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VOOPOO Argus Pro 2 kit VOOPOO Argus Pro 2 kit 

VOOPOO has updated their Argus Pod range to incorporate their updated PnP X platform bringing it in line with their recently released Drag S2 and Drag X2 kits. The new Argus Pro 2 sits somewhere between the S2 and X2 with an internal battery which has a slightly higher battery capacity than the S2 coupled with the 80 watt output of the X2 which could make it a great daily driver for those of you who don’t want to deal with removable batteries.


  • 127 x 35 x 29.5 mm
  • 157 grams
  • 3000 mAh internal battery
  • output 5~80 watts
  • USB-C charging
  • 5ml/2ml PnP X pod
  • PnP X platform coils

VOOPOO Argus Pro 2 kit unboxing

The Argus Pro 2 comes in fairly simple packaging with two PnP X coils (one pre-installed in the pod), a USB-C charge cable, a brief user guide, and a card explaining the PnP X platform coils. This is available in seven colour options, and I was sent the rather fetching “Lake Blue” variant which fades from a deep metallic blue at the top to a minty green towards the base.

VOOPOO Argus Pro 2 kit all angles

This follows a familiar design language from other VOOPOO kits with a large control panel on the front and a vegan leather pad running around the rear of the device. I was rather taken by the slightly unusual colour option on offer here and the understated branding. The large grip running around the rear makes this comfortable to hold, but I did find myself tending to thumb fire here as this felt like a more natural way to hold the Argus Pro 2.


We get the usual large colour screen upfront which is easy to read with three wattage modes: “smart”, “RBA” and “Turbo”. The smart mode will try to pick the optimum power mode for your coil, the RBA mode is essentially a standard wattage mode, and finally the Turbo mode gives a one second boost to your selected wattage. Personally I always find myself sticking to the RBA mode with these VOOPOO kits.

After the metal buttons found on the Drag S2 and X2 kits, I was slightly disappointed to find that the Argus Pro 2 has plastic control buttons, but these all have great tactile feedback and have worked flawlessly coupled with the GENE 2.0 chipset powering things in the background as usual. One interesting addition to the controls is the small switch just below the screen which you can use to lock or unlock the device, this is a great feature if you have a tendency to throw mods in your pocket without turning them off as you can quickly lock out the controls with a flick of a switch.

VOOPOO Argus Pro 2 kit  lock switch and charging

The Argus range is usually marketed as a slightly more outdoorsy and ruggedised option than the Drag series kits, and in a nod to this we have a large lanyard loop integrated into the top of the main chassis and the USB-C charge port is covered with a protective rubber bung. Despite this, there is no mention of any sort of iP rating, so I suspect that these are more for looks rather than functional additions.

Speaking of the USB-C charge port, in my tests this hit a peak charge rate of 1.4 Amps but as usual for a VOOPOO kit the charge rate never fully drops down to zero so locking in the final capacity and charge time was a little challenging and I ended up having to run the test several times as I got busy with other things and forgot to check back in on the charging cycle. I consistently found myself getting “weak battery” warnings with 3% charge remaining, and the charging screen would indicate 100% charge at about 1 hour 50 minutes and 2100mAh. At this point it was still charging at 1.3 amps, and I recorded a final useable capacity of 2400mAh which took somewhere in the region of two hours and thirty minutes.


VOOPOO Argus Pro 2 kit  top and bottom

Finally, at the base there is a large rubberized boot to afford the Argus Pro 2 better stability when stood upright on a desk, and up top we have the lanyard loop along the upper edge where the magnetized pod recess sits.

VOOPOO Argus Pro 2 kit PnP pod

The Argus Pro 2 uses the same PnP X pod as the recently released Drag S2 and X2 kits which sports an adjustable top down airflow design with an integrated drip tip and modern press fit coil design. As this is a review unit, I got the international 5ml pod, but here in the U.K. this will obviously be limited to 2ml for TPD compliance (via a bung I believe). Sadly VOOPOO hasn't taken the opportunity to swap to a top fill system so there’s still a fill bung at the base, but at least this is a decent size, and coupled with the top down airflow system, I’ve found these to provide a leak free experience.

VOOPOO Argus Pro 2 kit  coils


The PnP X coil system coils are slightly larger than the original PnP coils but still use a FeCrAL mesh coil design so they’re suitable for those of us with nickel sensitivity issues. I’ve pictured the coils sent with the Drag S2 and X2 kits here so you can see a better range of the available coils, you get the 0.15 and 0.3ohm coils included with the Argus Pro 2.

The coils also use VooPoo’s latest thermo stable cotton and mesh coil designs for better wicking and longer coil life. I’ve always enjoyed using the PnP coils in the past, and these are every bit as good, if not better than their predecessors. The flavour on all the coils has been superb, but after more extensive use of these, I would say that they seem to perform best at or below their stated minimum wattage range. Coil life, however, is a little better than most as I can get about two weeks out of one of these at a push.


  • Bigger battery capacity than the Drag S2 plus 80 watt output
  • nice ergonomic design
  • uses the PnP X coils


  • Fairly long charge time


The VOOPOO Argus Pro 2 makes for a solid addition to the new line of PnP X platform kits. If you’re after a device with an internal battery, I’d probably go for this over the Drag S2 thanks to its larger battery capacity, but if you prefer removable batteries then the Drag X2 is your best option.

I’m happy to award the Argus Pro 2 a solid 7/10

Many thanks to VOOPOO for sending the Argus Pro 2 over for review.

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VOOPOO Argus Pro 2 kit handcheck

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