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Innokin Kroma Nova Kit

Innokin continue their amazingly strong run with the all new Kroma Nova kit

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Innokin Kroma Nova Kit

Innokin Kroma Nova Kit

Innokin are releasing not one, but two new kits in conjunction with their brand new PZP coils and lucky us, we get to play with both of them. First up is the Innokin Kroma Nova, the latest update to the Kroma family. I think the first Kroma was introduced back in 2017 so the series has been around for a while now, but each new addition manages to keep things fresh whilst also building on the original ethos. I will save some of you a bit of time here, if you already like the Kroma series and are looking for a new kit, you will be very much at home with the Kroma Nova, but if you are new to the IP, you might want to stick around for the review.

Innokin Kroma Nova Kit box


Specs and unboxing


The first thing that is obvious about all Innokin products is their total commitment to the environment, and there is no change here. Everything comes in card or paper packaging, not a hint of plastic in sight. Even the coils come in little paper packets which can be put straight in your recycling bin. They don’t even come in a cellophane wrapper, there is just a paper seal which needs to be torn to get to your new mod. As someone who absolutely hates unnecessary waste, I cannot express just how much I love Innokin’s commitment to sustainable vaping.


Innokin Kroma Nova Kit contents

The box still manages to look great despite its recycled look and texture. You can clearly see what you have and the image of your kit in your chosen colour really pops from the front. Along the side are a couple of interesting signatures. If you have been vaping for a while, you will instantly recognise two big names who have been involved with the design of the latest products, Phil Busardo and Dimitrios Agrafiotis who you might know better as The VapinGreek. Now I have been vaping for a very long time, and Phil was already a very influential figure even back then, so to say he knows a thing or two about vaping would be a bit of an understatement. With those two names on the side of the box, you can rest assured that the Kroma Nova has been designed for vapers by vapers!


Innokin Kroma Nova Kit front and back

Inside the box, the first thing you see is your shiny new mod. The simplicity of the box really makes the device look even more impressive as it there are no distractions to take your eyes away from the main event. It comes with the pod already fitted with the 1.0ohm PZP coil already installed. There is another layer underneath where you will find the rest of the goodies, including a USB-C charging cable, a 0.4ohm PZP coil, a restricted direct to lung drip tip (a narrower bore one is prefitted to the pod which is more suited to mouth to lung vaping), and all the paperwork including a simple but comprehensive manual. It is a great all round package which gives you everything you need to try the different styles the Kroma Nova has to offer.

  • Dimensions: 116.33*39.15*30.76 mm
  • Pod Capacity: 2ml 
  • Material: Zinc Alloy, Leather
  • Battery Capacity: 3000mAh
  • Power Output: 6-60W

First impressions

The Kroma Nova is a satisfyingly substantial kit, weighing in at 142.5g, in a world where single use flimsy little lumps of plastic have taken over, I can’t tell you how good it feels to hold a proper mod! The main body is made from Zinc Alloy and there is a padded vegan leather grip which is soft and warm feeling. The screen doubles up as the fire button and your hand just naturally wraps around perfectly to guide your fingers to an instinctively comfortable position to vape. At the base of the screen/trigger, there are two adjustment buttons which slightly protrude but don’t get in the way. They are both firm with a solid click. There is a lock so you can’t accidently mess with your settings, but the buttons are firm enough that if you forget to engage the lock, I think you’d be pretty unlucky to change anything. The lock doesn’t stop you firing the mod though so if you are going to keep it in your pocket, you might want to just turn it off as a safety precaution.

Innokin Kroma Nova Kit front and side

The screen is a real joy, it has a very clean interface, and all the information is concise and clear. I always turn the light down to the lowest I can get away with, and even at the lowest setting, everything was crystal clear, even in poor light. The information displayed is really considerately laid out too so you can see everything you need with just the quickest of glances. There are no fancy graphics or power wasting animations, just all the information you actually need to be able to see.


Innokin Kroma Nova Kit screen

Under the screen you will find an exposed USB port so you can keep the Kroma Nova upright whilst charging, and the base is wide enough and perfectly flat, so it takes a bit to knock it over. Not that you will need to be charging as much as usual, the 3000mAh battery was more than enough for me to get a couple of days of hard vaping which is pretty rare. It just keeps on going, the board has got to be one of the most efficient I have used in quite a while.

Along the sides there is some tasteful branding stamped into the body, and the back of the vegan leather pad has NOVA embossed between a couple of rows of stitching. I’m not so sure about the fake hex screw heads, but I guess they add a certain accent.

