Kangside KSD Yihi 200W TC Review by Dan Willis

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Kangside KSD Yihi 200w TC

The Kangside KSD Yihi 200W TC box mod is a powerful dual 18650 box mod featuring an authentic Yihi chip, 200W of output power and temperature control functionality, with support for Ni200 and Ti, with a chip very similar to the one used with the IPV3 LI, and plenty of safety features built into the unit for your protection.

It's also a pretty attractive looking unit on the outside, so let's have a look at it in a little more detail.


  • Kangside KSD YIHI 200W TC box mod
  • Material: Aluminum alloy
  • Chip: YIHI SX330-V3SL chipset
  • Two modes: Power and Joule (temperature control) mode
  • Variable wattage: 10 - 200W
  • Temperature control: 100 - 300C / 212 - 572F
  • Output Joule (Ni200): 10 - 75J
  • Output Joule (Titanium): 10 - 100J
  • Joule mode resistance: 0.05 - 0.9ohm
  • Standard resistance: 0.1ohm - 3.0ohm
  • 5 memory settings for quick wattage adjustment
  • OLED display voltage, resistance, wattage, battery level
  • Three protection: Low voltage / short-circuit / low resistance
  • Powered by dual 18650 batteries
  • 510 spring loaded threading connection
  • Magnetic battery cover
  • Firmware can be upgraded
  • Available Colours: Golden, Red, Blue, Gray

What's in the box?

Inside the Kangside 200W box you will find:

  • 1x Kangside 200W unit
  • 1x USB Cable
  • 1x Instruction Manual

It's worth noting that the USB cable is not to be used for charging this unit, it's for upgrading the firmware on the chip only.

Looks and build quality

The Kangside KSD YIHI 200W TC box mod features an aluminium alloy construction with a spring loaded 510 connector, and is available in Gold, Red, Blue and Grey colours. It’s a fairly big unit, with a 101mm height, 60mm width and 25mm depth, and it weighs in at a fairly hefty 146g without batteries, however it’s actually quite nice to hold in your hand. There’s a cool looking skull motif on the side of the unit that seems pretty resistant to scratches, and gives it a nice appearance from the outside. The paint finish is great, I received the blue unit to review, and it also seems pretty scratch resistant.

At the other side of the Kangside 200W you'll find the magnetic battery door sled, which sports two very weak magnets. The battery door gave me no end of issues with it constantly sliding off, it seemed like every time I pulled the Kangside 200W out of my pocket the battery door would either be left behind in my pocket, or it would fall off shortly after. Unless I gripped the mod around the battery door when carrying it, I could guarantee at some point this would fall off. The battery compartments are extremely snug and there is no battery ribbon present, I found myself struggling to get my batteries out on more than one occasion. A battery ribbon would have been a cheap and easy solution to this problem and it is a real shame that it wasn't included.

At the base of the unit you will find three large battery vent slits and the USB port, whereby the Yihi SX330-V3SL chip can be upgraded. The USB port is specifically NOT for charging, doing so can cause you some serious problems! Charge your batteries externally using an external charger. At the side of the unit you will find a very clear OLED screen, which is easily readable in day and night conditions displaying power, battery life, battery voltage and resistance, and you will also find the power and up and down buttons. The buttons feel very clicky, they are responsive most of the time, however there have been a few occasions where I have pressed the power button firmly and absolutely nothing has happened.

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Unfortunately, I don’t think the build quality is all that great especially at the price being charged for this unit, it feels pretty cheap and the issue with the battery door was a particular bugbear of mine.


The Kangside KSD YIHI 200W TC does shine in the performance stakes, thanks to the inclusion of a genuine Yihi SX330-V3SL chip, a very advanced chip that offers 200W of output power and TC functionality for Ni200 and Ti wire, with accurate resistance reading and future firmware upgrades available. Yihi chips are renowned as amongst the best in the business, due to their excellent and consistent performance, and they are very user friendly too. Safety features are built in too, such as low resistance, low battery voltage and short circuit protection.

Five clicks of the Kangside 200W power button will switch the device on, and a further five clicks will take you into the extensive menu system. The first option you are presented with is ‘System’, which means you can turn the Kangside 200W off by pressing either power button, pressing the power button again will bring up ‘Mode’ so you can switch between Power (wattage) and Joule (temperature control) mode, if you are in Joule mode the next option will allow you to switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit, after this you will be able to select your preferred temperature limit, next you will be able to select whether you are using an Ni200 or a Titanium coil, then finally you will come to ‘Exit’, whereby you can exit the menu back to the home screen.

From the home screen you can adjust the power of your device and also switch between five preset power settings for changing power quickly on the move. If you are using a TC coil, you'll need to lock in the resistance from this screen by holding down the up and down buttons until the resistance is displayed on screen, make sure you do so when the atomiser and mod are at room temperature. You can fire resistance down to 0.1ohm in power mode and 0.05ohm in TC mode meaning that pretty much any atomiser on the market is compatible!

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Battery life is pretty good, it takes two 18650 batteries which means that I can get a full day from using this at 50w and under, and it’s good for a whole evening's worth of high power vaping and cloud chasing with my RDA’s at high wattage.


The Kangside 200W sports a superb chip in the form of the Yihi SX330-V3SL chip, which offers great functionality, plenty of power and a great TC mode for Ni200 and Ti wire, and with the dual 18650 batteries you'll get a very good amount of vape time when used at reasonable wattages.

What unfortunately lets the Kangside 200W down is that I really don't believe that the build quality of this unit justifies the quite high price tag, especially when you compare it to the IPV 3LI, which has a very similar chip, the same functionality, better build quality and a cheaper price tag. I've seen it listed in the region of £65-75 which I believe is overpriced for this device, and if it was priced around £20-30 cheaper this would be a more realistic cost, as there are a lot better options available in this price range. The chip is great with this unit and you can't fault the performance but unfortunately the build quality of the device lets it down overall, which is a shame because it has the potential to be a very good device!

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 Dan Willis
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