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Vapelustion Hannya II 2

Whilst its style may not be for everyone, if you are looking for something that stands out in the crowd, the Vapelustion Hannya II 2 Mod may well be what you've been looking for

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Supplied by those friendly folks at Sourcemore for review
$48.99 Using Coupon Code: HAN2K

For obvious reasons, the new Vapelustion Hannya 2 mod caught my eye with its Manga Punk inspired artwork panels so I couldn’t resist getting hold of one to check it out.

  • Material: Zinc alloy panel, plastic frame, stainless steel 510
  • Size: 92.155mm*56.6mm*25mm
  • Dual external 18650 batteries (not included)
  • Charging: Type-C charging port, up to 2.2A
  • Output Power: 0.1W-230W
  • Resistance Value: 0.05Ω-3.0Ω
  • Modes: Bypass/power/TC mode (TC mode supports Ni/Ti material atomizer)
  • Temperature Range: 200℉-600℉
  • Screen Size: 0.96 LCD

Vapelustion Hannya II 2 Mod box fresh


As you can see, the Hannya II mod comes in a comic art box in the same style as one of the panels, I’ve never seen any vape product quite look as bold and quirky as this, and I like it.

Vapelustion Hannya II 2 Mod unboxing

The actual box is very sturdy and survived international shipping with only a slight dink on the top, considering how many couriers have lobbed this around it’s quite impressive. The mod is well protected in a foam layer, underneath that are the extras.

Vapelustion Hannya II 2 Mod contents

You get four metal panels included which is fantastic, they could have easily made these an aftermarket purchase so a thumbs up for including all of them. You also get a decent length USB-C cable, the manual, and a bag of Hannya and Vapelustion themed stickers as a bonus.

Vapelustion Hannya II 2 Mod sticker bomb

Perfect for sticker-bombing, I loved the Chinese cat and the randomness of adding a ‘HEY B*TCH’ one.

First Impressions

The lightweight plastic chassis makes the mod feel really light, once you remove the metal panels it is remarkably light at just 56g. The thin metal panels almost weigh as much as the mod which brings the weight up to 106g, and by the time you add a couple of 18650 batteries the weight almost doubles again to over 200g. Adding a tank obviously brings the total weight up; I popped a Zeus RTA onto it and the total came out 271g, but there are plenty of lighter tanks if you want to keep the weight down.

Vapelustion Hannya II 2 Mod weight

With the panels and batteries fitted, the Hannya 2 Mod feels surprisingly sturdy and substantial, there’s no typical plastic flexing with it and no creaking either, I’ve 3D printed my own mods and the chassis design really impressed me with all the strengthening features.

Vapelustion Hannya II 2 Mod the devil's wattage

Vapelustion have still managed to keep the size down and the battery bay reflects this as you need to put the batteries in a certain order as one sits into a small bay, the markings were hard to see as they are just embossed but that was no biggie once I turned on my HD vision (reading glasses).

Vapelustion Hannya II 2 Mod battery bay

Removing the batteries is achieved by removing both panels and pushing them out through the back and I found this much easier than a fiddly ribbon.

Vapelustion Hannya II 2 Mod battery jail

The removable panels are really nice quality, they are pressed zinc alloy which raise the printed image in certain areas which helps the image pop and also feels more tactile. Since they are zinc, they don’t need magnets in the panels which helps to keep the thickness down.

Vapelustion Hannya II 2 Mod panels

I loved all four designs which are all themed on the Hannya which is a Japanese demon mask, the Manga style artwork gives a vibrant look. That said, if you don’t like Manga style like this then you don’t have any other option (but I’m guessing you haven’t read this far if that’s the case), while I’m not a proper Manga fanboy, I do love the darker punk style over the cutee-pukee Anime style.

They are held in place with two long magnets on each side of the mod and damn, do they hold them on tightly. There’s no wobble though you can remove them fairly easy once you poke your fingernail under the recess at the base, the panels really add strength to the mod and sturdiness.

Vapelustion Hannya II 2 Mod font

Something was bugging me while photographing them and it dawned on me that these panels had the same style of writing on the back as the Uwell KoKo panels which were also stamped zinc alloy, same supplier? Related companies?

Vapelustion Hannya II 2 Mod plastic fantastic

Though the use of plastic is nothing new for vape mods, the Hannya 2 really reminded me of the Wismec Sinous dual 18650 mod but that had plastic panels so ended up being lighter overall, but both use a similar plastic as it has a pearlescent finish.

Wiamec Sinuos

The Sinous was a little smaller, but it didn’t have a colour screen and didn’t quite feel as durable as the Hannya 2, you can see the that the Hannya has been beefed up more so it should hopefully survive a bit more abuse.

Vapelustion Hannya II 2 Mod montage

Vapelustion are all new to me but I’m impressed with the overall quality of the Hannya 2, everything fits perfectly, the buttons have zero wobble, the panels fit well, and they are very secure. The 510 connection has three screws and the top is shaped to allow larger tanks, up to 26mm without overhang.

