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TECC arc Mini 2

TECC have sent in their latest pint sized powerhouse, the TECC arc Mini 2

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TECC Arc Mini 2


TECC Arc Mini 2


The original TECC arc Mini became a bit of an instant classic back when it first came out thanks to its diminutive size and superb build quality. But vaping has changed quite a lot in the last few years, so TECC have taken a look under the hood of their old favourite and have tweaked, tinkered, and fine-tuned things a bit and the results are the TECC arc Mini 2.


TECC Arc Mini 2 boxed


First Impressions and Specs


The TECC arc Mini 2 comes in a multipart box wrapped in a slide off outer sleeve. Removing the main box, you will be presented with a lift off top which reveals the device, the EN tank and another little box containing the charging cable and the spare coil. The tank and the mod are kept separate for maximum safety, but the coil is pre-installed, so you just need to screw the two main parts together. The battery comes fully charged so you can get up and running from the moment you unbox everything.


TECC Arc Mini 2 unboxing

  • Tank Size – 2ml
  • Battery Capacity – 1050mAh
  • Coil Resistance 1.2ohm
  • Maximum Output – 20W
  • Charging – USB-C
  • Size - 104mm x 34mm x 21mm

On the surface, the TECC arc Mini 2 is very similar to its predecessor, it is still tiny and still features a colourful body with some nice metal accents. The buttons are a different shape, but the cute screen is the same and everything will feel very familiar if you are upgrading. If this is your first time with one of the TECC arc series, the first thing that really jumps out is the build quality, it really feels like a premium device. At first glance, you may not notice the construction, but the closer you look, the more you can appreciate how well this little kit is put together. There is a surprising weight to it thanks to the metal construction, but because every side has been perfectly rounded, it still feels good to hold. Even the bottom plate with the USB-C connector looks premium, it is a proper slab of metal.


TECC Arc Mini 2 contents


The EN tank is the perfect partner, carrying on the smart lines and great build quality. It is a standard 510 connection, so you could use your own tank, but as a kit, this is a near perfect pairing. I did find it needs to be screwed down tight for it to make the connection, the first few times I couldn’t get the TECC arc Mini 2 to fire, I thought I’d tightened things up enough but once I gave it a bit more of a twist, everything burst into life. The top slides over to reveal the fill port, and there is a safety lock to keep things secure so you won’t end up dumping your juice. There was no problem with 10ml bottles, but I also tried a 100ml shortfill bottle and there wasn’t enough clearance without removing the drip tip.


TECC Arc Mini 2 fill port


Control and Screen


I absolutely love the little screen; it is such a unique design. It is a small circular affair which is fitted on to the top of the mod so you can clearly see it when vaping. It is surprisingly versatile considering how tiny it is too. During vaping, it times your puffs which you can see in real time, and then it flicks to display your remaining battery level if you leave the default settings as they are.


Tapping the up or down buttons will change the power in 0.5 increments, and pressing up and down will lock it so you can’t accidentally change your settings.


TECC Arc Mini 2 buttons


By default, the TECC arc Mini 2 is set to vaping in voltage rather than wattage which threw me a bit at first as I haven’t set my vaping levels that way for years. Out of the box, it is set to a very weedy 2.6V and I wouldn’t recommend vaping it like that, bump it up to 3.7V for starters and see how you go. If you are more used to wattage, you can easily switch between the two by tapping the fire button 3 times which puts it in menu mode. Here you can change between voltage and wattage mode, and you can also change what it displays after you take a puff. I left it showing remaining battery present, but you can choose to display the coil resistance instead. I think most people will be more interested in keeping an eye on the battery though. It is a surprisingly comprehensive menu system, considering how tiny everything is, it gives you more options that I expected for what appears to be a very basic kit.


The EN Tank


The EN tank is a classic stock coil mouth to lung tank, perfectly shrunk down to fit the smaller size of the kit. Of course, all tanks are limited to 2ml anyway so there is no need for monster tanks anyway, and mouth to lung doesn’t need masses of airflow options. That said, you can still opt for the widest slotted airflow down to a single hole cheek puller so there are options to fine tune things to suit. Unusually, all options work well, and I enjoyed them equally at both extremes. Even the widest is still definitely mouth to lung only, you are not going to get a ton of air passing through if you prefer things a little looser.


TECC Arc Mini 2 EN coil


The EN tank also uses its own EN coils. The kit comes with 1.2ohm only but there is a 0.8ohm options available to buy separately which will probably be better suited disposable type nic salts. The 1.2ohm are perfect with regular (not super sweet) nic salts and 50/50 e-liquids. I did try some 70/30 juice just for fun, and it could handle it just about, but you can tell that it really wasn’t designed for it.


TECC Arc Mini 2 fitting the coil


The flavour is decent although the break in time was a little longer than I am used to these days, it took a couple of tanks to really start to come into its own. Once it does though, the vape is on par with most mtl stock coils. The thinner the e-liquid, the better the flavour though, and nic salts definitely produced the best results. Because it isn’t the most detailed flavour, it actually worked for a wide range of flavour profiles, nothing really blew me away, but nothing tasted offensive either, so I would say they are a good all-rounder coils.


TECC Arc Mini 2 filling


Final Thoughts


In a world full of pods and disposables, it comes as a welcome relief to get to use a proper little kit, and although the TECC arc Mini 2 is tiny in size, make no mistake, it is a proper little vaping kit that has just been shrunk down to fit nicely in your pocket. The vape is good, there are enough options to play with whilst still being easily accessible to new vapers, and the build quality is up there with the best. Whilst it may not be bringing anything new to the party, the TECC arc Mini 2 is a welcome refresh to an already iconic little kit.


If you want to try the TECC arc Mini 2 for yourself, you can pick up the complete kit from TECC for £34.99. I'd always recommend stocking up on EN coils too which come in packs of two for £5.49. Finally if you are just looking for a small form mtl tank, you can buy the EN tank seperately for £14.99.





  • Great build quality
  • Easy to use
  • Unique but informative screen
  • Great battery life for the size
  • Comfortable design




Coils need a bit of breaking in

Drip Tip needs to be removed for larger bottles


8/10 – Proper kit in a pint sized package


Many thanks to TECC for sending in the TECC arc Mini 2 for review.

TECC Arc Mini 2 handcheck



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