Score: 9/10 – VooPoo MT #MeToo (I assume that’s what the MT stands for?)

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