Vapelustion Hannya II 2 Mod 510

The screen is nice and bright, and the controls are simple and intuitive, but I think the chipset lacks depth beyond the basic functions, there are no preheats, which is fine if you intend to use mesh coils but kind of sucks for round wire RTAs where a preheat would be beneficial. It does do TC (temperature control) though but be warned, the default wattage is 230 watts! Knock that shit right down to 60ish before you even start TC.

The user interface is very basic but is simple to navigate as a result:

  • 5 x Fire = Turns mod on/off
  • 3 x Fire = Enters menu
    • Up/Down to navigate power options and press Fire to confirm
    • Select colour scheme and press fire to confirm
    • Long press fire to Exit
  • Press and hold up and down = Locks adjustment buttons

Vapelustion Hannya II 2 Mod menus

The average user needs to know nothing other than wattage up or down (VW) as the rest are for experienced users, you might want to change the colour scheme but the default is fine.

In TC mode, to adjust the wattage from the scary 230 watts press fire and up buttons together and you can adjust the wattage up or down, but there’s also an ‘AUTO’ option if you scroll over 230 watts, I haven’t tested this though.

Vapelustion Hannya II 2 Mod tank options


I tried the Zeus X Mesh RTA for normal vaping and the Pyro 2 RDTA for TC vaping. As you would expect, the mod did its job flawlessly and the response time was as near instant as I could tell. There’s not a lot to say in VW mode, it delivers the required wattage as you set it and it fires quickly, even from standby it fires really fast with no wake-up time that I noticed.

While I can’t vouch for the accuracy of the TC settings, I just know it works. I just wing it with TC anyway. Using VW as a starting guide, say your build vapes well at 60 watts, then I set the temperature to 200c and the wattage to 80 watts (20 watts higher), I then creep up the temperature until I get the hit I prefer. TC mode worked as well as VW with an instant hit, though I would have preferred a preheat option.

Battery life was decent for a colour screen mod; I could rely on it for a full day and evening at 66.6 watts (my habitual desired wattage setup for a dual coil RDTA). If you choose to charge the batteries in the mod, it has 2 Amp USB-C charging. The charging screen shows a battery icon with each cell split and only shows the 5 bar level with no percentage or time remaining.

Vapelustion Hannya II 2, the mad mod

As for the overall experience of using the Hannya 2 mod, I have no complaints, far from it as I really liked how the mod looked and felt in the hand. The fire button is clicky, responsive and well positioned for thumb or index finger firing, the weight was comfortable to hold and fire, actually the weight stood out at this point and you notice the benefits as the balance felt spot on. I also liked the central tank position which again added to the balanced feel. The screen made a refreshing change due to the clear plastic instead of tinted so it always appeared bright and clear.

Vapelustion Hannya II 2 Mod old school box

Compared to a couple of recent mods, it does look and feel a bit old fashioned due to the box mod shape of it, it was around the same size as the Aegis L200 but thinner and lighter, however the L200 had that curved leather grip for better comfort. Compared to the new Vaporesso GEN 200, the difference was even more striking as the GEN was much smaller, lighter and more ergonomic, but I don’t think that’s the point of the Hannya 2 as it has a clearly unique style and they don’t even look like they are in the same class.

Vapelustion Hannya II 2 Mod cute panel


The style is going to be the Hannya 2’s main attraction and it certainly has a quirky look to it with its Hannya/Manga artwork textured panels providing the main focus, the plastic mod is well made, light-weight and performs perfectly with a bright screen and intuitive controls, there’s really not much wrong with the Hannya 2 and I’m going to struggle finding cons.

The plastic chassis is worth bearing in mind if you prefer the more traditional metal mods, but I don’t mind plastic if it’s used right, and Vapelustion have used it well; it doesn’t feel cheap or flimsy in any way, and the metal panels help to take away the plastic feel to it.

I think the colour choice will affect the looks more than usual, the white has a pearl effect to it and looks similar to a metal mod but the black will have more of a plastic look similar to the Vandy Vape Pulse, that’s no bad thing but it is worth bearing in mind when choosing. I don’t think either colour is a bad choice, and I was torn which to go for.

Vapelustion Hannya II 2 Mod colour options


  • Light weight dual 18650 mod
  • Artistic textured metal panels
  • All four panel styles included
  • Excellent build quality.
  • Bright colour screen
  • Easy intuitive controls
  • Takes up to 26mm tanks


  • Basic battery info
  • No preheats

Niggles? Not really, neither of the cons were deal-breakers and the plastic construction appeals to me and is a deliberate weight saving feature.

Final Thoughts and Score

While there are better and more advanced mods available, the Hannya 2 mod will still appeal to users that love the looks of it, and they will still get a pretty good light-weight mod underneath all that styling. The artistic panels transform a basic looking mod into something a bit different, and I like it a lot for that.

Score: 8.0/10 – Unmask your inner demon

A big thank you to Sourcemore for providing the review sample.
$48.99 Using Coupon Code: HAN2K

Vapelustion Hannya II 2 Mod vespa time

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