Finally on the upper part of the back, there is a slider for the airflow control. On the rather stunning red Kroma Nova, this is black and it looks really smart. The pick on sports a silver one which looks a little plasticky in comparison. In my opinion, everything looks better in the red version, but then I am not into pink, and this couldn’t be any pinker if it tried. In the year that Barbie has been taking over the world, it is bang on trend, but it isn’t for me.

Innokin Kroma Nova Kit airflow


The Controls


The Kroma Nova is an intelligent device so if you just want to pop in a coil and crack on with vaping, you absolutely can do that, there is something to be said for keeping things simple. But if you want to dig a bit deeper and make your vape your own, there are a few limited options.

The mod will automatically set the wattage to the optimum setting, but you can manually override this by holding the power bar and – to unlock it and then hold either + or – until the number on the screen flashes. You can only change things in single digit intervals though. I found the 0.4ohm coil auto set to 30W which for me was a little warm, so I dropped it down to 25W which made it perfect.

If you hold both the + and – buttons simultaneously, you can access the menu settings. This will let you change the brightness of the screen, and you can also change the time before the mod cuts out. You can choose between 3 seconds to 18 seconds, and by default it is set to 10 seconds, which is more than enough for most people.

Other than changing the airflow, that is about it for what you can play with. It is more of a plug and play kit though and these extras are more enough tweak ability to dial in your vape without things getting complicated.


The Pod and Coils


The pod is a chunky boy! It is quite mad that it is this big and yet is still, thanks to the TPD restrictions, only 2ml. It is also angled so you will want to fire the mod with the screen facing out so make sure the e-liquid tips back to fully soak the coil. A few times, I didn’t do this and ended up with some slightly burnt tasting hits. The plastic is also very dark, and it can be a bit tricky to see how much juice you have left, especially in poor light. It looks great and it fits the design, but from a usability standpoint, I would have preferred something a bit easier to see through.

Filling is super easy though. The top of the pod slides back exposing a rubber covered fill port which is very generously proportioned so I think you’d fit even the fattest bottle tip in without issue. The little rubber flaps help to keep things clean and also offer an extra level of leak protection. The sliding lid is also well made, and I didn’t have any trouble with it accidentally sliding open, the resistance is perfect.

Innokin Kroma Nova Kit fill port

Fitting the coil is also very easy, you just push in on to the hole at the bottom, it isn’t fussy about position at all so you can do it on the fly. The pod can then be fitted back on to the mod. There is a deep recess that it sits in which keeps it very secure, and on top of this, it also has some pretty strong magnets, so trust me when I say, this isn’t going to fall off any time soon. It actually can take a bit of welly to remove the pod because it is help in so well. Just make sure that when you are seating it, you angle it slightly from the front and then push it down at the back for a perfect fit. I experienced absolutely no leaking or condensation too, so that tight fit shows how well engineered everything is on the Kroma Nova.


Innokin Kroma Nova Kit pod and coil fitting

Innokin have been very wise with the included coils. The new PZP range has four options ranging from 0.4ohm up to 1.2ohm depending on whether you like to vape MTL or DTL, and they have put in one for each style so you can try both before investing in any more packs. The 0.4ohm and the 1.0ohm coils are different enough from each other to really give it a good impression of what you might prefer long term.

Innokin Kroma Nova Kit coils

Both coils managed good flavour, strong but maybe not as detailed as some other coils around at the moment. But what they lack in nuance, they more than make up for in consistency and longevity. Wicking also wasn’t a problem with either too, and I was able to vape both almost dry thanks to the position of the wicking ports. I use a lot of different flavours, so I really appreciate this as it makes it so much better when changing flavours. The 0.4ohm is definitely well suited to thicker e-liquids for DTL vaping and the slight hit on battery power really doesn’t matter here with the massive 3000mAh internal battery, and the 1.0ohm coil works nicely for 50PG/50VG MTL vaping styles.

To really make this a kit for all seasons, Innokin also include two different drip tips, a wider bore for the cloud chasers and the narrower one for the MTL crowd. Both were functional and comfortable, although as a MTL vaper myself, I would have preferred a narrower outer diameter too.

Innokin Kroma Nova Kit drip tips


Final Thoughts

The Kroma Nova has a lot going for it. It looks great and feels really good to hold and use. It also manages to be a mod which can do it all, so if you are a MTL or a DTL vaper, it has you covered. Personally, I do like to mix things up a bit, and having one kit that can manage both styles equally well is a big bonus.

It may not be the best choice for a complete hobbyist vaper as the functions are limited, but if you want a straightforward kit with an impressive battery which will provide a rock solid vape, the Kroma Nova might be just what you are looking for.

8/10 – The Kroma Nova is another great addition to Innokin’s already impressive, multi-award winning line up

Innokin Kroma Nova Kit handcheck


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